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807T*, 834T, 845W
Shen, J., 129, 205, 503F,
570T, 618F, 736F, 1242T*,
1319T, 1326T*
Shen, L., 94, 153, 502T,
503T, 596W, 638T, 665T
Shen, M., 616F, 850F*,
Shen, M.-Y., 931T
Shen, N., 1409W
Shen, R., 932F
Shen, T., 661T
Shen, W., 181
Shen, X., 1144T*
Shen, Y., 24, 126, 379W,
Shendre, A., 345F
Shendure, J., 20, 85, 172,
215, 516F, 838F, 1071T,
1130W, 1231W
Shengru, G., 859F
Shenoy, T., 665T
Shepard, C., 842F, 869F
Shepherd, H., 915T
Shepherd, I. T., 306
Sher, K. J., 418F
Sheridan, M. B., 37, 218*
Sheridan, S., 599W
Sherkat, R., 1147T
Sherlock, G., 1385T
Sherman, M., 168
Sherman, S. L., 128, 313,
342W, 504T, 679F, 1051T
Shernan, S. K., 328T
Sherr, E., 542W*, 1345W
Sherr, E. H., 233, 1033F
Sherry, S., 701F*, 870F,
893W, 903T, 908W, 912W,
Sherry, S. T., 630W, 1022F,
Sherwood, A., 817F
Shete, S., 742T
Sheth, F. J., 1482T*
Sheth, J., 1308T, 1322W
Sheth, J. J., 1482T
Shetty, A. C., 1121W
Shetty, P. B., 639T*
Shetty, S., 1101T
Sheu, S., 1324W
Shevchenko, Y., 1067W
Shi, G., 360T
Shi, H., 1320T
Shi, J., 517F, 535T
Shi, L., 552T, 1372F
Shi, M., 727F*
Shi, X., 355F
Shi, Y., 151, 930F, 1243T*
Shi, Z., 1439F
Shianna, K., 273, 1394F
Shianna, K. V., 62, 294,
410T, 431W, 889F
Shiba, Y., 540W
Shibata, H., 478T, 482T,
Shibata, T., 1233W
Shibata, Y., 834W*
Shibayama, T., 1064F
Shichiji, M., 551W
Shidoji, Y., 1396T*
* Presenting Author
Shigeki, S., 862F
Shigematsu, Y., 1339F
Shigeta, R., 880T
Shih, S., 1334F
Shikhel, S., 1469F
Shiloh, S., 1409T
Shim, H., 402T*
Shim, S., 1405W
Shim, S. H., 1256T*, 1274T
Shimada, T., 496W*, 593W
Shimano, K. A., 137
Shimanouchi, Y., 968T
Shimizu, A., 800F*
Shimizu, C., 897T
Shimizu, N., 800F
Shimmin, L., 381T
Shimojima, K., 551W, 962W,
Shimojo, N., 728F, 733F
Shimomura, T., 1064F
Shimomura, Y., 1150T
Shimozawa, N., 536F
Shin, A., 1463W
Shin, C., 428F
Shin, D., 351T*
Shin, E., 351T, 878W*
Shin, H., 716F
Shin, H. D., 390F
Shin, J., 671T
Shin, J. C., 1255F
Shin, J. Y., 769T
Shin, S. Y., 874F, 980T,
Shin, S.-Y., 121, 402W,
Shin, Y.-B., 334T
Shinawi, M., 1253W, 1264T,
Shink, E., 392T
Shinomiya, N., 573W
Shiohara, T., 1415F
Shioya, K., 597T
Shippy, R., 1048W
Shirahige, K., 27
Shirai, T., 1344F*
Shirakata, Y., 1415F
Shirinian, M., 1246F*
Shirley, B. C., 1276F
Shirts, B. H., 340F*
Shiryaev, S., 292
Shlyakhter, I., 4
Shoda, H., 782W
Shohat, M., 1036T, 1378W
Short, W., 880T
Shortreed, M., 921F
Shoubridge, C., 226, 295
Shoubridge, E., 843T
Shoubridge, E. A., Session
28, 69
Shprintzen, R., 218
Shrestha, S., 345F*
Shriberg, L. D., 1281F
Shrine, N. R. G., 76
Shriner, D., 408F*, 733W,
844F, 846T, 969F
Shriver, M., 105
Shriver, M. D., 442F, 450F
Shroff, R., 313, 1051T
Shu, Q., 1372F
Shuen, C., 343W
