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906F Functional screening of novel drug candidates by
high-throughput cellular microarray using system
biology strategy.
J. Liu, D. Chen, D. Liu, X. Gao, L.
907F Genetics and epigenetics of human gene
R. M. Myers, J. Gertz, T. E. Reddy, K. E.
Varley, K. M. Bowling, F. Pauli, S. L. Parker, K. M.
Newberry, K. S. Kucera, H. F. Willard, G. K. Marinov, A.
Mortazavi, B. A. Williams, B. Wold.
908F Rapid sequence-level characterization of
transgene insertions reveals significant complexity
with ramifications for studies of transgenic animals.
C. Jacobsen, C. Ernst, C. Chiang, C. Hanscom, A.
Heilbut, M. Sun, S. R. Rudiger, C. S. Bawden, S. J. Reid,
R. L. M. Faull, R. G. Snell, M. E. MacDonald, J. F. Gusella,
M. E. Talkowski.
909F A genome-wide association study for renal
transplant dysfunction.
I. Rebollo Mesa, C. S. Franklin, J.
E. Mollon, M. Hernandez Fuentes, E. Perucha, N.
Anyanwu, P. J. Conlon, S. H. Sacks, N. Soranzo, G. M.
Lord, M. E. Weale, United Kingdom and Ireland Renal
Transplant Consortium and Wellcome Trust Case-Control
Consortium 3.
910F Tissue-specific activation of transposons-derived
sequences in normal and cancer cells.
G. Bourque, P.
E. Jacques, J. Jeyakani, X. Y. Woo.
911F Identifying genome-wide SINE retrotransposons
contributing to dog size variation.
N. Sutter, M.
Tomlinson, J. Homburger, J. Allen, I. Welsh, H.
912F Uniparental disomy detection in Prader Willi/
Angelman syndrome cases utilizing microarray.
D. L.
Pickering, B. J. Dave, J. M. Carstens, A. Papugani, A. H.
Olney, W. G. Sanger.
Technology Advancement
913F Next-generation sequencing: Guiding the
translation from research to clinical applications.
A. S.
Gargis, L. V. Kalman, M. Berry, D. P. Bick, D. P. Dimmock,
T. M. Hambuch, F. Lu, E. Lyon, K. V. Voelkerding, B. A.
Zehnbauer, I. M. Lubin.
914F MiSeq: A rapid low cost SBS sequencing
K. Hall, G. Smith, J. Betley, W. Meuleman, J.
Weir, J. Quick, A. Breton, M. Wang, P. Podlevsky, J.
Moon, B. Crane, N. Scheidler, R. Yang, S. Hong, E.
Vermaas, B. Rabkin, M. Siu, M. Reed.
915F Development of SureSelect target capture
methods for sequencing on the PacBio
S. Happe,
M. Guadalupe, S. Ranade, L. Lee, J. Barboza, B. Novak,
E. Lin, C. Pabón-Peña, J. Ong, S. Joshi, H. Ravi, M.
Visitacion, M. Hamady, F. Useche, D. Roberts, A. Giuffre,
E. Leproust.
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The Exhibit Hall will close at 4:30 pm.
916F Comparison of two new methods to increase t
sensitivity of next-generation sequencing of short D
for non-invasive prenatal and cancer diagnostics as
well as for ChIP-seq, methyl-seq and other sonicate
DNA applications.
E. Kamberov, J. Langmore, T. Tesm
M. Luo, M. Jeong, D. Sun, W. Lei, L. White, G. Darlingt
917F Cost-effective, high-throughput DNA sequenci
libraries appropriate for highly multiplexed target
N. Rohland, D. Reich.
918F Comparative analysis of CHO cell transcription
dynamics under different cell culture conditions usin
next-generation RNA sequencing technology.
J. J.
Schageman, M. Liu, S. Wang, C. Mueller, R. A.
919F Novel technologies for ribosomal RNA removal
) and directional RNA-Seq library
preparation (ScriptSeq
R. Sooknanan, J. Hitchen, A
Khanna, A. Radek.
920F Post-amplification ligation-mediated barcoding
for multiplexed RNA deep sequencing.
F. Van
Nieuwerburgh, K. Podshivalova, E. Ay-Lin Wang, L.
Schaffer, T. Hart, D. Deforce, D. Salomon, S. Head, P.
921F In vivo analysis of DNA-bound proteins in the
region using the novel GENECAPP technolog
H. Guillen Ahlers, M. Zickus, A. Musante, S. Mirza, A.
Ludwig-Kubinski, M. Zelembaba, S. Zhang, R. Cole, M.
Chesnik, C.-H. Wu, Y. Yuan, G. Kreitinger, M. Scalf, M.
Levenstein, M. Shortreed, L. Cirillo, L. M. Smith, M. Oliv
922F Rapid DNA extraction from human buccal cells
for PCR amplification.
J. A. Timbuak, A. E. Justice, M.
Crawford, P. Williams.
923F Effects of sample preparation on transcriptom
P. Zumbo, C. E. Mason.
924F DNA binding of novel oligoheterocycles.
S. I. Al
Aqeel, J. M. Gardiner.
925F Next-generation sequencing applied to Alport
syndrome diagnosis.
F. Ariani, R. Artuso, C. Fallerini, L
Dosa, F. Scionti, M. Clementi, G. Garosi, L. Massella, R.
Mancini, F. Mari, I. Longo, M. Bruttini, A. Renieri.
926F Investigation of high resolution melting analysi
as a tool for mutation detection.
C. A. Fahey, M. Gill,
P. Corvin, D. W. Morris.
927F Validation of a next-generation sequencing
platform in a clinical setting.
T. A. Maher, M. Zhao, R.
Basran, A. Milunsky, J. M. Milunsky.
928F Integration of the REM e device on the Biomek
FX Laboratory Workstation for efficient high-
throughput NGS bead enrichment process.
K. L.
Marshall, Z. Smith, J. Colbourn, K. Mockaitis, A. Jackso