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Chen, C.-W., 365T
Chen, C. Y., 793T
Chen, D., 523T*, 906F,
Chen, D. C.-Y., 1051F*
Chen, E. S., 748W, 754W*
Chen, F., 351F, 356F, 474F,
Chen, G., 170, 361T, 654F,
789W, 844F, 969F*
Chen, G. K., 58, 409T, 449T,
707F, 1217F*
Chen, H., 55*, 209, 287,
459T, 471F, 650T, 696W,
Chen, H. C., 669F
Chen, H. F., 793T
Chen, H. H., 82
Chen, H. Y., 485T, 491T*
Chen, J., Session 4, 433W*,
528W, 529T, 530T*, 584F,
673T, 729W, 902T, 992W,
1067F, 1140W, 1324W,
1324W, 1403F
Chen, J. H., 459T*, 471F,
Chen, J. W., 361W
Chen, J.-W., 365T
Chen, K., 362T, 661T, 850F,
857F, 926T, 1180F
Chen, K. C., 380T, 752W*
Chen, L., 367W, 394W*,
433T, 471F
Chen, M., 677W, 1450W
Chen, M.-F., 510W
Chen, M. H., 720W
Chen, M. L., 965F
Chen, M. R., 422F
Chen, P., 552W
Chen, P.-J., 510W
Chen, Q., 1063T
Chen, R., 99*, 178, 178, 180,
347W, 443W, 850T, 854T,
884F, 935T, 1045T
Chen, R. C., 475W
Chen, R. Y., 452T
Chen, S., 527W, 718F,
725W, 1313T, 1396F,
1419T, 1449T*
Chen, S.-H., 448T
Chen, S. H., 847F, 1203W
Chen, T., 854W, 891F, 936W,
Chen, T.-J., 1267W*
Chen, W., 84, 136, 188, 189,
493F*, 623F, 657T*, 712T,
1097F, 1183W, 1471T
Chen, W. C., 1487T
Chen, W. F., 422F
Chen, W.-M., 712F
Chen, W. M., 351F*, 356F,
474F, 720W, 812F
Chen, W. V., 132
Chen, X., 137, 163, 528W,
529T*, 530T, 562W, 584F,
729W, 887F*, 925W,
1099W, 1154T, 1169T,
Chen, Y., 59, 190, 333F,
377T*, 538T, 670W, 800T,
* Presenting Author
1086T, 1311W, 1402W*,
1419T, 1468F
Chen, Y. A., 995F
Chen, Y. D. I., 864W
Chen, Y. I., 625T
Chen, Y. T., 59
Chen, Y.-Z., 1133F
Chen, Z., 722F*, 808T, 844T,
939W*, 1099W, 1113F
Chenchik, A., 1210W*
Chenevix-Trench, G., 163*,
165, 168, 169, 1196T,
Cheng, A., 1226F
Cheng, B. L. M., 82
Cheng, C. Y., 360W*, 694T
Cheng, D., 1182W
Cheng, H., 362T
Cheng, I., 262, 334F, 478F,
616T, 1177T
Cheng, K., 433W, 1207F
Cheng, K. F., 255*
Cheng, L., 529W, 597F,
755T*, 1182W
Cheng, Y., 332W*, 583W*,
649F, 1432T
Chen-Quin, E., 1237F*
Cheong, S., 560T*
Cheong, S. Y., 528T, 565F
Cheran, E., 840F, 875T
Cherkas, L., 162
Cherkez, E., 641T, 1126F
Cherny, S., 415W, 619W
Cherny, S. S., 778F*
Cherukuri, P., 183
Chervitz, S., 851T, 920W
Chesi, G., 1101F
Chesnik, M., 921F
Chess, A., 766T
Chettiar, S., 1268W*
Chettiar, S. S., 1251T
Cheung, A. Y., 1112W
Cheung, C. L., 901W
Cheung, C. Y. K., 653F*
Cheung, F., 745T, 833W
Cheung, H., 1211W*, 1437T*
Cheung, H. H., 754T, 759F
Cheung, K. M. C., 897F
Cheung, L., 795F, 796F
Cheung, S. W., 43*, 127,
248, 249, 250, 276,
341W, 890W, 973W,
1054W, 1253F, 1253W,
1269T, 1277T
Cheung, V., 128, 679F
Cheung, W. Y., 897F
Cheung, Y. H., 735W*
Chevrette, M., 1236W
Chevrollier, A., 1107F, 1317F
Chhabra, S., 600F
Chhibber, A., 786T*
Chi, H., 422F*
Chi, T., 705W
Chia, K. S., 694T
Chiang, C., 24, 123*, 126,
