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763F Identification of the chromatin regions coated by
H. Kugoh, K. Murakami, E.
Ohshiro, T. Ohhira, M. Oshimura.
764F Evidence for genetic, epigenetic and exogenous
regulation of inflammasome and related genes.
A. A.
Awomoyi, A. Papp, G. Smith, W. Sadee, M. Wewers.
765F sFRP1 and sFRP2 epigenetic association with
osteoblastic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.
M. Mahmoodinia Maymand, M. Noruzinia, S. Rezaei, M.
Farshdousti Hagh.
766F Regulation of chromatin structure on human
subtelomeres during cellular senescence.
P. E.
Thijssen, P. E. Slagboom, B. T. Heijmans, S. M. van der
767F PARP-1 and SATB-1 bind to the TT>A SLE
associated regulatory downstream of TNFAIP3.
F. Wen,
M. Kinter, J. M. Guthridge, P. M. Gaffney.
768F Can repetitive element methylation be used as a
surrogate measure of gene promoter-region
E. M. Price, M. S. Peñaherrera, D. E.
McFadden, M. S. Kobor, W. P. Robinaon.
769F Skewing of X-chromosome inactivation in
tissues: Is HUMARA assay in blood a reliable proxy?
M. Hrebicek, J. Minks, J. Sikora, D. Musalkova, R.
Dobrovolny, E. Richterova.
770F The role of cohesin in imprinting and escape
from X-inactivation.
J. Kalish, S. Lin, M. Bartolomei.
771F Elucidating the role of noncoding RNAs in
initiation of mouse imprinted X chromosome
E. Maclary, M. Hinten, M. Freedman, M.
Pedraza, E. Buttigieg, C. Harris, S. Purushothaman, S.
772F Assessing patterns of placental development
using X-chromosome inactivation and gene
methylation profiling.
M. S. Peñaherrera, L. Avila, R.
Jiang, R. K. C. Yuen, C. J. Brown, W. P. Robinson.
Gene Structure and Gene Product
773F A conserved role of
-adducin (ADD-1) in
memory, synaptic plasticity, and in AMPA-type
glutamate receptor dynamics.
V. Vukojevic D., L.
Gschwind, C. Vogler, P. Demougin, D. J.-F. de Quervain,
A. Papassotiropoulos, A. Stetak.
774F Expression of claudin-3 on perineurial fibroblasts
of sporadic neurofibroma.
M. H. Sulaiman, A. Dodson,
C. A. Kudi, J. O. Hambolu, S. A. Ojo.
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775F Expression of PPARbeta, C/EBPalpha and C/
EBPbeta in psoriasis.
S. Emre, N. Unver, F. Sarikaya,
Erkin, A. Karaduman.
776F Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-4 gene
expression is enhanced in human osteoarthritic
synovial membranes and is upregulated by TGF-
M. Zafarullah, W. Huang, M. El Mabrouk
J. Sylvester, F. Dehnade.
777F Molecular characterization of phenotypes
associated with PEX7 deficiency: Rhizomelic
chondrodysplasia punctata type 1 and adult Refsum
S. Jiralerspong, G. Nimmo, A. Moser, S.
Steinberg, N. Braverman.
mutational spectrum in Hirschsprung’s
disease: Evaluation of 601 Chinese patients.
S. S.
Cherny, M. M. Garcia-Barceló, T. Y. Y. Leon, M. T. So, P
C. Sham, P. K. H. Tam.
779F Looping interactions and noncoding transcripti
support complexity of distant
enhancers in
E. M. Broeckelmann, S. Pregizer, G. E. Crawford,
P. Mortlock.
780F A novel functional, regulatory PPAR
M. Claussnitzer, V. Glunk, H. Hauner, H
781F Time course for production of the putative
inducer of MYOC transcription protein.
C. Marrs, K.
Scott, F. Rozsa, M. I. Othman, J. E. Richards, H. Pawar.
782F Identification of a sciatic-nerve specific enhan
regulating expression of the PMP22 gene.
P. Patel, S
Choi, D. Hawkins, B. Ren.
783F Abnormal quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR)
quantification in
genes: Results in a coh
of patients with tuberous sclerosis.
N. Lannoy, J. F.
Durant, I. Abinet, T. Corbisier, A. Jansen, K. Pelc, M. C.
Nassogne, K. Keymolen, J. L. Gala, B. Delle Chiaie, S.
Gaillez, C. Verellen, Y. Sznajer.
784F Mutations in
cause primary osteoporosis
without features of OI by reducing Wnt signaling
J. Korvala, H. Jüppner, O. Mäkitie, E. Sochett,
Schnabel, S. Mora, D. Deraska, W. G. Cole, H. Hartikka
Ala-Kokko, M. Männikkö.
785F Tissue-specific loss of gene expression mediat
by a common upstream SNP.
K. Lower, C. Derry, J.
Hughes, D. Garrick, D. Vernimmen, H. Ayyub, R. Gibbo
D. Higgs.
786F TNF-alpha-308A allele is associated with the ri
of hepatitis B infection.
M. Mansoori, A. Tahmasebifar,
Abdolmohammadi, M. Shahbazi.
787F Identification of genetic variations in human
glycine N-acyltransferase using 454® pyrosequencin
F. H. O'Neill, C. Herfurth, A. A. van Dijk.