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736F, 1389F*
Warren, R. L., 907W
Warren, S., Session 65,
755F, 1067W, 1283W
Warren, S. T., 766W
Warren, W. C., 292*
Warrington, N. M., 662F,
Warth, R., 1135W
Wasant, P., 946T, 1358F*
Washington, A. V., 463W
Wason, J. M., 692T
Wassif, C., 867W, 1336F
Wassif, C. A., 563T, 982F,
Wassink, T., 595W
Waszak, S., 756W
Wat, J. J., 249
Wat, M., 333F*
Wat, M. J., 249, 1025F
Watanabe, A., 603T
Watanabe, H., 728F, 733F
Watanabe, K., 1110F
Watanabe, M., 728F, 733F
Watanabe, R. M., 696W,
697W, 1333W
Watanabe, S., 801W
Watanabe, Y., 1036F*, 1108F
Watase, K., 504W
Waterham, H. R., 68*
Waters, K., 388T
Waters, P., 1097W
Waters, P. J., 1337W
Waters, W., 975T
Waterworth, D., 659W*,
713T, 1389F
Waterworth, D. M., 736F
Watiker, V., 1380W
Watkins, D., 69, 1079F*,
1294F, 1301F, 1302W,
Watkins, H., 75
Watkins, L., Jr., 805W, 917W
Watkins-Chow, D. E., 563T
Watman, N., 1461F, 1463F
Watrin, F., 275
Watson, C., 891W
Watson, C. T., 907W*
Watson, J., Session 2
Watson, S., 1125W
Watson, S. J., 453T
Watt, C. L., 404T*
Watt, M., 924T
Watt, S., 1200W
Wattanasirichaigoon, D.,
Watters, A. K., 1194W
Watts, G. D., 535W, 964T
Waudby, C., 718T
Wayman, T., 1314F
Wayne, R. K., 391T
Weale, M., 220
Weale, M. E., 407F, 492T,
635F, 647T*, 721T, 909F,
Weart, M., 1368F
Weaver, D. D., 807F, 990T
Weaver, K. N., 953F*
Webb, A., 1006F
Webb, B., 270
* Presenting Author
Webb, P. M., 1228F
Webb, R., 744T
Webber, C., 532W
Weber, B., 1444T
Weber, C., 539F
Weber, P., 561W, 999T
Weberpals, J., 860W
Webster, M., 902W
Webster, T., 444F, 616F,
624W, 665T, 921W
Wedel, R., 431W
Weedon, M. N., 53, 402F,
403W, 427T, 700W,
Weeks, D. E., 652T, 658W,
708T, 743T
Weemaes, C. M., 788T
Weersma, R. K., 638F
Wegener, G., 355T
Wegmann, D., 6, 492W,
Wegman-Ostrosky, T.,
Wegrzyn, G., 1317T
Wehaibi, S., 1292T
Wehby, G. L., 1020F, 1424T
Wei, H., 1135F
Wei, J., 592W, 904W
Wei, L., 925W, 1171F*
Wei, M., 939W
Wei, M. H., 1166F, 1219F
Wei, P., 1095F*
Wei, Q., 131, 132, 136
Wei, S., 473F
Wei, W., 611F*, 701T
Wei, Y. H., 793T
Wei, Z., 193*, 857T, 1169T
Weiand, M., 942T
Weichler, K. L., 853F
Weidhaas, J., 887F
Weidinger, S., 634T
Weiman, S., 863F
Weinberg, A. D., 1363T
Weinberg, C. R., 727F
Weinberg, S., 626F, 1020F,
Weinberg, S. M., 1003W
Weinberger, D., 854W
Weinberger, D. R., 585W
Weinkauf, J. G., 1138F
Weinreb, N. J., 1318T
Weinreb, R., 809T
Weinsheimer, S., 855W*,
Weir, B., 129, 618F
Weir, J., 914F
Weir, J. M., 366F
Weis, H., 1364W
Weis, M., 1087W
Weis, M.-A., 1419T
Weiselberg, L., 1207F
Weiser, M., 1234W
Weisntein, C., 1213T
Weiss, J., 535W, 582W,
964T, 1275F
Weiss, L., 22, 583W
Weiss, S. T., 450W, 689W,
Weissglas, D., 368F*
Weissman, S. M., 26
