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Cancer Genetics
1161F The role of methylation in reversible gene
expression in the airways of former smokers.
G. L.
Stewart, E. A. Vucic, R. Chari, S. Lam, W. L. Lam.
1162F Genome-wide association analysis of genetic
determinants for lethal prostate cancer.
R. Szulkin, S.
Benlloch, A. Amin Al Olama, D. Easton, R. Eeles, Z. Kote-
Jarai, M. Guy, K. Govindasami, H. Grönberg, F. Wiklund,
1163F The role of Notch signaling in the pathogenesis
of osteosarcoma.
J. Tao, M. Jiang, T. Bertin, F. Gannon,
L. Donehower, B. Lee.
1164F Molecular study of PCA3 gene variations in
Iranian patients affected with prostate cancer.
Tavakoli Tameh, S. Matoo, A. Yasari Mazandarani, B.
Sedaghati Khayat, N. Hhatamnejadian, SH. Abadpour, M.
Mahdavi, A. Rashid Farrokhi, A. Ebrahimi.
1165F Exploring a
c.3113G>A breast cancer
multiple-case family for other genetic risk factors via
exome sequencing.
Z. L. Teo, D. J. Park, F. Odefrey, F.
Hammet, T. Nguyen-Dumont, H. Tsimiklis, B. J. Pope, A.
Lonie, G. G. Giles, J. L. Hopper, M. C. Southey, ABCFS.
1166F The chromosome 2p21 region harbors a
complex genetic architecture for association with risk
for renal cell carcinoma.
J. Toro, S. S. Han, M. Yeager,
L. E. Moore, M. H. Wei, R. Pfeiffer, M. P. Purdue, M.
Johansson, G. Scelo, C. C. Chung, V. Gaborieau, D.
Zaridze, K. Schwartz, N. Szeszenia-Dabrowska, F. Davis,
V. Bencko, V. Janout, D. Albanes, L. Foretova, L. Burdett,
C. D. Berg, W. R. Diver, J. Virtamo, J. D. McKay, N.
Chatterjee, P. S. Rosenberg, N. Rothman, P. Brennan, W.
H. Chow, S. J. Chanock.
1167F Prevalence of
mutations among black
South African women with breast cancer.
E. J. van
Rensburg, M. D. Sluiter, C. M. Dorfling, N. Roelofse.
1168F Novel tools to study of the EGFR/HER2 pathway
utilizing targeted integration via zinc finger nucleases
and an SH-2 domain based biosensor.
D. Vassar, H.
Zhang, N. Zenser, F. Zhang, A. Samsonov, J. Fetter, D.
1169F Interleukin-10 promoter polymorphism (-1082 G/
A) and gastric cancer.
A. Venkateshwari, B. Amar Chand,
D. Krishnaveni, B. Prabhakar, K. Pandu Ranga Rao, P.
Anitha, N. Pratibha, A. Jyothy.
1170F TP53 codon 72 polymorphism and risk of acute
S. Vure, N. Dunna, K. Sailaja, D. Surekha, S.
Rajappa, D. Raghunadharao, S. Vishnupriya.
1171F Genome-wide analysis of genetic alterations in
a mouse mutagenesis model of acute lymphoblastic
L. Wei, J. Dang, J. Zhang, L. Janke, L.
Weyden, A. Rust, D. Adams, J. Downing, C. Mullighan.
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1172F Genetic variation in the APC gene associates
with moderate APC allele-specific expression and is
correlated with increased susceptibility to common
forms of colorectal cancer.
M. J. White, M. Curia, S.
Iure, L. De Lellis, S. Veschi, S. Mammarella, J. Bartlett,
Di Iorio, C. Amatetti, M. Lombardo, P. Di Gregorio, P.
Battista, R. Mariani-Costantini, S. M. Williams, A. Cama
1173F Role of NEU1 deficiency in cancer developme
and progression.
S. J. White-Gilbertson, E. Machado,
van de Vlekkert, S. Moshiach, E. Bonten, A. d'Azzo.
1174F Patient satisfaction survey of a comprehensiv
information resource.
J. L. Wiggins, K. Kohut,
K. Bancroft, R. A. Eeles, K. Myhill, A. Stormorken, S.
Thomas, S. Shanley.
1175F Somatic mutations in GRM1 alter receptor
activity and promote tumor progression.
M. Willard,
Esseltine, M. Lajiness, I. Wulur, S. Ferguson, T. Barber.
1176F A replication study and genome-wide scan of
single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with
pancreatic cancer risk and overall survival.
J. A. Willi
S. H. Olson, S. Mukherjee, M. Gönen, R. C. Kurtz, R. J.
1177F Colorectal and other cancer risks for carriers
and non-carriers of a DNA mismatch repair gene
mutation from mutation carrying families: A
prospective cohort study.
A. K. Win, D. D. Buchanan,
P. Young, N. M. Lindor, R. W. Haile, G. Casey, D. J.
Ahnen, G. G. Giles, I. Winship, F. A. Macrae, K. Tucker,
Goldblatt, M. Clendenning, J. A. Baron, S. N. Thibodea
S. R. Gunawardena, B. Bapat, S. Gallinger, L. Le
Marchand, P. A. Newcomb, J. L. Hopper, M. A. Jenkins
Colon Cancer Family Registry.
1178F Further support for
gene’s contributi
to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer susceptibilit
R. Winqvist, M. Vuorela, J. M. Hartikainen, K. Sundfeldt
A. Lindblom, A. von Wachenfeldt Wäppling, M. Haanpä
U. Puistola, M. Anttila, V.-M. Kosma, A. Mannermaa, K.
1179F Chromosome 17 anomalies inferred by high-
density genotyping of benign, borderline and
malignant serous ovarian cancer specimens.
P. M.
Wojnarowicz, S. L. Arcand, K. Klein Oros, D. Provenche
A.-M. Mes-Masson, C. Greenwood, P. N. Tonin.
1180F microRNA-93 inhibits colorectal tumorigenesi
and decreases early relapse of human colorectal
I. Yang, H. Tsai, K. Chen, P. Tsai, S. Huang, W.
Chou, J. Wang, S. Juo.
1181F DNA methylation in lung cancer.
H. Zamakhsh
M. Abdalla, Y. Haj-Ahmad.
1182F Spontaneous metastasis in a mouse model of
testicular germ cell tumors.
J. Zechel, G. MacLennan,
Heaney, J. Nadeau.