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693F An empirical Bayes-based method to identify cis-
eQTLs across multiple related conditions.
C. Ye, B.
Han, T. Choi, A. Regev, E. Eskin.
694F CpGassoc — An R function for analysis of DNA
methylation microarray data.
R. T. Barfield, V. Kilaru, A.
K. Smith, K. N. Conneely.
695F Method to detect differentially methylated loci
with case-control designs.
S. Wang.
696F New pipeline for microarray expression data
C. S. Rocha, C. V. Maurer-Morelli, I. Lopes-
697F Genome-wide association study of three
dimensional facial morphology identifies a variant in
the PAX3 gene responsible for normal variation in face
D. M. Evans, L. Paternoster, A. M. Toma, A. I.
Zhurov, J. P. Kemp, B. St. Pourcain, N. J. Timpson, G.
McMahon, S. M. Ring, G. D. Smith, S. Richmond.
698F Novel insights into the genetics of Parkinson’s
disease on chromosome 17.
W. Lau, H. Elding, D.
Swallow, N. Maniatis.
699F Effects of genotype on TENS effectiveness in
controlling knee pain in persons with mild to moderate
N. Mukhopadhyay, D. Schutte, C. Vance,
R. Walder, K. Sluka, B. Rakel, M. Govil.
700F GWAS analysis of autopsy confirmed late-onset
Alzheimer disease confirms limited effect
heterogeneity among known loci.
A. C. Naj, G. W.
Beecham, E. R. Martin, P. J. Gallins, R. Rajbhandary, K. L.
Hamilton, R. Mayeux, L. A. Farrer, G. D. Schellenberg, J.
R. Gilbert, J. L. Haines, M. A. Pericak-Vance, Alzheimer's
Disease Genetics Consortium.
701F The NCBI dbGaP database of genotypes and
phenotypes provides resources for genome-wide
association studies and medical resequencing.
Sherry, M. Feolo, Y. Jin, M. Kimura, K. Tryka, R.
Bagoutdinov, J. Paschall, L. Hao, A. Sturcke, L. Phan, N.
Popova, S. Pretel, L. Ziyabari, M. Lee, Z. Wang, M.
Kholodov, G. Godynskiy, N. Sharopova, S. Stefanov, M.
Shumway, J. Ostell.
702F Exploiting modern computer architectures to
accelerate genetic linkage analysis.
A. Medlar, D.
Glowacka, H. Stanescu, R. Kleta.
703F Association of COL2A1 gene polymorphisms with
the development of myopia.
S. Annamaneni, H. Chintala,
V. Satti, P. Kasu.
704F Comparing variant calling methods in target
exons of a worldwide sample of 14,000 individuals.
Y. Lo, C. Sidore, J. Li, Y. Li, S. L. Chissoe, M. R. Nelson,
M. G. Ehm, G. Abecasis, S. Zollner.
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705F Evaluation of POWERPLEX ESI 17® amplificati
kit STR loci in an admixed Hispano-Amerindian
population sample of Valparaíso, Chile.
G. Molina, M
Yañez, J. Manríquez, S. Rojas.
706F Genetic variant of catechol-O-methyltransferas
associated with risk for dementia.
P. A. Pereira, M. A.
Romano-Silva, M. A. C. Bicalho, L. A. De Marco, H.
Correa, S. B. Campos, E. N. Moraes, K. C. L. Torres, I.
R. S. Bozzi, G. J. G. S. Pimenta, M. P. Mello, L. B.
Rodrigues, B. R. Souza, D. M. Miranda.
707F Heritability estimation for human height using
GWAS-based studies in African Americans.
F. Chen,
K. Chen, C. A. Haiman, D. O. Stram, Genome-Wide
Association Studies of Breast and Prostate Cancer in
African Americans.
708F Disentangler: A visualization technique for
linkage disequilibrium mapping using multi-allelic lo
N. Kumasaka, Y. Okada, A. Takahashi, M. Kubo, Y.
Nakamura, N. Kamatani.
709F Model-based identification of pseudo-trio
structures in population genomic data and applicati
to haplotype phasing.
D. Xifara, G. McVean.
710F The polymorphism rs642961 (IRF6) contributes
differently to nonsyndromic cleft lip/palate
susceptibility according to geographic regions of
L. A. Brito, C. B. F. Silva, K. M. Rocha, D.
Schlesinger, L. A. Cruz, L. K. Bárbara, M. Aguena, D. F.
Bueno, N. Alonso, D. R. Bertola, D. Meyer, M. R. Passo
711F A novel permutation strategy to correct for
population stratification in case-control studies of r
M. P. Epstein, Y. Jiang, K. N. Conneely, R.
Duncan, A. S. Allen, G. A. Satten.
712F Population structure of Hispanics in the multi-
ethnic study of atherosclerosis.
A. Manichaikul, W.
Palmas, C. Rodriguez, C. A. Peralta, J. Divers, X. Guo,
M. Chen, Q. Wong, K. Williams, K. F. Kerr, K. D. Taylor,
Post, M. O. Goodarzi, M. M. Sale, A. V. Diez-Roux, S. S
Rich, J. I. Rotter, J. C. Mychaleckyj.
713F Admixture mapping for qualitative or quantitati
traits when confounding covariates and gene-
environment interactions are present.
B. Zhu, D.
Dunson, M. L. Miranda, A. E. Ashley-Koch.
714F Multi-ethnic fine-mapping of cis expression-Q
with fixed-effect meta-analysis.
C. P. Grace, J. C.
Whittaker, J. Huxley Jones, A. P. Morris.
715F Independent genetic control of gene expressio
in whole blood and lymphoblastoid cell lines.
J. E.
Powell, A. K. Henders, A. F. McRae, M. J. Wright, N. G.
Martin, E. T. Dermitzakis, G. W. Montgomery, P. M.