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THURSDAY, October 13
*7:00 PM - American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A Le Centre Sheraton Hotel
9:00 PM Editorial Board Meeting
Salon C, Level B
7:00 PM - 1000 Genomes Tutorial
Le Centre Sheraton Hotel
9:30 PM
Salle de Bal West, Level 4
7:30 PM - Mount Sinai School of Medicine Department Hilton Montreal Hotel
9:00 PM of Genetics and Genomic Sciences Alumni Le Castillon Room, Lobby
8:30 PM - University of Chicago, Department of Human Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
10:00 PM Genetics Dessert & Wine Reception
Jolliet, Convention Center
9:00 PM - CHOP/PENN Reunion
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
11:00 PM
Hochelaga 2, Convention
FRIDAY, October 14
7:00 AM - Posters Open (Display of Friday Posters Convention Center
4:30 PM Only)
Exhibit Hall, Level 2
Authors are reminded to put posters up and
take them down on the same day of
7:30 AM - Registration Open
Convention Center
5:00 PM
Viger Foyer, Level 2
8:00 AM - 44.
Plenary Debate Session:
Convention Center
10:00 AM
Owning the Genome: The Room 210, Level 2
Patenting and Licensing of Genes and
Their Impact on Medical Genetics
10:00 AM - Exhibits Open
Convention Center
4:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Level 2
10:00 AM - Career Resources
Convention Center
4:30 PM
Exhibit Hall, Level 2
10:30 AM - Concurrent Invited Session III (45-50): Convention Center
12:30 PM
45. Functional Noncoding RNAs in
Room 517BC, Level 5
Mammalian Systems and Disease
46. Mechanisms of Embryonic
Room 517A, Level 5
Development and Organogenesis:
Insights into Human Birth Defects
47. One and the Same? Twins, Epigenetics Room 517D, Level 5
and the Elucidation of Complex
Genetic Traits and Diseases
48. Individual Resequencing for Complex Room 210, Level 2
Trait Genetics
49. International Policies Regarding the Room 520, Level 5
Retention and Use of Residual Dried
Blood Spot Specimens after Newborn
Sponsored by ACMG
50. Exploring International Approaches Room 511, Level 5
to the Evaluation of Genetics