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858F MTHFR and SCN1A genes polymorphism in
Iranian patients with migraine.
M. Ansari, M. S. Fallah,
A. A. Owji, S. Saeidi, M. Moghadasi, A. Ebrahimi, N.
Hatamnejadian, B. Sedaqati Khayat, F. Rezaei.
859F Exome sequencing in Charcot-Marie-Tooth
M. A. Gonzalez, E. Powel, G. Montenegro, G.
Shengru, S. Blanton, G. Beecham, F. Speziani, C. Siskind,
J. Vance, M. Menezes, D. Herrmann, S. Scherer, M. Reilly,
M. Shy, S. Zuchner.
860F Whole-exome sequencing in a family with
idiopathic generalized epilepsy.
E. R. Londin, M. A.
Keller, A. Ertel, K. Delgrosso, S. Surrey, P. Fortina.
861F Gene expression profiling of both protein-coding
and long non-coding RNA transcripts from small
amounts of total RNA using a single microarray
A. Bergstrom Lucas, E. Lin, V. Kulkarni, S. Fulmer-
862F DVWA, osteoarthritis-associated gene, is
associated with joint destruction in patients with
rheumatoid arthritis.
T. Suzuki, K. Ikari, K. Yano, Y.
Toyama, A. Taniguchi, H. Yamanaka, S. Shigeki.
863F Meta-analysis of curated public genomic data
provides evidence that tibolone induces breast cancer
H. S. Wang, S. Weiman, A. Hsu, M. Shekar, I.
864F Comparing methods for mapping
polymorphisms using allelic expression ratios.
Santibanez-Koref, M. D. Teare.
865F Association analysis of polymorphisms in insulin
secretion pathway genes with T2D in North Indian
Punjabi population.
A. J. S. Bhanwer, Y. P. Singh, N.
Kaul, K. Matharoo, R. N. K. Bamezai.
866F A genomic region on chromosome 11q23.3
encompassing BUD13-ZNF259 and APOA5-A4-C3-A1
gene cluster harbors loci contributing to serum
triglyceride concentrations in Asian Indians.
T. R.
Braun, L. Been, S. Ralhan, G. S. Wander, J. Chambers, J.
Kooner, D. K. Sanghera.
867F The association between genetic variation in the
vitamin D immunomodulatory pathway and
susceptibility to severe influenza infection.
S. Malik, P.
Aurora, M. A. Karmali, M. Phillips, A. McGeer, K. Green, K.
Fonseca, M. Graham, B. Neupane, J. Beyene, V. Manning,
P. Singh, M. Loeb.
868F Polymorphisms in NFKB1 gene are associated
with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
J. Ramírez Bello, O.
Mendoza Nava, A. Gutierrez-Hernández, F. Espinoza
Rosales, G. Escamilla, V. Baca, L. Orozco.
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869F Detection of sample contamination and
paralogous sequence misalignment using allele
balance metrics associated with next-generation
I. B. Stanaway, J. D. Smith, E. Turner, C.
Igartua, K. Patterson, S. R. McGee, T. Shaffer, C. Poel,
Chin, B. Paeper, Q. Yi, K. Sawatzki, B. Munson, I.
Robertson, M. Mynsberge, S. Austin, C. Shepard, S.
Paquette, M. Tackett, J. Furlong, P. Robertson, D. Sieg
E. Johanson, E. Johnson, E. Phillips, M. J. Rieder, D. A.
870F An integrated analysis framework for detecting
human genetic variations from next-generation
sequencing data in tumor samples.
C. Xiao, A. Ward,
Blackwell, A. Mnev, H. Kang, E. Garrison, G. Marth, G.
Abecasis, S. Sherry.
871F Association of tumor necrosis factor gene
polymorphisms with chronic obstructive pulmonary
disease: A case-control study from India.
N. A. Khan,
N. L. Kamble, M. K. Daga, S. A. Husain.
872F Genome-wide analysis of SNPs impacting
methylation and gene expression in
T. Pastinen,
Ge, S. Busche, T. Kwan.
873F Nucleosome organization and chromatin
structure in the HapMap cell lines.
D. J. Gaffney, G.
McVicker, Y. Fondufe-Mittendorf, A. A. Pai, R. Pique-Re
J. Degner, J. Widom, Y. Gilad, J. Pritchard.
874F Large-scale analysis of heritable
- and
regulation of gene expression across multiple tissue
in twins.
E. Grundberg, K. S. Small, A. C. Nica, A. K.
Hedman, A. Buil, J. T. Bell, D. Glass, T. P. Yang, A. Bare
J. Nisbett, A. Wilk, M. Travers, S. Y. Shin, J. L. Min, K.
Zondervan, S. Ring, W. McArdle, G. Thorleifsson, A. Ko
U. Thorsteindottir, C. M. Lindgren, N. Soranzo, K. R.
Ahmadi, K. Stefansson, G. Davey-Smith, M. I. McCarth
P. Deloukas, E. T. Dermitzakis, T. D. Spector, MuTHER
875F Long-range regulatory elements identified usin
high-throughput chromosome conformation capture
Y.-C. Hwang, Q. Zheng, B. D. Gregory, L.-S. Wang.
876F Variation in transcription factor activity inferred
by DNase-seq assays provide a trans-acting
mechanism for gene expression variation in humans
R. Pique-Regi, J. F. Degner, A. A. Pai, J. B. Veyrieras, D
Gaffney, J. K. Pickrell, G. E. Crawford, M. Stephens, Y.
Gilad, J. K. Pritchard.
877F Deciphering the vertebrate regulatory code usi
short synthetic DNA sequences that drive enhancer
R. P. Smith, A. K. Holloway, S. J. Riesenfeld, K
S. Pollard, N. Ahituv.
878F Co-localized transcription factor binding sites
explain gene expression and disease-associated
D. Y. Wang, A. Rendon, L. Wernisch.