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The index includes an alphabetical listing of all speakers, presenting authors, co-auth
and study groups. Session numbers follow speaker names; abstract numbers foll
author names.
Presenting author names are noted with an asterisk.
1000 Genomes Project,
1000 Genomes Project and
Genetics of Type 2
Diabetes Consortium,
1000 Genomes Project
Consortium, 11, 12, 104,
CARe, CHOP, 449T
Aalizadeh, N., 486F
Aalto, V., 97, 633T, 847W
Aartsma-Rus, A., 143
Aartsma-Rus, A. M., 1453F
Abada, F., 1431W
Abadie, C., 1190F*
Abadpour, S., 955F, 1390F*
Abadpour, SH., 1093T,
Abalkhail, H., 1290W
Abarquez, C., 1393T
Abbas, M. N., 1171T
Abbasi, F., 403W, 700W
Abbasi, S., 1176W*
Abbasi Moheb, L., 1100W*
Abbott, D. E., 117
Abbs, S., 265*
ABCFS, 1165F
Abdalla, M., 750W, 917T,
1160T, 1181F
Abdelfatah, N., 1077W*
Abdelgadir, D., 956T*
Abdel-Ghani, M., 447W
Abdelhak, S., 1252W,
1278W, 1462T
Abdel-Hamid, H., 247
Abdellaoui, A., 584W, 831W
Abdelmaboud, S. A., 466T
Abdelmeguid, N. A., 1275W
Abdel-Rahman, A., 365W
Abdel-Rahman, M. H.,
Abdelwahed, M., 466T
Abderrahim, H., 893T
Abdollahpour, H., 1147T
Abdolmohammadi, R.,
507F*, 786F, 788F
Abdulkareem, N. R., 333W*
Abdul Latiff, Z., 1137T*
Abdul-Rahman, O., 1262T
Abdul-Rahman, O. A., 85
* Presenting Author
Abdwani, R., 952W
Abe, S., 1215F
Abe, T., 1233W
Abe, Y., 30*, 212, 951F
Abecasis, G., Session 48, 6,
8, 55, 91, 188, 189, 192,
387W, 492W, 656T, 704F,
734F, 767W, 815F, 859T,
870F, 893F
Abecasis, G. R., 76, 190,
360T, 668T, 695T, 712T,
724T, 886W, 933W, 938W
Abedini, S. S., 990F, 1100W
Abel, E. L., 1242T
Abel, L., 1085W
Abell, A. N., 815W
Aberg, K., 270, 749T*, 1386F
Abesadze, G., 1352W
Abe-Sandes, K., 468F
Abhyankar, A., 1092W
Abidi, F. E., 762T
Abidli, N., 1252W, 1278W,
Abinet, I., 783F
Abnet, C. C., 1170T
Abney, M., 640T, 700T,
Abo, R., 734W
Abolhasani, M., 1149F
Abou Jamra, R., 1151T,
Aboul-Ezz, E. H. A., 953W
Aboura, A., 1287F
Aboussair, N., 1155F
Abouzeid, H., 233
Abrahams, B. S., 598F
Abramowitz, A., 504T
Abrams, A., 33
Abrams, D., 588W
Abramson, M. J., 819T
Abramson, R., 554F
Abramson, R. K., 21
Abreu, J., 932T
Abrol, P., 644W
Abroun, S., 772W
Abuazab, E., 1101W, 1119W
Abu-Baker, A., 1451F*
Abu-Dheim, N., 1243T
Abuelo, D., 1050W
Abulí, A., 856W, 1177W*
Abyzov, A., 437W, 895W
Acevedo, A., 369W
Acevedo, E., 713W
Acevedo, S., 477F
Aceves-Aceves, M. A.,
982W, 1006T*, 1326W
Acheampong, J., 846T
Achmann, R., 1038F
Ackerman, C., 723T
Ackerman, C. M., 1364W
Ackerman, K., 1427T
Ackerman, R. J., 420W
Ackermann, S., 549T
Acosta, A. X., 984F, 1331W
Acosta, J., 1285W
Acosta Gonzalez, R. I.,
Acquaye, T. K., 1391F
Acsadi, G., 1144T
Acuna, B., 502T, 503T
Acuña-Alonzo, V., 243
Adachi, M., 998F, 1099T
Adair, L. S., 334F
Adala, L., 1291T, 1298W
Adam, S., 771W, 1354F*
Adam, S. A., Session 61
Adam, T., 1331T*
Adamczyk, A., 539W, 823W
Adamová, K., 1261W*,
Adams, C., 866T, 869T,
Adams, D., 1002W, 1153T,
Adams, D. A., 558T, 814F,
Adams, D. R., 804W*
Adams, J. N., 374T*
Adams, L. A., 394F
Adams, L. D., 1354W, 1369T
Adamski, J., 336T
Adamson, A., 681T
Addicks, K., 1148T
Addington, A. M., 226
Addis, L., 605W*
Addor, M. C., 1468W
Adebamowo, C., 844F, 846T
Adeleye, J., 844F, 846T
Ademola, S., 737F
Ades, L. C., 24
Adeyemo, A., 101, 408F,
625T, 733W, 803T, 828T,
844F, 846T*, 969F
Adhia, R. A., 967F
Adir, V., 1017T*
Adkins, D. E., 1386F
Adkins, R. M., 751F
Adler, A., 655W, 680T, 819F
Adler, A. J., 446F
Adly, N., 303
Admiraal, R. J. C., 1132T
Adoue, V., 176*, 837T
Adrianto, I., 464T, 680T*,
Advithi, R., 329F, 375T
Adzhubei, I. A., 1224F
Adzhubey, I., 436W, 922W
Afanador, Y. M., 463W*
Afenjar, A., 29
Aferol, H., 1078T
Affatigato, L. M., 832W
Afgan, E., 852F
Aflatoonian, A., 1469W
African American Central
Adiposity Consortium
CARe Consortium, 828
Afroozan, F., 1379W
Afshari, N. A., 1125W
Afsharian, P., 1425W*
Aftimos, S., 29, 1077F
Agamy, O., 13
Agarwal, A., 718W, 724W,
839T, 1389T, 1394T
Agarwal, C. G., 636F
Agarwal, G., 1395F
Agarwal, N., 1205W
Agarwal, P., 287, 895T
Agarwal, S., 1142T
Agarwal, S. K., 1412F
Agarwal, V., 1394T
Agarwala, R., 292
Agatep, B. C., 1379T
Agbaje, A., 1058W
Aggarwal, S., 651F*
Aggen, S. H., 535T
Agik, S., 399T
Aglan, M., 1007W
Aglan, M. S., 953W*
Agliardi, C., 490T
Agolini, E., 33
Agrawal, A., 418F, 553W
Agrawal, P. B., 45, 1113F*
Agrawal, R. P., 1389T, 13
Aguayo, A., 1215W
Aguena, M., 710F, 1439T
Aguglia, U., 606W
Aguiar, S. S., 1235F
Aguiar García, P., 1427F
Aguilar, R., 764T
Aguilar-Rodríguez, M. A.,
Aguilar-Salinas, C. A., 368
Agusti, A., 754F
Aguzzi, R., 1461F, 1463F
Agyenim-Boateng, K., 84
Ahangari, G., 520T
Ahearn, M. E., 1188W
Ahituv, N., 13*, 22, 172,
877F, 1077T, 1296F
Ahmad, J., 1178W*
Ahmadi, K., 1243W
Ahmadi, K. R., 874F
Ahmadvand, M., 772W
Ahmd, A., 1168T
Ahmed, M., 1124W
Ahmed, S., 957T*, 1228F,