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1369F Association of CYP2D6 polymorphisms and
disease-free survival of Thai breast cancer patients
who received adjuvant tamoxifen.
M. Chamnanphol, T.
Jantararoungtong, S. Santon, K. Pechatanan, E.
Sirachainan, T. Sirisinha, T. Ativitavas, R. Panvichian, V.
Ratanatharathorn, W. Chantratita, C. Sukasem.
1370F Analysis of association between statin
medication, genetic variation and prostate cancer
R. J. Hamilton, S. Alanee, J. Vijai, D. J.
Gallagher, I. Ostrovnaya, J. Bhatia, M. M. Gaudet, S. Fine,
A. Dutra-Clarke, J. Przybylo, J. M. Rendleman, C. Savage,
S. Lipkin, R. J. Klein, P. T. Scardino, H. Lilja, T. Kirchhoff,
H. I. Scher, J. A. Eastham, K. Offit.
1371F Computational identification of non-
synonymous SNPs in human cytochrome P450 for
prediction of population pk/pd of cyclophosphamide.
R. M. Labib, D. Yassin, M. Emam.
1372F Clinical validation of fragment analysis to
genotype the androgen receptor VNTRs.
A. B. Freeman,
H. Hou, L. Shi, Q. Shu, B. Epps, B. Wilkinson, L. O'Brien.
1373F Phosphodiesterase (PDED4) gene
polymorphism: Association with the response to short
acting bronchodilators in paediatric asthma patients.
M. Labuda, S. Laberge, J. Brière, D. Bérubé, P. Beaulieu,
T. Pastinen, M. Krajinovic.
1374F Association analysis between
polymorphisms and postoperative analgesic
requirements after painful cosmetic surgery.
Nishizawa, K. Fukuda, S. Kasai, W. Han, J. Hasegawa, A.
Nishi, M. Koga, T. Arinami, M. Hayashida, K. Ikeda.
1375F Optimizing efavirenz treatment by detection of
pharmacogenetic markers of CYP2B6 corrected with
plasma concentration in HIV-1 infections.
C. Sukasem,
P. Prapaithong, E. Pasomsub, C. Srichunrusami, T. R.
Cressey, T. Jantararoungtong, S. Santhon, W. Chantratita.
1376F Genetic factors in bupropion response and
A. Tiwari, C. Zai, G. Sajeev, T. Arenovich, D.
Mueller, J. Kennedy.
1377F Correlated meta-analysis of genome-wide
association studies of agonist-mediated native platelet
aggregation in African Americans.
R. Qayyum, D.
Becker, D. Vaidya, L. Yanek, N. Faraday, R. Mathias, L.
1378F Mixture regression analysis on antipsychotics
induced weight gain: Investigation of the role of
serotonergic genes.
V. De Luca, B. Nowrouzi, C. C. Zai,
J. L. Kennedy.
1379F Failure of metformin to reduce diabetes
incidence in carriers of the
T. I. Pollin, J. C. Florez, S.-W. Yee, K. A.
Jablonski, J. B. McAteer, A. Taylor, W. C. Knowler, K. M.
Giacomini, A. Shuldiner, DPP Research Group.
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1380F Combining Nested PatchPCR
and Nextera
for high-throughput targeted resequencing.
N. C.
Caruccio, K. T. Varley, D. T. Moore, R. C. Bachmeyer, R.
M. Meyers.
1381F Effects of ABCB1 drug transporter genotypes
on antiepileptic drug disposition.
N. Božina, M. Lovric´
S. Hajnšek, D. Sporiš, Z. Lalic´ , P. Granic´ .
1382F Decreased mucosal expression of barrier gen
and vitamin D receptor gene in inflammatory bowel
I. Arijs, J. Van Der Goten, K. Machiels, L. Van
Lommel, I. Cleynen, G. De Hertogh, K. Van Steen, G. V
Assche, S. Vermeire, F. Schuit, P. Rutgeerts.
1383F Evidence for a heritable response to treatmen
for asthma.
C. Teerlink, M. Hegewald, L. Cannon-Albri
1384F Evaluation of pharmacogenetic markers by
exome-sequencing of DNA extracted from saliva
R. M. Iwasiow, M. Tayeb.
1385F Whole exome sequencing study of drug-indu
liver injury: The association of rare variants.
Y. Shen,
Floratos, A. Daly, M. Lucena, M. Molokhia, C. Stephens
M. Nelson, M. Daly, I. Pe'er.
1386F Pharmacogenomic study of side effects for
antidepressant treatment options in STAR*D.
S. L.
Clark, D. E. Adkins, K. Aberg, J. M. Hettema, J. L.
McClay, R. P. Souza, E. J. C. G. van den Oord.
1387F Association of COX-2 rs20417 with stroke ris
functional outcome and aspirin resistance.
A. Munsh
V. Sharma, S. Kaul, A. Jyothy.
1388F The AA genotype of tumor necrosis factor
induced protein 2 rs8126 polymorphism is associate
with increased mortality in septic shock.
S. A. Thair,
H. Boyd, T. A. Nakada, J. A. Russell, K. R. Walley.
1389F Deep resequencing identifies common, low
frequency and rare variants in ADIPOQ underlying
adiponectin variation and provides insight into its ro
in type 2 diabetes susceptibility.
L. Warren, L. Li, M.
Nelson, M. Ehm, J. Perry, C. Palmer, T. Frayling, V.
Mooser, J. Whittaker, D. Waterworth.
1390F Cytochrome oxidase subunits: A
pharmacogenetics prediction marker of Accutane
S. Abadpour, A. Tavakoli Tameh, S. Matoo, A.
Yasari Mazandarani, B. Sedaghati Khayat, N.
Hatamnejadian, M. Mahdavi, A. Ebrahimi.
1391F Web-based phenotyping for pharmacogenomi
K. E. Barnholt, A. K. Kiefer, T. K. Acquaye, R.
Altman, H. L. McLeod, J. A. Johnson, C. B. Marsh, J. Y
Tung, J. L. Mountain.
1392F Warfarin pharmacogenetic algorithms: Why th
dose of some patients cannot be explained?
M. R.
Botton, E. Bandinelli, L. E. P. Rohde, L. C. Amon, M. H.