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certificates of attendance. You can call the information counter to leave messages f
attendees. Telephone: 514-789-3402.
The Montreal Convention Center also has an information counter that offers informati
on the city, activities and events, maps, as well as general information on the Montr
Convention Center and its surrounding neighborhood. You may also ask for assistan
with small copying and/or faxing.
Internet (Wi-Fi) Access and Cyber Café
is available in all public lobbies of the Montreal Conventi
Center. To access this service, open your browser and set the SSID (wireless netwo
identified) to
. The password is
. Technical support will not
provided. Remember to consider the security implications of using the wireless netw
and protect your device accordingly. Please see page 53 for information regardi
cell phone usage and roaming charges.
Cyber Café
is located on Level 5 outside Room 517. Attendees are asked to li
their time to 15 minutes per visit.
Lost and Found – Room 515, Level 5
Lost and found items should be brought to Room 515.
Message Center/Literature Tables – Viger Hall, Level 2
The message center and literature tables will be open during registration hou
Attendees may leave paper messages for each other in alphabetized cubby holes
the message center andmay post fliers advertising social events or upcoming meetin
on the free literature tables. Please note that it is not possible to page an attend
Leaving messages at the message center is the best way to contact another attend
The Montreal Convention Center has two nearby parking garages. The Viger indo
parking garage has 400 spots and is located at 1025 Chéneville, between Jeann
Mance and Saint-Urbain. The Quartier International de Montréal indoor car park c
accommodate 1200 vehicles. It is located at 249 Saint-Antoine West. The parki
rates vary depending on how long your vehicle is parked in the lot. Cash, VISA a
MasterCard are acceptable payment methods. For further information and drivi
directions, visit
Prayer Room – Room 343, Level 3
This room has been set aside for prayer and will be open during registration hour
Press Office – Room 518B, Level 5
Complimentary meeting registration is available for media representatives wi
appropriate identification. Members of the press should go directly to the ICHG/AS
Press Office in Room 518B (Level 5) upon arrival to register for the Congress (or
check-in for pre-registered press attendees) and pick up a press badge, meeti
program and schedule, news releases, and other media kit materials. The ICHG/AS
Press Office is open Tuesday through Saturday. ICHG/ASHG will be hosting pre
briefing sessions during the week of the meeting featuring selected speakers w
have been invited to present their research to the press. These sessions will be h
in the ICHG/ASHG Press Briefing Room (Room 518A). For more information abo