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1393F Meta-analysis of warfarin stable dose in
S. Bourgeois, N. Eriksson, A. Jorgensen, C.
Nilsson, B. Burkley, M. Wadelius, M. Pirmohamed, A.
Rane, J. Lindh, M. J. Rieder, J. K. Burmester, M. D.
Caldwell, T. Mushiroda, M. Kubo, A. Wu, D. Roden, D.
Crawford, M. Wagner, P. Svensson, S. Scott, R. Desnick,
T. E. Klein, Y. Nakamura, J. A. Johnson, P. Deloukas,
International Warfarin Pharmacogenetics Consortium.
1394F Genome-wide mapping for predictors of
cutaneous hypersensitivity reactions associated with
anti-epileptic drugs.
G. Cavalleri, M. McCormack, C.
Depondt, K. Shianna, T. Urban, N. Walley, E. Chaila, G.
O'Conner, C. Catanario, D. Kasperavicˇ iu¯ te, R. Radtke, S.
Sisodiya, D. Goldstein, N. Delanty.
1395F Pharmacogenomic investigations on drug
metabolizing enzymes GSTT1, GSTM1 and CYP2B6 in
breast cancer.
P. Chaturvedi, S. Tulsyan, G. Agarwal, P.
Lal, B. Mittal.
1396F Genetic association study between
proopiomelanocortin and melanocortin-4 receptor
gene polymorphisms with antipsychotic induced
weight gain.
N. Chowdhury, A. Tiwari, R. Souza, C. Zai,
S. Shaikh, S. Chen, F. Liu, J. Lieberman, H. Meltzer, J.
Kennedy, D. Müller.
1397F Pharmacogenetic determinants of statin-
induced reductions in C-reactive protein.
A. Y. Chu, F.
Guilianini, J. MacFadyen, B. J. Barratt, F. Nyberg, D. I.
Chasman, P. M. Ridker.
1398F Genome-wide association analysis of
rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with anti-TNF
M. Coenen, M. Umicevic Mirkov, J. Wessels,
S. Vermeulen, E. Toonen, A. Lee, R. Makkinje, W. Kievit,
H. Scheffer, T. Jansen, E. Dutmer, T. Radstake, M. van de
Laar, P. Barrera, P. van Riel, H. Guchelaar, P. Gregersen,
B. Franke.
1399F A comparison of the power and false-positive
rate protection when analyzing pharmacogenetic data
in clinical trials using LOCF and MMRM.
B. Fijal, F.
Zhao, C. Mallinckrodt.
1400F Characterization of the CYP2C19*alleles by
using different genotyping and sequencing platforms.
G. Ghaffari, M. Rodriguez, S. Rodriguez, C. Y. Hung, L.
Brenton, M. Tekin, M. Morra.
1401F Impact of HLA-B*1502 testing for
carbamazepine on medical practice.
S. K. Grantham, S.
1402F Pharmacogenomic variation and implications in
African populations, using existing data.
K. Kalideen, R.
S. Ramesar.
1403F Targeted resequencing and haplotyping of a
large panel of ADME genes.
F. Kaper, B. Klotzle, J.
Chen, M. Bibikova, M. Ronaghi, J. B. Fan.
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1404F Pharmacogenetics and cycling: The interactiv
effects of the ADRB2 A46G SNP and salbutamol on
cycling performance.
S. Koch, M. J. MacInnis, B. C.
Sporer, J. L. Rupert, M. S. Koehle.
1405F Pharmacogenetics of childhood acute
lymphoblastic leukemia - aspraginase pathway.
Krajinovic, V. Gagné, J. Rousseau, M. Labuda, C. Cyriel
Beaubois, D. Sinnett, C. Laverdière, A. Moghrabi, S. E.
Sallan, J. L. Kutok, D. Neuberg4, L. B. Silverman.
1406F Whole exome sequencing and antidepressant
treatment outcome.
G. Laje, N. Akula, F. J. McMahon.
1407F Association of the
G143E polymorphis
with platelet aggregation and cardiovascular outco
in patients on clopidogrel therapy.
J. P. Lewis, K. Rya
Q. Gibson, J. R. O'Connell, R. B. Horenstein, B. D.
Mitchell, K. Tanner, R. Pakzy, U. S. Tantry, K. P. Bliden,
A. Gurbel, A. R. Shuldiner.
1408F Influence of NR1I3 nuclear receptor gene
polymorphisms on the lipid-lowering efficacy and
safety of statin therapy.
L. O. Lima, M. H. Hutz, C. R.
Van der Sand, L. C. Van der Sand, M. E. W. Ferreira, R.
Pires, S. Almeida, M. Fiegenbaum.
1409F Common and rare variants in the POMC
pathway markedly influence antipsychotic drug-
induced weight gain: Discovery GWAS and subsequ
replication data.
A. K. Malhotra, C. U. Correll, N. I.
Chowdhury, D. J. Müller, P. K. Gregersen, A. T. Lee, A.
Tiwari, J. M. Kane, J. A. Lieberman, H. Y. Meltzer, T.
Lencz, J. L. Kennedy.
1410F Multi-ethnic cytochrome-P450 copy number
profiling identifies mechanism of copy number
variation formation and novel pharmacogenetic allel
S. Martis, H. Mei, R. Vijzelaar, L. Edelmann, R. J. Desni
S. A. Scott.
1411F Genetic variability associated with antiretrovir
therapy-related adverse effects in HIV-infected
V. S. Mattevi, A. S. Gasparotto, J. R. Trinca
M. L. Kayser, R. K. Lazzaretti, R. Kuhmmer, S. de Almei
J. P. Ribeiro, E. Sprinz.
1412F Pharmacogenetic predictors of maintenance
dose of coumarinic oral-anticoagulants in patients
with thromboembolic disorders in North Indian
B. Mittal, S. S. Rathore, S. K. Agarwal, S.
Pande, S. K. Singh, T. Mittal.
1413F Pharmacogenetic analysis of drug disposition
genes in Azorean healthy population.
L. Mota-Vieira,
Bulhoes, C. Branco, A. M. Vicente, R. Cabral, T.
1414F A pharmacogenomic screen of common
variation in candidate genes reveals moderators of
antipsychotic-induced weight gain in the RUPP auti
E. L. Nurmi, S. L. Spilman, J. T. McCracken,
RUPP Autism Network.