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668F Moving beyond inferential limits of GWAS to
discover genetic mechanisms in autoimmunity: How
end-organ pathways contribute to pathogenesis.
Petukhova, A. M. Christiano.
669F Fine-mapping in linkage peaks for osteoarthritis
biomarkers in a large North American pedigree.
X. Qin,
S. H. Shah, H. C. Chen, C. Haynes, T. Stabler, J. L.
Huebner, S. G. Gregory, W. E. Kraus, J. M. Jordan, E. R.
Hauser, V. B. Kraus.
670F Cross-ethnic locus transferability evaluation of 26
non-HLA celiac disease risk loci in North Indians.
Senapati, G. Trynka, A. Sood, V. Midha, J. Romanos, L.
Franke, B. K. Thelma, C. Wijmenga.
671F Incorporating genotype uncertainties into the
genotypic TDT for main effects and gene-environment
M. A. Taub, H. Schwender, T. H. Beaty, T. A.
Louis, I. Ruczinski.
672F Genome-wide association analysis of skeletal
maturation in healthy children from the Fels
Longitudinal Study.
B. Towne, J. Blangero, J. E. Curran,
C. Bellis, T. D. Dyer, K. D. Williams, E. W. Demerath, A. C.
Choh, M. Lee, R. M. Siervogel, S. A. Czerwinski.
673F A comparison of methods to detect complex trait
rare variant associations implementing the RarePower
G. Wang, S. M. Leal.
674F Developing weighted test statistics for testing
association of rare variants using pairs of affected and
unaffected individuals.
Y. Yao, Y. Zhu, W. Guo, M. M.
675F Admixture mapping analysis of BP and BMI in
family blood pressure program.
X. Zhu, Z. Zhang, B.
Tayo, A. Morrison, C. Hanis, C. Cooper, S. Kardia, D. C.
Rao, H. Tang, N. Risch.
676F The Rutgers Map: A third-generation combined
linkage-physical map of the human genome.
T. C.
Matise, A. Q. Nato, S. Buyske.
677F Using a second-order hidden Markov model to
identify regions of identity-by-descent in exome
sequencing data.
S. Hicks, S. E. Plon, M. Kimmel.
678F Developing temporal models for multiple
simultaneous time series of sequenced public health
genomic data.
R. Hoffmann, S. McLellan.
679F Aberrant recombination in trisomy 21
nondisjunction is associated with differential hot-spot
C. Middlebrooks, T. Oliver, S. Tinker, E. G. Allen, L.
Bean, R. Chowdhury, F. Begum, M. Marazita, V. Cheung,
E. Feingold, S. L. Sherman.
680F Single marker and pathway analysis of a
genome-wide association study in obese and lean
subjects of Northern European ancestry.
S. Ghosh, J.
Vivar, R. Davies, R. Dent, R. McPherson.
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681F Genome-wide association study identifies thre
genetic loci associated with thyroid function.
R. Raw
A. Teumer, G. Homuth, H. Wallaschofski, T. Ittermann,
O. Åsvold, K. H. Greiser, D. Tiller, A. Kluttig, H. Meyer z
Schwabediss, A. Doering, C. Gieger, C. Meisinger, T.
682F Using spatial-clustering of rare-variants in the
association analysis of case/control studies: a
powerful and robust approach with an application t
sequencing data for nonsyndromic cleft lip with or
without cleft palate.
H. Fier, D. Holler, T. AlChawa, K.
Ludwig, R. Fimmers, M. M. Noethen, E. Mangold, C.
683F An ensemble pipeline to enable detection of
epistasis in genomic data.
B. J. Grady, T. Cattaert, K.
Van Steen, M. D. Ritchie.
684F Bloat control methods substantially reduce
computation time for detecting gene x gene
interactions in ATHENA.
E. R. Holzinger, S. M. Dudek,
S. Torstenson, M. D. Ritchie.
685F Incorporating biological knowledge for model-
based clustering of genomic data: A recursively
partitioned mixture model for DNA methylation data.
C. Koestler, B. C. Christensen, C. J. Marsit, K. T. Kelsey
E. A. Houseman.
686F Investigating the missing heritability of meconi
ileus in cystic fibrosis: Contributions from a
hypothesis-driven GWAS.
W. Li, X. Li, F. Lin, T. Chiang
M. Drumm, M. Knowles, G. Cutting, P. Durie, J.
Rommens, L. Sun, L. Strug.
687F A methodologic proposal for genetic populatio
F. Loeza-Becerra.
688F Combinations of phenotypes that best capture
the genetic variation in CARe pilot dataset.
Y. Meng,
A. Cupples, M. Fornage, B. Keating, E. Larkin, G.
Papanicolaou, W. Post, A. Reiner, S. Rich, J. Rotter, D.
Siscovick, J. G. Wilson, J. N. Hirschhorn.
689F Accurate identification of low-level DNA
contamination through genotyping array data as a
quality control precursor to low-depth sequencing.
Moutsianas, R. D. Pearson, K. J. Gaulton, C. Groves, W
Rayner, N. Robertson, M. I. McCarthy.
690F Cumulative meta-analysis for genetic
association: When is a new study worthwhile?
M. A.
Rotondi, S. B. Bull.
691F Incorporating gene pathway information in
genetic association studies.
J. L. Walker, C. J. Verzilli.
692F Robust methods for analyzing secondary
phenotypes in case-control genetic association
C. Xing, A. Allen.