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879F Stress monitoring in the omics era and the future
of saliva.
P. De Boever, N. Saenen, D. Santucci, G.
Vermeir, V. Brümmer, M. Viaene, S. Schneider, G.
880F Evoked endotoxemia induces tissue-specific
RNA-DNA differences.
J. F. Ferguson, Y. Liu, B. J.
Keating, Y. Guo, M. P. Reilly, M. Li.
881F Expression changes of xenobiotic efflux genes
are associated with ileal inflammation in the pelvic
pouch of individuals with ulcerative colitis.
Kabakchiev, A. D. Tyler, M. S. Silverberg.
882F Expression profiling of genes involved in
transendothelial leukocyte migration in HIV-1 resistant
women in the Pumwani sex worker cohort.
P. Lacap,
M. Luo, J. Sainsbury, M. Songok, F. Plummer.
883F Revised guidelines for RNA quality assessment
for diverse biological sample input.
B. Lam, M. Simkin,
N. Rghei, Y. Haj-Ahmad.
884F Heteroallelic expression and RNA editing using
high-throughput RNA sequencing.
J. Li-Pook-Than, R.
Chen, G. Mias, L. Jiang, H. Lam, H. Tang, M. Snyder.
885F Transcriptome changes following site-specific
DNA breaks.
S. Linker, D. Hedges.
886F The transcriptome of the Rotterdam Study.
M. J.
Peters, M. Jhamai, H. J. Westra, M. Ganesh, B. van Ast -
Copier, F. Rivadeneira, J. M. Vergeer - Drop, A. Hofman,
L. Franke, A. G. Uitterlinden, J. B. J. van Meurs.
887F SNP calling and allele frequency estimation of
targeted sequencing of pooled samples.
X. Chen, T.
Paranjape, J. Weidhaas, F. Slack, H. Zhao.
888F Screening individuals with rare variants in large
populations: Deep re-sequencing the CRP locus.
Chen, A. McDavid, O. Kahsai, A. Zebari, C. Carlson.
889F Next-generation sequencing of centenarian and
control genomes.
E. T. Cirulli, M. Zhu, K. V. Shianna, D.
Ge, D. B. Goldstein.
890F MedSavant: A platform for identifying causal
variants from disease sequencing studies.
M. Fiume, N.
Nursimulu1, J. Foong, M. Manker, M. Brudno.
891F The genetics of endurance: Increased frequency
of the ACTN3 577X variant in elite endurance Ironman
R. Grealy, C. L. E. Smith, T. Chen, L. Haseler, D.
Hiller, L. R. Griffiths.
892F Inference of modules regulated by eQTLs.
Kreimer, O. Litvin, K. Hao, C. Molony, D. Pe'er, I. Pe'er.
893F A likelihood-based framework for de novo
mutation detection in families for next-generation
sequencing data.
B. Li, G. Abecasis.
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The Exhibit Hall will close at 4:30 pm.
894F Genotype imputation of Metabochip SNPs usin
a study-specific reference panel of 3,924 haplotypes
African Americans from the Women’s Health Initiativ
E. Y. Liu, S. Buyske, A. K. Aragaki, U. Peters, E.
Boerwinkle, C. Carlson, C. Carty, D. C. Crawford, J.
Haessler, L. A. Hindorff, L. L. Marchand, T. A. Manolio,
Matise, W. Wang, C. Kooperberg, K. E. North, Y. Li.
895F Genetic associations with glycated hemoglobi
glycemic and hematological pathways.
J. Ryu, Y. Ki
C. Lee.
896F Genetic association between age-related mac
degeneration and CASP6-PLA2G12A-CFI locus.
E. R
N. Tosakulwong, K. Bailey, A. Edwards.
897F Genome-wide association study of adolescent
idiopathic scoliosis in southern China.
Y. Q. Song, Y.
Fan, K. M. C. Cheung, D. Chan, W. Y. Cheung, K. S. E.
Cheah, P. Sham, K. D. K. Luk.
898F Detection of variants in human cancer genome
using PacBio RS and HiSeq 2000.
K. Stangier, H.
Hegele, T. Kurz, Y. Kumar.
899F Cell lines commonly used as models for
inflammation contain genetic variation in Toll-like
receptor genes.
S. A. Tokarz, J. A. DeValk, B. Pattnaik,
D. M. Pillers.
900F An exome variant server for the NHLBI Exome
Sequencing Project.
Q. Yi, P. D. Robertson, M. J. Ried
D. A. Nickerson on behalf of Population Genetics Proje
Team and NHLBI ESP Project.
901F Using induced pluripotent stem cells to uncov
the role of DHDDS in retinitis pigmentosa.
Dykxhoorn, B. DeRosa, S. Zuchner, G. D’Urso, J. Dallm
B. Lam, J. M. Vance, M. A. Pericak-Vance.
902F The transcriptional basis of inter-ethnic
disparities in glucocorticoid response.
J. Maranville,
Baxter, J. Torres, A. Di Rienzo.
903F HLA-DRB1*1501 intensifies the impact of IL-6
promoter polymorphism on the susceptibility to
multiple sclerosis in an Iranian population.
Shahbazi, A. Tahmasebifar, H. Ebadi, D. Fathi.
904F Discovery through whole genome sequencing
low frequency sequence variants associating with
P. Sulem, D. F. Gudbjartsson, G, B. Walters, H. T.
Helgadottir, A. Helgason, S. A. Gudjonsson, C. Zanon,
Besenbacher, G. Bjornsdottir, O. T. Magnusson, H. Hol
A. Karason, T. Rafnar, H. Stefansson, O. A. Andreassen,
H. Pedersen, A. I. Pack, M. C. H. de Visser, L. Kiemene
A. J. Geirsson, G. I. Eyjolfsson, I. Olafsson, A. Kong, G.
Masson, H. Jonsson, U. Thorsteinsdottir, I. Jonsdottir1,
905F Effect of rapamycin treatment on HEK293 cells
a muti-omics approach.
N. Guha, Y. Reddy, S.
Rajagopalan, S. Joseph, S. Lateef.