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1183F Next-generation sequencing of multiple samples
derived from the same BRCA1-positive patient with
ovarian carcinoma.
J. Zhang, E. Lalonde, L. Li, W.
Gotlieb, A. Ferenczy, W. Foulkes, J. Majewski.
1184F Neural teneurins are expressed in human
tumors and tumor-derived cell lines.
A. Ziegler, G. Di
Capua, J. E. Oyarzún, I. E. Roa, J. A. Brañes, P.
Casanello, G. Repetto.
1185F Identification of a novel
mutation from targeted next-generation sequencing of
men with familial prostate cancer.
K. A. Zuhlke, A. M.
Ray, C. M. Robbins, W. D. Tembe, C. A. Salinas, J. D.
Carpten, E. M. Lange, W. B. Isaacs, K. A. Cooney.
1186F Cytogenetic and molecular 11q23/MLL findings
in infants with acute leukemia.
M. S. Gallego, M. C.
Coccé, C. Alonso, J. Rossi, A. Bernasconi, E. Alfaro, M. S.
1187F Genomic imbalances detected by oligoarray
CGH in clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
F. Gong, C.
Wang, X. Wang, S. Li, J. Lee.
1188F Definition of chromosome 8q copy number
changes in paediatric solid tumors.
N. Y. Martin, D.
Belluoccio, G. B. Peters, J. A. Byrne.
1189F Does transient abnormal myelopoiesis occur in
the absence of Down syndrome, or is it really AML?
M. Tegg, C. E. Wren, A. G. De Paoli, A. M. Johnston, C.
1190F The role of pregnancy on hemangioblastomas in
von Hippel-Lindau disease: A retrospective French
C. Abadie, I. Coupier, S. Bringuier-Branchereau, S.
Deveaux, S. Richard, French NCI Network.
1191F Global gene expression profiles in ovarian
cancer linked to Lynch syndrome.
K. Bartuma, K.
Harbst, S. Malander, M. Jönsson, Z. Ketabi, A. Måsbäck,
G. Jönsson, M. Nilbert.
1192F Endometrial cancer as a red flag for Lynch
syndrome identification.
P. O. Chappuis, M. Genevay, P.
Petignat, S. Myit, P. Benusiglio, S. Arcioni, L. Fonteneau,
R. Suchy, L. Rubbia-Brandt, P. Hutter.
1193F Determining a role for germline mutations in
intermediate risk breast and ovarian cancer
susceptibility genes in the Belgian population.
K. De
Leeneer, A. De Jaegher, B. Crombez, I. Coene, A. De
Paepe, B. Poppe, K. Claes.
1194F Characterization of unclassified variants in DNA
mismatch repair genes in Lynch syndrome.
Dominguez Valentin, L. J. Rasmussen, C. Therkildsen, T.
Van Overeem Hansen, I. Bernstein, M. Nilbert.
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1195F Substantial unexplained variation in cancer ri
for MLH1 and MLH2 mutation carriers.
J. G. Dowty,
K. Win, D. Buchanan, R. J. Macinnis, N. Lindor, S. N.
Thibodeau, G. Casey, S. Gallinger, L. Le Marchand, P.
Newcomb, R. Haile, J. Goldblatt, S. Parry, F. A. Macrae,
L. Hopper, M. A. Jenkins, Colon Cancer Family Registry
1196F From 2000-2010 — A review of the first pediat
cancer genetics program in North America.
H. Druke
S. Meyn, N. Parkinson, D. Malkin.
1197F Characterization of genetics aspects of
paragangliomas and pheochromocytomas in the
Quebec French-Canadian population.
N. Dumas, M.
Edmont, S. Grunenwald, I. Lévesque, M. Binet, N.
Burnichon, A. Gimenez-Roqueplo, I. Bourdeau.
1198F BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutational spectrum and
evidence for a BRCA1 founder mutation in
Luxembourg families with breast-ovarian cancer.
Grootkoerkamp, C. Bock, M. Sand, F. Lemoine, S. Mey
S. Rauh, J. L. Guarin, P. Hilbert, K. Dahan.
1199F Differential effects of Pot1b and telomerase
deficiency in adrenocortical dysplasia (
) mice.
Keegan, H. Kocak, E. L. Macke, K. W. Wilson, G. A.
1200F A large intragenic duplication in the Folliculin
) gene causing Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome wit
an interesting phenotype.
D. H. K. Lim, C. Morgan, P.
Rehal, F. Bond, L. Walker, D. Halliday, F. Macdonald, E.
1201F Tumor suppression in
mice by
prostaglandin D
H. Lin, B. Tippin, A. Kwong, J. Park,
Materi, V. Buslon, S. French, S. Narumiya, Y. Urade, E.
1202F Gynecologic phenotypes in women with PTE
hamartoma tumor syndrome.
J. Mester, C. Eng.
1203F Genetic testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2
mutations in women with hereditary predisposition t
breast and ovarian cancer in Croatia.
V. Musani, M.
Levacic Cvok, I. Susac, P. Ozretic, M. Sabol, D. Car, D.
Eljuga, Lj. Eljuga, S. Levanat.
1204F Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome in a large Hutterite
R. Perrier, K. Dornan, J. Parboosingh, W.
1205F Use of whole exome sequencing to identify th
molecular basis of susceptibility to lymphoid
malignancies in childhood.
B. C. Powell, M. Delario, L
Jiang, L. Trevino, R. Zabriskie, M. Kimmel, L. C. Strong,
A. Wheeler, R. A. Gibbs, S. E. Plon.
1206F Linkage analysis and whole-exome sequencin
on families with multiple lipomatosis.
F. Probst, R.
Corrigan, R. Zabriskie, D. Murdock, R. Hamid, G. Tiller,
Phillips, N. Kramer, J. Graham, Jr., M. Bainbridge, W. Ji
L. Wang, R. Gibbs, S. Plon.