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allele as a genetic risk factor for
carbamazepine-induced cutaneous adverse drug
reactions in Japanese population.
T. Ozeki, T.
Mushiroda, A. Yowang, A. Takahashi, M. Kubo, Y.
Shirakata, Z. Ikezawa, M. Iijima, T. Shiohara, K.
Hashimoto, N. Kamatani, Y. Nakamura.
1416F Effect of PON1 Q192R genetic polymorphism on
cardiovascular events in the CURE trial.
G. Pare, S.
Ross, S. Mehta, S. Yusuf, S. Anand, K. Fox, J. W.
1417F MDR1 variation is associated with adverse drug
reactions of methylphenidate in Korean children and
adolescents with ADHD.
H. S. Park, S. W. Kim, S. H.
Lee, K. H. Kim, M. G. Lee, H. J. Hong, K. H. Yook, J. H.
1418F Genetic determinants of the busulfan
M. A. Rezgui, M. Ansari, Y. Théoret,
M. Duval, M. F. Vachon, H. Bittencourt, M. Krajinovic.
1419F Polymorphisms in DNA repair genes,
chemotherapy and survival in bladder cancer.
Russo, S. Guarrera, F. Ricceri, C. Sacerdote, S. Polidoro,
R. Critelli, A. Allione, P. Gontero, P. Destefanis, G.
Cucchiarale, P. Vineis, G. Matullo.
1420F Multi-ethnic distribution of clinically relevant
CYP2C genotypes and haplotypes.
S. A. Scott, I. Peter,
J. S. Hulot, R. Kornreich, R. J. Desnick, S. Martis.
1421F Preclinical evaluation of relapse-predisposing
variations in DHFR and TS genes.
B. Sharif-Askari, F.
Fontaine, E. Haddad, D. Sinnett, M. Krajinovic.
1422F Transcription factor protein levels correlate with
chemotherapeutic susceptibility in lymphoblastoid cell
A. L. Stark, R. J. Hause, Jr., L. Gorsic, N. Antao, K.
P. White, R. B. Jones, M. E. Dolan.
1424F Genealogical analysis of intolerance to statins in
the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean population.
M. Tremblay,
T. Bouhali, D. Gaudet, D. Brisson.
1425F Genetic variation database of anticancer
pharmacogenomic biomarkers using cross species
sequence analysis.
L. Wang, J. Liu, D. Chen.
1426F Pharmacogenomics Knowledge Base: Personal
genome annotation.
M. Whirl-Carrillo, L. Gong, M. Gong,
J. M. Hebert, F. Liu, E. M. McDonagh, K. Sangkuhl, C. F.
Thorn, R. Whaley, M. Woon, R. B. Altman, T. E. Klein.
1427F Association of CYP3A4 and CYP2C19 genotypes
with treatment-related acid peptic disease.
L. E. Wong-
Ley, M. A. Aguilar-Rodríguez, A. Flores García, P. Aguiar
García, M. Pérez-Nuño, A. Puentes, E. Higareda-Almaraz.
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1428F Molecular study of SLC19A1 sequence
variations in Iranian patients affected with psoriasis.
Yasari Mazandarani, S. Matoo, A. Tavakoli Tameh, M.
Mahdavi, B. Sedaghati Khayat, N. Hatamnejadian, SH.
Aabadpour, A. Ebrahimi.
1429F CYP2C9*8 and warfarin dose requirements in
African Americans.
C. King, C. Eby, P. Lenzini, R.
Porche-Sorbet, E. Do, G. Moskowitz, P. Ridker, S. Scott
R. Desnick, B. Gage.
1430F Association of -354GG genotype of the
gene and bone marrow toxicity in rheumatoid arthrit
patients treated with methotrexate.
L. Lukovic, B. Je
T. Damnjanovic, V. Milic, V. Bunjevacki, N. Maksimovic,
Milasin, I. Novakovic, B. Popovic, N. Damjanov, G.
Radunovic, N. Pejnovic, M. Krajinovic.
1431F Impact of genetic polymorphism of xenobioti
detoxification on bronchial asthma phenotypic featu
in children.
Y. Alimova, L. Jelenina, A. Galustyan, A.
1432F Polymorphisms in IL4R gene are associated
with asthma exacerbation.
L. Huang, B. Koshy, M.
Mosteller, W. Anderson.
1433F Molecular mechanisms underlying
glucocorticoid response eQTLs.
F. Luca, J. C.
Maranville, A. L. Richards, D. B. Witonsky, M. Stephens
A. Di Rienzo.
Therapy for Genetic Disorders
1434F Hindlimb skeletal muscle function and femora
strength in +/
mice with and without impact
S. M. Carleton, B. A. Gentry, J. A. Ferreira, D.
Salamango, A. M. Williams, A. D. Kettle, M. G. McCray,
Brown, C. L. Phillips.
1435F Induction in vitro of mesenchymal stem cells
chondrogenic phenotype by combined adenoviral
mediated-gene transfer.
I. Garza-Veloz, V. Romero-
Alvarez, M. L. Martinez-Fierro, A. Hernandez-Hurtado, J
Alcaraz, J. B. Kouri-Flores, E. Alvarez-Lozano, H. G.
Martinez-Rodriguez, M. A. Guzman-Garcia, M. A. L.
Hernandez-Rodriguez, R. Ortiz-Lopez, A. Rojas-Martine
1436F Hypophosphatasia: Affected infants and child
benefit significantly from ENB-0040 treatment despit
high allelic variability.
C. Greenberg, M. P. Whyte, E.
Mornet, J. C. Hyland, L. Ala-Kokko, S. Mumm, A. Mhan
K. Madson, N. C. Kreher, H. Landy.
1437F Parental myostatin status affects femoral pol
moment of area and biomechanical strength in four-
month-old wildtype male and female offspring.
C. L.
Phillips, S. M. Carleton, M. Brown.