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810F Pharmacogenomics and drug metabolisms.
A. P.
I. Medellin.
811F Identification of the genetic and molecular basis
of adult neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL4) using
novel genomic methods.
L. Noskova, V. Stranecky, H.
Hartmannova, A. Pristoupilova, H. Hulkova, M. Elleder, H.
Jahnova, K. Hodanova, S. Kmoch.
812F Identifying common and infrequent genetic risk
variants in type 1 diabetes in a family based study.
Onengut-Gumuscu, W. M. Chen, M. Szpak, J. C.
Mychaleckyj, P. Concannon, S. S. Rich, T1DGC.
813F Copy number variants of GSTM1 gene in
rheumatoid arthritis.
E. Petit-Teixeira, M. S. Ben Kilani, L.
Michou, T. Bardin, F. Cornelis.
814F VAR-MD: Advanced analysis of whole exome
sequencing for detection of hemizygosity.
M. Sincan,
D. R. Simeonov, T. C. Markello, D. A. Adams, C. Toro, C.
Tifft, W. A. Gahl, C. F. Boerkoel.
815F Large-scale transcriptome analysis using RNA-
seq reveals new insights into psoriasis biology.
L. Tsoi,
R. Nair, B. Li, J. Ding, J. Gudjonsson, P. Stuart, T. Tejasvi,
H. Kang, G. Abecasis, J. Elder.
816F Identification of the gene causing IFTDC.
Weterman, P. Barth, G. Nuernberg, O. Milanesi, P.
Nuernberg, B. Poll-The, F. Baas.
817F Deep sequencing of the human TCR
and TCR
repertoires provides evidence that TCR
T-cell commitment.
C. S. Carlson, A.
Sherwood, C. Desmarais, R. J. Livingston, J. Andriesen,
M. Haussler, H. Robins.
818F Measurement of T cell repertoire diversity in the
peripheral blood by novel multiplex PCR and next-
generation sequencing methods.
J. Han, C. Gunter, C.
Sanders, Q. Yang, C. Wang.
819F Sex-specific genetic achitecture of systemic
lupus erythematosus.
T. Hughes, A. Adler, J. T. Merrill, J.
A. Kelly, K. M. Kaufman, A. Williams, C. D. Langefeld, G.
S. Gilkeson, J. Martin, G. S. Alarcon, E. E. Brown, R. P.
Kimberly, J. C. Edberg, R. Ramsey-Goldman, M. Petri, J.
D. Reveille, L. Vila, P. M. Gaffney, K. L. Moser, T. J. Vyse,
M. E. Alarcon-Riquelme, J. A. James, R. H. Scofield, J. B.
Harley, B. C. Richardson, A. H. Sawalha.
820F Identification of novel genes in human primary
immunodeficiency diseases using exome sequencing.
S. Khan, B. Wakeland, C. Liang, N. van Oers, M. De la
morena, E. Wakeland.
821F A genetical genomics approach to understanding
the regulatory mechanisms of host-pathogen
interactions in humans.
M. N. Lee, C. Ye, A. C. Villani, P.
De Jager, A. Regev, N. Hacohen.
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822F Identification of novel imprinted genes express
in mouse frontal cortex using RNA-sequencing.
Wigg, E. Dempster, C. Barbacioru, L. Gomez, Y. Feng,
Monnier, R. Logan, J. Eubanks, C. Barr.
823F Genetic analysis of the Th17-related genes in
cerebral malaria.
S. Marquet, B. Poudiougou, U. E.
Ndoumbe, A. Traore, A. A. Oumar, S. Cabantous, O.
Doumbo, A. J. Dessein.
824F Significance of polymorphisms within the
) gene that is associated with
Mycobacterium avium
complex infection.
B. R.
Sapkota, M. Hijikata, I. Matsushita, G. Tanaka, A.
Mabuchi, K. Tokunaga, N. Keicho.
825F Analysis of de novo genomic events implicates
zinc-finger protein in controlling chilhood
J. Hussin, V. Bruat, Y. Idaghdour, F.
Casals, V. Saillour, J. F. Spinella, M. Larivière, S. Busch
B. Ge, T. Pastinen, D. Sinnett, P. Awadalla.
826F Linkage disequilibrium analysis of
polymorphisms of FRAS1 related extracellular matri
) in susceptibility to HIV-1 infection in a sub-
Saharan African female sex worker cohort.
J. F. Tuff,
Kaplonski, V. Ly, B. Liang, S. Tyler, J. Kimani, M. Luo, F.
827F Genome-wide linkage scan in an Indian family
with split-hand/foot malformation narrowed down th
SHFM3 region to 10q25.1-q25.3.
A. Ali, R. Raman.
828F Genome-wide linkage analysis for longevity in
European nonagenarian siblings: Genetics of Health
Ageing Study.
M. Beekman, P. E. Slagboom, H. Blanch
M. Perola, A. Hervonen, V. Bezrukov, E. Sikora, L.
Christiansen, S. Schreiber, A. J. M. de Craen, T. B. L.
Kirkwood, I. M. Rea, M. Poulain, J. M. Robine, S.
Valensin, M. A. Stazi, G. Passarino, L. Deiana, S. Gono
O. Törnwall, Q. Helmer, F. Martella, R. G. J. Westendor
M. Lathrop, J. W. Vaupel, K. Christensen, J. Gampe, A.
Nebel, J. J. Houwing-Duistermaat, C. Franceschi on
behalf of GEHA Consortium.
829F Genetic mapping of loci regulating transcripts
related to stress responses.
A. Jasinska, N. Freimer.
830F Copy-number variation in Finnish multiple
sclerosis families.
V. Leppa, O. Pietilainen, L. Peltonen
A. Palotie, J. Saarela.
831F Exome sequencing identifies novel candidates
familial combined hyperlipidemia.
A. C. Y. Mak, P. L.
Tang, R. Deo, C. R. Pullinger, M. J. Malloy, J. P. Kane,
Y. Kwok.
832F A pipeline of targeted resequencing data analy
applied to a family with hearing loss.
J. Cai, J.
Samanich, D. Moskowitz, R. Calder, J. Greally, B. Morro