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The average temperature in October is 9.2º Celsius/49º Fahrenh
Time Zone
: GMT, -5 hours
Tipping Guidelines:
Tipping is usually expected in Canada.
• Waiters usually receive 15
20% of the bill. In some cases the tip
automatically added to your bill. Always check before adding a gratuit
• Maids usually receive $1-$2 per room per day. Leave the tip daily and n
at the end of your stay.
• Taxi drivers usually receive 15% of the fare.
• Doormen, skycaps and porters usually receive $1/bag
Tour/Sightseeing Options
Private tours are being offered exclusively to ICHG participants by the ICHG/AS
official tour supplier, JPdL Montreal. These tours will depart from and return to t
Montreal Convention Center. Customized tours include city tours (walking and
bus), fall foliage tours, Quebec City tours and much more. You can find informati
on tours being offered by visiting the Congress Web site at
clicking on travel. Please stop by the JPdL Tour counter located in the registrati
area (level 2). The tour counter will be open Tuesday through Saturday. Hours
be posted on-site.