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Clinical Genetics and Molecular Services
in Developing Countries Workshop
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm, Room 510, Level 5
(Separate advance registration required.)
This event is organized by co-moderators Aida Falcon de Vargas (Venezuela) and
Ramesar (South Africa). This workshop will: (1) Provide information about clini
genetics and diagnostic services, research, and education in developing countri
(2) Encourage communication and interaction among professionals; (3) Encoura
participation of developing countries in epidemiological studies to determine t
prevalence of disorders and the frequencies of genetic variants associated wi
diseases; (4) Promote the benefits of new genetic technologies in genomic medici
Presenters include Ambroise Wonkam (South Africa), Xue Zhang (China), Shub
Phadke (India), Gustavo Rojas Martinez (Mexico), and Carmencita Padilla (Philippine
This workshop is intended for those interested in promoting and enhancing gene
services in developing countries (e.g., clinicians, researchers, trainees, educators a
advocates). Tickets are nonrefundable.
Please remember to bring your ticket with y
ASHG Presidential Address
6:15 pm – 6:40 pm, Room 210, Level 2
The 2011 Presidential Address entitled, “
From Classroom to Courtroom to Clin
Closing the Education Gap in Human Genetics
” will be presented by ASHG Preside
Lynn Jorde. See page 110 for a complete description of this session.
ASHG Award for Excellence in Human Genetics Education Presentation
6:40 pm – 6:50 pm, Room 210, Level 2
Giovanni Romeo will be presented the 2011 ASHG’s
Award for Excellence in Hum
Genetics Education
by Stylianos Antonarakis. The Society established this award
recognize outstanding contributions to human genetics education. See page 111 f
a complete description of this session.
ASHG Victor A. McKusick Leadership Award Presentation
6:50 – 7:00 pm, Room 210, Level 2
Leon Rosenberg will be presented with the 2011 ASHG’s
Victor A. McKusick Leaders
by Hunt Willard. This award is presented by the ASHG Board of Direct
to an individual whose professional achievements have fostered and enriched t
development of various human genetics disciplines. See page 112 for a comple
description of this session.
ASHG Membership/Business Meeting and Announcement of the ASHG Train
Award Winners and the C.W. Cotterman Award Winners
7:00 pm – 7:30 pm, Room 210, Level 2
At the ASHG Membership Business Meeting, reports highlighting current Soci
business will be presented. This is an opportunity for members to learn about rece
ASHG activities and to provide suggestions to leaders. Discussion from the floor
encouraged. The ASHG Trainee Award Winners and C.W. Cotterman Award Winn