Shuldiner, A., 81, 355F,
Shuldiner, A. R., 421W, 649F,
Shulman, J., 514F
Shulman, J. M., 813T
Shulman, L. N., 147
Shuman, C., 970W, 1018T,
Shumway, M., 701F
Shungin, D., 80, 427T, 715T
Shur, N., 251, 1050W*
Shy, M., 859F
Siannis, F., 448W
Siasi, E., 1420W, 1423W*
Sibert, J., 933F*
Sicotte, H., 736T*
Siddiqi, I., 1053F
Siddiqi, M. A., 1244T*
Siddiqui, A., 791F, 837W,
Siderius, L. J., 1352W*
Sidney, S., 855W, 889W
Sidore, C., 188*, 189, 190,
656T, 695T, 704F, 724T
Sidransky, E., 1124F, 1312T,
Sie, D., 191
Siebert, C., 914W
Siebert, M., 568F
Siebert, R., 1110W
Siegel, D., 842F, 869F
Siegel, M., 1078T
Siegel, P., 786W
Siemiatkowska, A. M., 181
Siemieniak, D., 357F
Siepel, A., 5, 454W*
Siervogel, R. M., 672F
Siew, G. J., 938T
Siffroi, J. P., 1158W
Sifrim, A., 308
Siggers, T., 301, 913T
Sigh, S., 867W
Signore, C., 1389W
Sigrist, S., 1100W
Sijbrands, E. J. G., 1327W
Sijmons, R. H., 1224F
Sikela, J., 810T
Sikka, N., 357W
Sikkema-Raddatz, B., 1286T
Sikora, E., 828F
Sikora, J., 769F
Sikora, M., 99, 463F, 940F
Sikora, M. S., 475W
Silander, K., 402F, 1338F
Silao, C., 1219W
Silao, C. L. T., 1324F*
Sillence, D., 1155T
Sillon, G., 1064W
Silva, A. F. A., 793W
Silva, C. A. A., 1012W
Silva, C. B. F., 710F
Silva, D. J., 524T, 526T
Silva, E., 142
Silva, E. O., 1028F
Silva, F. C. C., 1238F
Silva, J., 251, 582W
Silva, K. L., 567W
Silva, M., 569W
Silva, M. J., 1078T, 1143T
Silva, P. N. O., 748W
Silva, S. D., 603F*
Silva, V. C., 750F*, 1337T
Silva Araujo, A., 894T
Silva-Cruz, R., 1464T
Silva de Castro, C., 398W
Silva-Fernandes, A., 1275
Silver, K., 1033F
Silverberg, M., 708W
Silverberg, M. S., 881F
Silverman, A. L., 708W
Silverman, D. T., 640W,
Silverman, E., 827T
Silverman, E. K., 426F,
654W, 754F
Silverman, J. M., 535T
Silverman, L. B., 1405F
Silverman, W., 1286F
Silversides, C. K., 344W,
Sim, K. S., 694T
Sim, N. L., 781W
Sim, X., 360W
Sim, X. L., 694T
Simanivanh, T., 1269W
Simão, G. N., 1294W
Simard, A., 1430T
Simard, J., 165, 168, 169,
1247F, 1391T
Simard, L. R., 546F*
Simell, O., 1314W
Simen, B., 922T
Simensen, R., 1017F
Simeonov, D. R., 558T*,
Simhan, H., 1434W
Siminovitch, K. A., 52
Simioni, M., 399W*, 971T,
Simkin, M., 750W*, 883F
Simko, J., 1208T
Simmons, C., 250
Simões, A., 490F
Simões, A. L., 461T, 468F,
474T, 1039T, 1041T
Simola, K. O. J., 406W
Simon, C. M., 1355T
Simon, D. K., 539T
Simon, E., 1335W
Simon, M., 197
Simon, T. J., 218
Simon-Bouy, B., 1383W
Simone, I. L., 1104W
Simone, S., 761F
Simonelli, V., 629F
Simonetti, M., 1139W
Simonson, M. A., 352T*
Simonson, T. S., 479T*
Simons Simplex Collectio
Genetics Consortium,
Simons Variation in
Individuals Project,
Simpson, A., 421F*
Simpson, G., 250
Simpson, M. A., 61, 407F,
647T, 791W, 1077F*,