Weitzel, J. N., 932W
Weksberg, R., 519T, 753T,
762T, 970W, 995F, 1018T,
Welch, R., 883W, 1294T
Welch, R. P., 873T
Wellcome Trust Case
Control Consortium, 207
Wellcome Trust Case
Control Consortium 2,
Wellons, M. F., 97
Wells, D., 323, 1440W
Wells, D. W., 319
Wells, G., 1405T
Wells, G. A., 367W, 1399T
Wells, J., 1427T
Wells, J. M., 54
Wells, P. S., 368W
Welsh, I., 911F
Welsh-Bohmer, K. A., 548T,
Wen, C., 786T
Wen, F., 767F*
Wen, G. Y., 1441F
Wen, J., 1432W*
Wen, S., 196*, 1113T
Wen, X., 696T, 728W*
Wen, Y. Y., 1490T*
Wendell, S. K., 988W
Wendland, J. R., 582F
Weng, W. H., 765T
Wenger, A. M., 13, 1077T
Wenkert, D., 1146W, 1438F
Wenshenker, D., 792F
Wenstrup, R., 1231T
Wentzensen, N., 1232W
Wenz, M., 928W, 1241F
Wenzel, F., 999T
Wenzel, S., 688T
Werge, T., 270, 699T
Werker, P. M. N., 284
Werneck, R., 398W
Werneck, R. I., 651W
Wernett, P., 576F
Wernisch, L., 693T, 878F
Wert, K. J., 1455F*
Weslow-Schmidt, J., 539F
Wessel, G., 112
Wessels, J., 1398F
Wessels, M., 1129W
Wessman, M., 162
West, A., 854T
West, J. D., 596W
West, J. S., 854T
West, K., 1351W
Westberg, L., 572F
Westbroek, W., 550F, 1466F*
Westendorp, R., 877T
Westendorp, R. G. J., 738W,
Westerfield, B. A., 368T,
Westman, J. A., 789F
Weston, N., 95, 625F, 644F,
717T, 863W
Westover, J., 1434W
Westra, H., 636W*
Westra, H. J., 352F, 389F,
Weterman, M., 816F*
Wetherbee-Landis, J. J.,
998T, 1027F
Wetzel, A.-L., 1041W
Wetzels, J. F. M., 802T
Wevers, R. A., 1315W
Wevrick, R., 1322F
Wewers, M., 764F
Weyant, R., 623F*
Weyant, R. J., 652T, 658
699T, 708T
Weyden, L., 1171F
Weymouth, K. S., 981F*,
Whalen, M. B., 724T
Whalen, S., 29*
Whaley, R., 1426F
Wheelan, S., 823W
Wheeler, D., 1211W, 1241
Wheeler, D. A., 183, 1205
Wheeler, E., 413F, 715T,
Wheeler, H. E., 147*
Wheeler, J., 865W
Wheeler, M. T., 854T
Wheeler, P., 251
Wheeler, P. G., 1033F
Wheeler, R., 880T
Wheeler, V. W., 628T
Wheeler, W., 640W, 1170T
Whelan, J., 1097W
Wherrett, D., 996F
Whetzel, P., 840W*
Whigham, B. T., 865W
Whirl-Carrillo, M., 1426F*
White, A., 1065W
White, B. J., 1269F
White, C. C., 80
White, J. G., 67, 1153T
White, K. J., 354T
White, K. P., 173, 1422F
White, L., 916F, 1144F
White, M. J., 1172F*
White, P., 617W
White, R., 649W
White-Gilbertson, S. J.,
Whitehead, N., 704T
Whitehead, P., 554F*, 559
569T, 590F, 914W
Whitehead, P. L., 21, 203,
511T, 568T, 594W, 724
809F, 864T
Whitehead, P. W., 513T
Whitehead, S., 1411T
Whitehouse, S. P., 264
Whitelaw, E., Session 3
Whitfield, J. B., 655T
Whitington, P., 1415W
Whitington, P. F., 930T
Whitley, P., 935F
Whitmer, R., 94, 638T
Whittaker, J., 503F, 1389F
Whittaker, J. C., 6, 205,
492W, 570T, 714F, 736
Whittaker, R., 341W
Whittemore, V. H., 1462W
Whyte, M. P., 1146W, 143