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740F Polygenic and SNP-specific genotype x age
interaction effects on telomere length.
J. W. Kent, S.
Kumar, M. Carless, T. D. Dyer, V. P. Diego, J.
Charlesworth, M. P. Johnson, A. G. Comuzzie, M. C.
Mahaney, L. Almasy, J. E. Curran, E. K. Moses, H. H. H.
Goring, J. Blangero, S. Williams-Blangero.
741F Gene polymorphisms associated with optic nerve
vertical cup-to-disc ratio are risk factors for primary
open angle glaucoma.
F. Mabuchi, Y. Sakurada, K.
Kashiwagi, Z. Yamagata, H. Iijima, S. Tsukahara.
742F A rare penetrant mutation in CFH confers high
risk of age-related macular degeneration.
Raychaudhuri, O. Iartchouk, K. Chin, P. L. Tan, A. Tai, S.
Ripke, S. Gowrisankar, S. Vemuri, K. Montgomery, Y. Yu,
R. Reynolds, D. J. Zack, B. Campochiaro, P.
Campochiaro, N. Katsanis, M. J. Daly, J. M. Seddon.
743F Interaction between genetic and epigenetic
variation affects regulatory mechanisms at the
asthma-associated locus 17q12-q21.
S. Moussette, S.
Berlivet, M. Ouimet, D. J. Verlaan, V. Koka, A. Al Tuwaijri,
D. Sinnett, T. Pastinen, A. K. Naumova.
744F Epigenetic changes subsequent to fetal exposure
to dioxin.
A. Paoloni-Giacobino, E. Somm, C. Stouder.
745F Measures of global DNA methylation in post-
mortem Alzheimer’s disease brain .
Y. G. Patel, J. Mill,
J. F. Powell.
746F The effects of alcohol and smoking on genome-
wide methylation patterns in women.
R. Philibert, J.
Plume, S. Beach.
747F Disease-associated epigenetic changes in
monozygotic twins discordant for schizophrenia and
bipolar disorder.
R. Pidsley, E. L. Dempster, L. C.
Schalkwyk, S. Owens, A. Georgiades, F. Kane, S. Kalidin,
M. Picchioni, E. Kravariti, T. Toulopoulou, R. Murray, J.
748F Germline
) mutations or
epimutations in
mutation-negative Cowden
syndrome and in patients with apparently sporadic
renal and breast cancers.
E. Pontzer, K. Bennett, P.
Funchain, J. Mester, H. Neumann, C. Eng.
749F Differential CpG site methylation classifies
psoriatic and normal skin.
E. D. O. Roberson, Y. Liu, C.
Ryan, C. Joyce, S. Duan, L. Cao, A. Martin, W. Liao, A.
Menter, A. Bowcock.
750F DNA methyltransferases expression and
methylation status in adult offspring of
hyperhomocysteinemic dams supplemented with
V. C. Silva, E. J. Haseyama, M. T. C. Muniz,
V. D'Almeida.
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751F Neonatal DNA methylation patterns associate
with gestational age.
A. K. Smith, J. W. Schroeder, K.
Conneely, J. C. Cubells, V. Kilaru, D. J. Newport, B. T.
Knight, Z. N. Stowe, P. A. Brennan, J. Krushkal, F. A.
Tylavsky, R. N. Taylor, R. M. Adkins.
752F Causal relationships between genotype,
methylation and expression in whole blood of health
K. R. van Eijk, S. de Jong, T. Langeveld, E.
Strengman, E. Janson, J. H. Veldink, L. H. van den Ber
R. S. Kahn, C. G. F. de Kovel, M. P. M. Boks, S. Horvat
R. A. Ophoff.
753F Epigenetic regulation at the NR3C1 gene
promoter and PTSD.
V. Vukojevic, A. Papassotiropoulo
D. de Quervain.
754F Pharmacoepigenetic impact of chronic system
steroid use on genome-wide DNA methylation in the
International COPD Genetics Network.
E. S. Wan, W.
Qiu, B. J. Klanderman, D. A. Lomas, S. I. Rennard, A.
Agusti, A. Baccarelli, W. H. Anderson, E. K. Silverman,
L. DeMeo.
755F Genome-wide DNA methylation changes in
Fragile X syndrome.
T. Wang, R. Alisch, P. Chopra, J.
Mowrey, B. Lynch, V. Patel, C. Collins, K. Conneely, J.
Visootsak, B. Coffee, S. Warren.
756F Nicotine dependence-associated DNA
methylation changes measured by a methylation arr
based approach.
H. Zhang, A. I. Herman, H. R. Kranzl
R. F. Anton, H. Zhao, W. Zheng, J. Gelernter.
757F Epimutations and transcriptional dysregulation
SHANK3 in brains associated with autism spectrum
L. Zhu, X. Li, A. Towers, X. Wang, J. Goldstei
H. Yang, Y. Jiang.
758F microRNA-regulated gene networks in human.
Banfi, V. A. Gennarino, G. D'Angelo, G. Dharmalingam,
Fernandez, G. Russolillo, R. Sanges, M. Mutarelli, A.
Ballabio, P. Verde, M. Sardiello.
759F Comprehensively functional studies of miR-19
in testicular germ cell tumors.
S. Gu, Y. K. Suen, H.
Cheung, W. Y. Chan.
760F Comprehensive evaluation of genome-wide SN
mRNA expression and microRNA expression
relationships in human cell lines.
R. S. Huang, H. K. I
D. Ziliak, B. LaCroix, M. E. Dolan, N. J. Cox, E. Gamaz
761F A parallel study of mRNA and microRNA profili
of peripheral blood in young adult women.
C. Huang
S. Simone, S. Gadd, N. Jafari.
762F Epigenetic regulation of ocular growth: Genom
wide profiling of scleral micro-RNAs, potential role a
implications for myopia.
R. Metlapally, P. Gonzalez, F.
Hawthorne, K. Tran-Viet, C. F. Wildsoet, T. L. Young.