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1230F Somatic mutation of
in an optic nerve
sheath dural melanoma.
S. C. Benes, M. H. Abdel-
Rahman, E. Dosunmu, E. Craig.
1231F The clinical and genetic phenotypes of PMS2
HNPCC/Lynch syndrome families in Ireland.
A. Magee,
V. McConnell, M. Loughrey, G. McCluggage, D. Allen, A.
Green, C. M. J. Tops, R. Charlton.
1232F Copy number and low frequency somatic
mutation detection using multiplexed digital PCR.
D. R.
Link, Q. Zhong, S. Bhattacharya, S. Kotsopoulos, J.
Olson, V. Taly, A. D. Griffiths, J. W. Larson.
1233F Next-gen sequencing of single human cells for
detection of copy number variations and mutations.
Langmore, E. Kamberov, T. Tesmer, L. Patel, K. Pienta.
1234F Context-dependent estimates of substitution
rates in human, chimpanzee and gorilla indicate
acceleration in the human lineage.
N. Rustagi, I. Gorlov,
S. E. Plon, M. Kimmel, W. Amos.
1235F Differential expression profile of microRNA in
D. R. Lucon, C. S. Rocha, C. M.
Morelli, D. P. Cavalcanti, S. S. Aguiar, S. R. Brandalise, J.
A. Yunes.
1236F Role of common genetic variants in pre-
microRNA in susceptibility and prognosis of
esophageal cancer.
M. Umar, R. Upadhyay, S. Kumar, U.
C. Ghoshal, B. Mittal.
1237F The role of somatic mtDNA mutations in cancer.
E. Chen-Quin, M. Fowler, Y. Xie.
1238F MUTYH mutation spectrum in Brazil: First report
of a large deletion in a MAP patient.
G. T. Torrezan, F.
C. C. Silva, A. C. Krepischi, E. M. M. Santos, B. M. Rossi,
D. M. Carraro.
1239F Analytical resolution of p53 alteration in the
clinical context.
Y. G. Yue, S. Kadam, J. T. Brandt, I.
Wulur, T. R. Holzer, A. D. Fulford, J. Ting, T. D. Barber, C.
1240F Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans in
neurofibromatosis type 1.
D. Viskochil, L. Randall.
1241F Improved sequencing workflow for
characterizing melanoma mutations.
S.-C. Hung, S.
Berosik, S. Schneider, P. Ma, S. Vemula, R. Terrill, S.
Mirza, M. Wenz.
1242F Molecular analysis of possible polymorphism
risk factors of CDKN1A gene in sporadic colorectal
N. Zali, M. Montazer Haghighi, R. Fatemi, M.
Vahedi, M. Zali.
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1243F Prostate cancer proteomics: Using antibody-
based high-throughput plasma profiling for the
discovery of new prostate cancer biomarkers.
Karlsson, U. Igel, H. Grönberg, W. Isaacs, M. Uhlén, J.
Schwenk, F. Wiklund.
1244F Novel target genes of ETV6 in childhood pre-
acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
B. Neveu, M. Malouf,
Langlois, D. Sinnett.
1245F Detection and prioritization of prostate cance
risk-associated genetic variants in the
gene fo
functional analysis.
F. Lose, J. Batra, S. Srinivasan, S.
Chambers, R. A. Gardiner, J. Aitken, J. A. Clements, A.
Spurdle, Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource.
1246F Integrated molecular profiling of adult and
pediatric pilocytic astrocytoma through single
nucleotide polymorphism array and gene expression
M. Shirinian, A. M. Fontebasso, D. A. Khuong
Quang, D. T. W. Jones, K. Jacob, N. Gerges, A. Klekner
A. Montpetit, A. Nantel, S. Albrecht, S. Pfister, N. Jabad
1247F Identification of functional polymorphisms at
4q21 locus associated with modification of breast
cancer risk in BRCA2 mutation carriers.
Y. Hamdi, P.
Soucy, D. Goldgar, B. J. Feng, G. Reimnitz, M. Trancha
T. Pastinen, P. Cassart, O. Ouimet, D. Sinnett, C. Verny-
Pierre, L. Barjhoux, D. Stoppa-Lyonnet, GEMO Study
Collaborators, O. Sinilnikova, J. Simard.
1248F Genotoxic agents alter the tridimensional
nuclear organization of telomeres and the expressio
profile of shelterin genes.
N. Bastien, O. Samassekou,
D. Lichtensztejn, J. Yan, S. Mai, R. Drouin.
1249F The Fanconi anemia pathway regulates
telomeric recombination and telomere DNA synthesi
in ALT-immortalized human cells.
H. Root, M. Komos
F. Al Azri, M. S. Meyn.
1250F Specific TP53 mutations are associated with
chromosomal rearrangements, telomere length
changes and remodeling of telomere nuclear
O. Samassekou, N. Bastien, D.
Lichtensztejn, J. Yan, R. Drouin, S. Mai.
1251F Mechanisms of maintaining telomere lengths
specific chromosomes in leukemia.
J. Yan, J.
Lamoureux, E. Bouchard, J. Herbert, H. Li, S. Huang.
1252F Integrative molecular profiling and regulatory
modeling of the glioblastoma multiforme genome,
epigenome, and transcriptome.
S. Li, M. Setty, P.
Zumbo, C. Leslie, C. Mason.