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833F Novel features of neural retina transcriptome
revealed by high-throughput RNA-sequencing.
Gamsiz, S. Nagpal, E. Morrow.
835F Extensive transcriptional diversity identified
through massively parallel DNA and RNA sequencing
of eighteen Korean individuals.
Y. Ju, J. Kim, S. Kim, D.
Hong, H. Park, S. Lee, C. Lee, J. Seo.
836F Massively parallel sequencing and high-
throughput of sorted human chromosomes 21 and Y.
Y. Kuroki, A. Toyoda, S. Kondo, Y. Nishida, O. Ohara, A.
837F Candidate gene analysis in Behcet’s disease
using massively parallel sequencing.
S. Lee, S. Kim, H.-
G. Yu, J.-I. Kim, J.-S. Seo.
838F Non-coding and coding mutations associated
with Kabuki syndrome identified by comprehensive,
massively parallel sequencing of the 50 kilobase locus
S. Ng, K. Buckingham, M. McMillin, M.
Bamshad, J. Shendure.
839F Agilent Technologies SureSelect
Human All
Exon v3: High performance target enrichment system
for human exome sequencing on Illumina and SOLiD
C. Pabón-Peña, E. Lin, B. Novak, M. Hamady,
F. Useche, M. Visitacion, A. Giuffre, H. Ravi, S. Joshi, J.
Ong, B. Arezi, S. Happe, D. Roberts, E. Leproust.
840F High-throughput sequencing of a neuromuscular
disorder panel for application on diagnostic testing: A
2x2 comparison between target enrichment
methodologies and sequencing platforms.
S. L. Pereira,
B. Baskin, E. Cheran, Z. Hu, K. Ho, L. Lau, S. W. Scherer,
P. N. Ray.
841F Semiconductor sequencing for life.
J. Rothberg, J.
842F Assessing the effects of whole genome
amplification on exome sequencing.
J. Smith, I.
Stanaway, E. Turner, C. Igartua, K. Patterson, S. McGee, T.
Shaffer, C. Poel, B. Paeper, Q. Yi, K. Sawatzki, B. Munson,
I. Robertson, M. Mynsberge, S. Austin, C. Shepard, S.
Paquette, M. Tackett, J. Furlong, P. Robertson, D. Siegel,
E. Johanson, E. Johnson, E. Phillips, M. Rieder, D.
843F X-chromosome exome sequencing of a
nonsyndromic intellectual disability family with multiple
affected male sibs.
S. Kantarci, W. L. Donahue, P.
Bayrak-Toydemir, L. Al-Gazali, N. Bissar-Tadmouri.
844F Whole-genome expression profiling of skeletal
muscle reveals potential link between insulin
resistance and diabetes in overweight West Africans.
H. Xu, A. Adeyemo, A. Elkahloun, J. Adeleye, W. Balogun,
H. Huang, J. Zhou, G. Chen, D. Shriner, C. Adebamowo,
S. Chandrasekharappa, C. N. Rotimi.
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845F Whole transcript expression microarray profilin
and sequencing of normal colon and adenocarcino
total RNA.
S. Fulmer-Smentek, B. Mullinax, E. Lin, J.
Venneri, V. Kulkarni, C. Pabón-Peña, B. Novak, A.
Bergstrom Lucas.
846F Deep sequencing of small RNAs from human
skin reveals major alterations in the psoriasis
C. E. Joyce, X. Zhou, J. Xia, C. Ryan, B.
Thrash, A. Menter, W. Zhang, A. M. Bowcock.
847F Identification of trait- and disease-relevant
genetic polymorphisms in miRNA target sites.
T. Kw
S. Busche, B. Ge, S. H. Chen, L. Karemera, M. George
T. Pastinen.
848F High-throughput identification of direct
microRNA targets.
H. C. Martin, S. Wani, A. Steptoe,
M. Grimmond, N. Cloonan.
849F Whole exome resequencing reveals an
unexpected amount of variability with possible
functional consequences in human microRNAs.
Santoyo-Lopez, J. Carbonell, E. Alloza, S. Borrego, M.
Ruiz-Ferrer, P. Arce, I. Medina, A. Vela, S. Perez, R.
Fernandez, S. S. Bhattacharya, G. Antiñolo, J. Dopazo.
850F Endothelium-derived adropin is a mediator
associated with oxLDL-induced endothelial cells
dysfunction via elevating microRNA-29a/b levels.
Shen, K. Chen, M. Lu, S. Juo, T. Lee.
851F TaqMan®-based miRNA profiles classify
expression in breast cancer and leukemia.
L. Wong,
Mulakken, D. Ridzon, P. Brzoska, C. Chen.
852F Examining fine-scale dynamics of mitochondri
transmissions in humans.
B. Dickins, H. Goto, E. Afga
I. M. Paul, J. Taylor, A. Nekrutenko, K. Makova.
853F Characterization of the porcine imprinted and
non-imprinted genomic domains orthologous to the
human Prader-Willi syndrome chromosome region.
D. Nicholls, D. W. Lewis, K. L. Weichler, B. J. Henson,
M. Gollin, R. S. Prather.
854F Improved base calling for 5500 Series SOLiD
C. Yang, M. Jiang, E. Wang.
855F Genome-wide mutation detection using the
Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array: Evidence for a
mutation signature associated with a premature agi
S. T. Eitutis, A. E. Wishart, K. A. Hill.
856F Evidence for an altered profile of copy number
changes in the cerebellum of the
mimic of human aging-associated neurodegeneratio
A. E. Wishart, S. T. Eitutis, K. A. Hill.
857F Recent natural selection in primate non-codin
B. Giardine, K. Chen, R. Harris, F.
Chiarmonte, R. C. Hardison.