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Scooter Rentals
Tel: 888-441-7575
The Accessible Road
Tel: 514-252-3104
Accessible Taxis
Taxi Diamond: 514-273-6331
Taxi Boisjoly: 514-255-2815
Taxi Rosemont: 514-255-1313
Telephone Numbers (on-site)
All offices are located at the Montreal Convention Center. The numbers listed bel
are temporary numbers and will be answered starting Tuesday, October 11 throu
Saturday, October 15:
ASHG/ICHG Meeting Office
: 514-789-3408
Exhibitor Registration/Management
: 514-789-3401
Montreal Convention Center
(main number): 514-871-8122
Housing Counter
: 514-789-3405
Housing Bureau
operated by Tourism Montreal
): 514-844-0848
Information Counter,
ASHG/ICHG, Viger Foyer: 514-789-3402
Information Counter
operated by Montreal Convention Center
), Viger Foyer: 51
Message Counter
, Viger Foyer: 514-789-3402
Press Office
, Room 518B: 514-789-3413
Registration Assistance/Help Counter
, Viger Foyer, Level 2: 514-789-3403
Security, ICHG/ASHG Show Management
: 514-789-3419
Security, Montreal Convention Center
: 514-871-3141
: dial ‘555’ from any house phone or 514-871-3141
operated by JpDL
): 514-789-3422
Travel and Visitor Information
Montreal is a wonderful city for walking
You can stroll from one eclectic neighborho
to the next, shopping, dining and taking in all the beautiful architecture. When it com
to getting around the city, the Metro is quick, safe and clean and connects downto
to the Montreal Convention Center (
Place D’Armes stop on the Orange Line
) and
major tourist attractions and neighborhoods. From the downtown area, you can acce
the Montreal Underground Pedestrian Network, which is used by over 500,000 peo
daily. The underground walkway connects to shops, restaurants and an array
services, performance venues, theatres, cinemas, hotels and museums.
Plan to stop by the
Tourism Montreal
counter located on Level 5 to discuss the c
and to make
restaurant reservations
. The counter will be open Tuesday throu
Saturday. Hours will be posted on-site.
Canadian dollar. Credit cards and travelers checks are widely accepte
GST tax 5% and PST tax 8.5%; hotel tax 3.5%