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Booth 825, Exhibit Hall, Level 2
The Global Village, located in the back of the Exhibit Hall and next to food concessions,
feature Society members from the International Federation of Human Genetics Societies. T
area is the place to congregate while you’re in the Exhibit Hall! You’ll have opportunities
discuss membership, ask journal questions, learn about society outreach and much more w
the participating societies listed below. The Global Village will also feature comfortable loun
seating, Internet access, literature regarding genetics conferences and other genetic societi
worldwide. You will also find members of the ICHG Scientific Program Committee, as well
leaders from each participating society at various peak exhibit hours, such as lunch time a
poster presentation hours.
In addition, Rick Guidotti, director of Positive Exposure and former high-fashion photograph
turned-advocate for children with genetic disorders, will present slides of his artwork celebrati
the beauty of human diversity. Rick will be available from 12:30-2:00 pm on Wednesday
discuss his work, organization, and the many international locations he has visited to docum
the richness of genetic diversity.
Finally, a large screen will be placed in the area playing a variety of educational and genet
science related videos. Plan to stop by during exhibit hours so you can spend a few minut
relaxing and enjoying these fun and thought-provoking videos.
The American Society of Human Genetics
Discover, Educate,
ASHG, founded in 1948, is the primary professional
membership organizat ion for human genet ics special ists
worldwide. ASHG serves research scientists, health professionals,
and the public by providing forums to: share research results,
advance genetic research by advocating for research support,
enhance genetics education by preparing future professionals and informing the public, prom
genetic services and support responsible social and scientific policies. ASHG staff will
available in the booth to answer your questions and help you learn more about the societ
services and outreach. You can also visit the ASHG Web site for additional informati
The American Journal of Human Genetics
is the
scientific publication of ASHG that provides a record of research
and reviews relating to heredity in humans, the application of
genetic principles in medicine and public policy and so much
more. Journal staff wi l l be avai lable on-site to answer any
questions, and you can also visit the
Web site for additional
American College of Medical Genetics:
To improve heal th through medical
genet i cs , the Ame r i can Co l l ege of
Medical Genetics will define and promote
excellence in medical genetics practice
and the integration of translational research into practice; promote and provide medical geneti
education; and increase access to medical genetics services and integrate genetics into pati
care. You can also visit the ACMG Web site for further information: