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Congratulations to the following ASHG/FASEB members who have been
awarded Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Travel Awards.
Monique Courtenay
Rosa Banuelos
Sonya Barnes
Beatrice Monica Bowen
Jaclyn Ellis
Nadeem Fazal
Michael Gonzalez
Clarice Gumm
Wenndy Hernandez
James Hicks
Crystal Humphries
Janina Jeff
Margarita Kim
Candace Middlebrooks
Tiffany Oliver
Samuel Qyaynor
Nora Urraca
Marquitta White
• Advocates Program •
The following advocates representing their organizations will participate in
exclusive luncheon presentations and Q&A programs with leaders of the human
genetics community and engage in thought-provoking discussions with scientists
performing work in their areas of interest. The program has led to important and
exciting collaborations between scientists and the advocacy organizations and
continues to prove to be an excellent networking experience. The advocates are
located in Room 513A, Level 5.
Cheryl Bailey, Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America
Linda Bruzzone, Lynch Syndrome International
Louisa Di Pietrom, Genetic Support Network of Victoria
Liz Donohue, Sanford Research
Rachel Doucette, Dup15q Alliance
Joseph Galli, Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Canada Foundation
Amanda Lortz, 4P- Support Group
Desiree Lyon, American Porphyria Foundation
Bela Melegh, National Rare Disease Research
Victoria Odesinam Global Sickle Cell Alliance, Inc.
Virginia Pertillar, Citizens for Quality Sickle Cell Care
Gabriel Wong-Rieger, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders
Brienna Young, Canadian PKU & Allied Disorders Inc.