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All events for the 12
International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG) and the 6
American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual Meeting will be held at t
Montreal Convention Center, unless otherwise indicated. The Montreal Conventi
Center is located at 101 Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, Montreal, QC, Canada H2Z 1
Tel: 514-871-8122. The Metro has a stop connected to the Montreal Convention Cent
Place d’Armes stop on the Orange line
All ICHG details are available on the Web site at
. This Web s
will serve as the official e-publication for the meeting.
Abstracts of the plenary, platform and poster presentations may be viewed online o
Abstracts will not be available in print or on CD.
Speakers in the invited sessions are not required to provide abstracts.
Abstract Search/Itinerary Planner
For your convenience, abstract search/printing stations will be located in t
Registration Area of the Montreal Convention Center.
Mobile Web site
Access the mobile site at
and bookmark it on your Web-enabl
mobile device (e.g., iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.) so that you have importa
meeting information at your fingertips, including the schedule of events, abstra
search, program speakers and descriptions, exhibitor and registered attendee lis
trainee, clinical and education tracks, general information and lots more!
Invited Plenary Sessions
There will be three plenary panel discussions/debates on topics of interest with differi
points of view presented by world-renowned experts as follows: (1) Whole Geno
Sequencing scheduled for Tuesday from 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm (see page 98);
Current and Emerging Sequencing Technologies: Changing the Practice of Medi
Genetics on Thursday from 4:15 pm until 6:15 pm (see page 127); and (3) Owning t
Genome: The Patenting and Licensing of Genes and Their Impact on Medical Geneti
(see page 127).
There will also be two plenary sessions, each with two invited well-known speak
addressing the topics of epigenetics and population genetics and their implicatio
Included in each of these sessions will be two plenary abstracts (selected by the S
based on abstract score and program balance). They are scheduled as follows:
Wednesday from 8:00 am until 10:00 am (see page 98); and (2) Saturday from 10:
am until 12:30 pm (see page 141).
The closing talk on Saturday from 3:45 pm until 4:30 pm (see page 149) will encompa
a wide range of scientific interests from the most basic medical care to the m
cutting edge science, and leave participants with challenges to address as they retu
to their own environments.