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1344F A research activity for ethical, legal, and social
implications of personal genomics in Japan.
T. Shirai,
J. Minari, A. Nomura, K. Kato.
1345F “My46”: An innovative Web-based tool for
management of results return from exome and whole
genome sequencing studies.
H. K. Tabor, A. Hartzler, J.
Crouch, E. Kuwana, M. J. McMillin, J. Stock, J. Yu, K. M.
Dent, N. Anderson, J. Swanson, M. Bamshad.
1346F Genetic research with descendants of
Australia’s first peoples.
S. van Holst Pellekaan, A.
1347F Feasibility of informed consent for whole
genome sequencing in the National Children’s Study:
Participant understanding and informational needs.
Yu, H. K. Tabor, K. Lakes, P. Flodman, K. Gutzman, B.
Specker, J. Swanson, M. J. Bamshad.
1348F Evaluating the status of state-level public health
genetics activities in the United States: A decade of
declining public health genetics leadership.
A. K. Yu, S.
M. Au.
1349F Parental attitudes towards participation in a
pediatric genetic repository.
S. I. Ziniel, J. G. Amatruda,
E. D. Harris, C. M. Clinton, S. K. Savage, N. L.
Huntington, R. C. Green, I. A. Holm.
1350F Consistently inconsistent — DTC results of
identical twins from three companies and implications
for service provision.
K. Barlow-Stewart, C. Cormick.
1351F An overview of the genetic testing offer in
M. Jovanovic, E. Dequeker, A. Mondelaers, M.
Morris, J. Cassiman, S. Aymé.
1352F The UK Genetic Testing Network, its role and
M. Kroese, J. Westwood, P. Farndon, J.
Deller, S. Stenhouse, S. Mohammed, F. Stewart, J. Hoyle,
T. Turtiainen, UK Genetic Testing Network.
1353F Guidelines for evaluating genetic associations
for use in direct-to-consumer personal genetic
S. Wu, G. M. Benton, J. Y. Tung, A. B. Chowdry,
J. L. Mountain, B. T. Naughton.
1354F Paternalism versus autonomy: Who should be
the gatekeeper for genomic testing results?
S. Adam,
P. H. Birch, A. Townsend, Z. Lohn, F. Rousseau, J. M.
1355F Are U.S. doctors receiving DTC genetic tests
results from their patients?
V. L. Bonham, C. Clark, L. A.
Cooper, W. G. Feero.
1356F Dutch difficulties with carrier status information:
25 years of health policy.
M. C. Cornel, S. Jans, C. G.
van El, P. Lakeman, L. Henneman, G. de Wert.
1357F Building genomics infrastructure in Africa:
Ethical and policy implications.
E. Peprah, C. Rotimi.
Friday Poster Authors are reminded to remove posters from the boards at 4:00 pm.
The Exhibit Hall will close at 4:30 pm.
1358F Thailand national plan for prevention and car
of birth defects.
P. Wasant.
1359F The attitudes and opinions of genetic
researchers and clinicians towards the regulation of
direct-to-consumer genetic testing.
C. A. Wicklund,
M. O'Neill, M. G. Hayes, P. M. Kaushik.
“I’m still going to be me; I’m not going to be
anyone else”
: Firsthand accounts of predictive gene
testing in adolescents for adult onset conditions.
Mand, L. Gillam, R. E. Duncan, M. B. Delatycki.
1361F Patient’s and health care professional’s attitu
regarding preimplantation genetic diagnosis in canc
S. Côté, B. M. Knoppers, P. Hamet, C.
1362F Report from a patient support group for rare
diseases in Japan: Our experiences on 3.11
earthquake/tsunami disaster.
A. Nakaoka, J. Koizumi.
1363F Multidisciplinary analysis of emotions in the
context of prenatal diagnosis of Down's syndrome a
termination of pregnancy: The perspective of couple
and health professionals concerned.
A. A. Broussin
1364F Diagnostic misconception underlies some
preferences for return of genetic research results fr
a DNA repository.
R. Green, S. Ziniel, N. Huntington, E
Harris, S. Savage, W. Wolf, J. Amatruda, I. Holm.
1365F Genomic medicine and health policy in Mexic
A future perspective in research and application.
Oliva-Sanchez, G. Saruwatari, J. Siqueiros, A. Arellano.
1366F NETwork: A new tool for education and
empowering participation in translational research.
Terry, K. Baxter, L. Horn, A. Krokosky, A. Mills, J. King,
1367F Assessment of a pharmacogenomic marker
panel in a population taking multiple medications
derived from electronic medical records.
M. T. Oetje
J. C. Denny, A. R. Baker, H. H. Dilks, M. A. Basford, E.
Bowton, N. A. Restrepo, V. M. Youngblood, J. M. Pulley
D. M. Roden, D. R. Masys, M. D. Ritchie, D. C. Crawfor
1368F Development of a high-throughput
microdroplet-based targeted next-generation
sequencing and its application to HLA and ADME g
panel sequencing.
J. A. Brayer, D. R. Link, J. Olson, L.
Deming, A. Lennhoff, M. Weart, S. Kellett.