908F, 1270F
Chiang, C. W. K., 476T
Chiang, K. M., 361W*
Chiang, K.-M., 365T
Chiarmonte, F., 857F
Chiaromonte, F., 808W
Chiavacci, R., 14, 588W,
877W, 899T
Chiavacci, R. M., 796T
Chiba-Falek, O., 486W,
548T*, 605F
Chibnik, L., 514F
Chibnik, L. B., 813T
Chigladze, T., 1352W
Chikamane, R., 1272T
Child, A. H., 333W, 348F,
Childs, E. J., 389T, 718F*
Childs, S. J., 1121F
Childs, T., 860W
Chillemi, G., 1151F
Chin, E., 1047F
Chin, E. L. H., 71, 1079T
Chin, H., 809T
Chin, J., 869F
Chin, K., 742F
Chin, M. U., 1274T
Chin, S., 307
China Preterm Clinical
Research Consortium,
Chinault, C., 1067W
Chines, P., 190
Chinet, T., 363F, 1008F,
Ching, B., 927W
Ching, C. K., 373T
Chinnaiyan, A. M., 1443T
Chinnery, P. F., 1400W
Chin’ombe, N., 474W*
Chintala, H., 703F
Chiò, A., 1104W
Chiquet, B. T., 1442T
Chisholm, R., 695W
Chisholm, R. A., 1258W
Chisholm, R. L., 95, 344T,
701T, 717T
Chishti, M. A., 1290W
Chisolm, R., 625F
Chissoe, S. L., 6, 205,
492W, 570T, 704F, 848T
Chitale, D., 1165W
Chitayat, D., 949T, 958W,
970W*, 975W, 988T, 996F,
997W, 1005W, 1053T,
1070T, 1086F, 1102T,
1293W, 1374W, 1406W,
Chitipiralla, S., 1022F
Chiu, K., 1226F
Chiu, N. C., 422F
Chiu, R., Session 29
Chiyo, T., 1478F
Chlifa-Caspi, V., 1156W
Cho, J. H., 281, 708W
Cho, M., 654W, 827T, 1361T
Cho, M. H., 426F*
Cho, M. K., 235, 1056W*,
1060W, 1347T
Cho, N. H., 428F
Cho, S., 604W
Cho, S. H., 1141T
Cho, Y. H., 1256T
Choate, K. A., 211
Chobini, M., 1398W
Chodirker, B. N., 1270W
Choh, A. C., 672F
Choi, B., 671T
Choi, B. O., 1012F
Choi, E. Y., 959T*
Choi, J. H., 944W, 1107T,
Choi, K., 582F, 1138F,
Choi, M., 211, 397T, 1434
Choi, S., 782F, 1260W
Choi, S. H., 746T
Choi, T., 693F
Chokkalingam, A., 749W
Chokroborty-Hoque, A.,
Chong, C. E., 138
Chong, C. W. F., 373T
Chong, D. T. T., 373T
Chong, H., 1488T*
Chong, J. X., 1442W*
Chong, K., 1102T, 1386W
1406W, 1415W
Chong, S., 53
Chong, S. C., 761W
Chong, W., 1377W
Chopra, M., 296
Chopra, P., 755F, 766W
Chopra, R., 651F
Chopra, S., 1124F
Choquet, H., 649W*
Choquet, K., 158
Chorich, L. P., 1467W
Chou, A., 1411T
Chou, W., 362T, 371F, 11
Chou, W. W., 380T
Choudhry, S., 1008T*
Choudhury, A., 825T
Chouery, E., 158
Choufani, S., 762T, 970W,
995F*, 1018T
Chow, C. Y., 1310W*
Chow, E., 218, 519W*
Chow, E. W. C., 976T, 996
Chow, W., 373T
Chow, W. H., 1166F, 1208
Chow, W.-H., 323
Chowdhury, A., 881T
Chowdhury, M., 1228W
Chowdhury, N., 1396F*
Chowdhury, N. I., 1409F
Chowdhury, R., 128, 679F
Chowdry, A. B., 914T, 135
Chowdury, H. M., 1124W
Choy, K., 1377W*
Choyke, P., 987T
Chrabieh, M., 63
Chretien, D., 1471F
Christacos, N., 1269W*
Christensen, B. C., 685F
Christensen, J. H., 1002T
Christensen, K., 414W, 82
Christensen, K. E., 1321F
Christian, S., 542W
Christian, S. L., 1033F*
Christiano, A. M., 668F,
Christians, J., 416F