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Canadian Associat ion of Genet ic
: The CAGC’s mission is to
promote high standards of practice,
encourage professional growth and
increase public awareness of the genetic
counseling profession in Canada. You can also visit the CAGC Web site for further informati
European Society of Human Genetics Conference 2012
: The
next European Human Genetics Conference wi ll be held in
Nuremberg, Germany, from 23-26 June 2012. Please visit the
ESHG booth for more information and to pick up an ESHG
membership application. To view the conference program, details on abstract submission a
for online registration for the conference, visit the ESHG Web site at
Human Genetics Society of Australasia:
The Human Genetics
Society of Australasia (HGSA) was formed by clinicians and
scientists in 1977 to provide a forum for the various disciplines
collected under the title of Human Genetics, including: clinical
genetics, cytogenetics, genetic counselling, molecular genetics,
biochemical genetics, genetics education and cancer genetics.
You can also visit the HGSA Web site for further information:
Human Variome Project:
The Human Variome Project is an
international consortium of research scientists, clinicians and
diagnostic laboratory specialists who are all working towards a
significant reduction in the burden of genetic disease through the
free and open sharing of information on genetic variations. HVP
members actively develop international standards for the
collection, curation and sharing of genetic variation information and collaborate to develop t
underlying technology and infrastructure to ensure it is freely accessible anywhere in the wor
Information on upcoming HVP meetings and summits and how you can contribute to the glo
effort will be available at the HVP booth. You can also visit the HVP Web site for more informati
Genetics Society of America/
G3 Genes, Genomes, Genetics
The Genetics Society of America (GSA) seeks to foster
a unified science of genetics and to maximize its intellectual and
practical impact through: investigation of inheritance and heredity
via model organism research; interaction among geneticists;
communication of discoveries; and education of students and the
public. We publish the premiere journal
, and
G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics
, launch
in June 2011 to address the growing need for rapid review and open-access publication
well-executed research in all areas of genetics. GSA and journal staff will be at the booth
answer questions about journals, membership, education and meetings. For further informati