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1116F Molecular diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases
by next-generation sequencing.
N. Vasli, J. Boehm, S.
Legras, J. Muller, F. Plewniak, C. Keime, S. Vicaire, B.
Jost, J.-L. Mandel, V. Biancalana, J. Laporte.
1117F Application of massive parallel sequencing to
the detection of somatic
mutations in
E. Gonzalez, M. Ibañez, R. Merino, F.
Rius, S. Plaza, J. Yague.
1118F Molecular analysis in four Greek patients with
retinal degeneration establishes a spectrum of clinical
diagnosis:Iidentification of four novel mutations in
CHM, RS1, SPATA7 and RDS genes.
S. Kamakari, G.
Koutsodontis, C. Tsika, I. Datseris, M. Tsilimbaris.
1119F A novel mutation at F9 gene Iranian hemophilia
B patient.
L. Kokabee, M. Kokabee, S. Zeinali, M.
1120F A family of oculofaciocardiodental syndrome
with a novel
mutation and genomic
rearrangements involving
Y. Kondo, H. Saitsu, K.
Nishiyama, Y. Tsurusaki, H. Doi, N. Miyake, T. Miyamoto,
N. K. Ryoo, J. H. Kim, Y. S. Yu, N. Matsumoto.
1121F Exome sequencing reveals a homozygous
mutation in
associated with syndromic
craniosynostosis with ectodermal and developmental
C. M. Loucks, A. M. Innes, F. P. Bernier, D.
R. McLeod, E. G. Puffenberger, K. M. Boycott, S. J.
Childs, J. S. Parboosingh.
1122F MLL2 haploinsufficiency and nonsense-
mediated mRNA decay as pathological mechanisms
for the Kabuki syndrome.
G. Merla, C. Fusco, B.
Augello, M. N. Loviglio, E. V. D'Addetta, A. Calcagni, L.
1123F Molecular investigation into cystic fibrosis in
Omani patients.
A. Ouhtit, H. Al-Kindy, Q. Al-Salmi, S. Al-
Yahyaee, M. Al-Bimani, M. Al-Nabhani.
1124F A germline mutation in a family with Gaucher
N. Tayebi, H. Saranjam, S. Chopra, H. Levy, E.
1125F Complete scanning of the HFE gene in Dutch
hereditary hemochromatosis patients.
M. J. van Belzen,
S. Smith, E. Bakker.
1126F Candidate gene functional analysis in
nonsyndromic sagittal craniosynostosis.
G. Yagnik, J.
Liu, C. Stevens, A. Ghuman, S. Kim, J. Kim, E. Cherkez,
D. Soung, H. Drissi, M. Buckley, T. Roscioli, S. A.
1127F Exome sequencing reveals a novel homozygous
mutation in adult-onset autosomal recessive
spinocerebellar ataxia with psychomotor retardation.
H. Doi, K. Yoshida, Y. Tsurusaki, N. Miyake, H. Saitsu, H.
Sakai, Y. Kuroiwa, N. Matsumoto.
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1128F The role of the JAK-Stat3 signaling pathway i
inherited photoreceptor degenerations.
K. C. Jiang,
J. Szego, A. N. Bramall, K. L. Wright, L. R. Pacione, W.
Hauswirth, S. E. Egan, R. R. McInnes.
1129F Mechanism and clinical severity of FIG4
mutations in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.
M. H.
Meisler, G. M. Lenk, S. Reddel, A. E. Grant, C. J.
Ferguson, C. Towne, J. M. Jones, L. G. Biesecker, S. D
Batish, G. Nicholson.
1130F Demyelinating sensory-motor neuropathy wit
secondary axonopathy: A novel mutation in
A. Patitucci, C. Tortorella, M. Liguori, A.
Magariello, R. Mazzei, F. L. Conforti, W. Sproviero, L.
Citrigno, A. Morabito, C. Ungaro, A. Gambardella, M.
1131F Identification of the genetic defect causing
pontine autosomal dominant microangiopathy and
leukoencephalopathy using exome sequencing.
Appenzeller, G. Kuhlenbäumer.
1132F Whole-exome sequencing to tackle genetic
heterogeneity in cortical malformations associated
with eye and muscle defects.
M. C. Manzini, R. S. Hill
J. Rodriguez, J. N. Partlow, B. Barry, W. B. Dobyns, M.
Salih, C. A. Walsh.
1133F Linkage and single exome analyses identify
as the gene for familial dyskinesia with facia
W. H. Raskind, Y.-Z. Chen, M. M. Matsushit
P. D. Robertson, M. Rieder, S. Girirajan, H. Lipe, E. E.
Eichler, D. A. Nickerson, T. D. Bird.
1134F Mutation in the neurofilament light chain gen
associated with facial diplegia and marked elevation
creatine kinase.
B. Rautenstrauss, N. Garcia-Angarita,
1135F Identification and functional studies of MLC1
mutations in Chinese patients with megalencephalic
leukoencephalopathy with subcortical cysts.
J. Wan
H. Xie, A. Dhauchak, J. Shang, H. Wei, Y. Wu, H. Xiong
Q. Gu, C. Ding, L. Wang, Z. Gao, D. Colman, X. Wu, Y.
1136F Genetic analysis and exome sequencing in
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
K. L. Williams, J. A.
Solski, J. C. Durnall, A. D. Thoeng, S. Waraich, G.
Rouleau, G. A. Nicholson, I. P. Blair.
1137F Role of IL-1
in NLRP12-associated
autoinflammatory disorders and resistance to anti-I
I. Jéru, V. Hentgen, S. Normand, P. Duquesno
E. Cochet, A. Delwail, G. Grateau, S. Marlin, S. Amsele
JC. Lecron.
1138F Arteriosclerosis, emphysema and abnormal
elastogenesis in Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasi
M. Morimoto, Z. Yu, J. M. Clewing, K. Choi, B. Najafian
C. Mayfield, G. Hendson, J. G. Weinkauf, A. K. Gormle
D. M. Parham, T. Lücke, C. F. Boerkoel.