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THURSDAY, October 13
12:45 PM - Genetics and Epigenetics Analysis Using Convention Center
1:45 PM Pyrosequencing
Room 522, Level 5
12:45 PM - Using Multiple Illumina Technologies for Westin Hotel
2:00 PM Comprehensive Genomic Analysis
Montreal Room, 11th Floor
12:45 PM - See the Future of Sequencing with Ion
Convention Center
2:00 PM Torrent
Room 710A, Level 7
1:15 PM - 42.
Gruber Genetics Prize Award Convention Center
2:00 PM
Room 210, Level 2
2:00 PM - Poster Session II (Thursday Posters Only) Convention Center
4:00 PM
Authors are reminded to put posters up and
Exhibit Hall, Level 2
take them down on the same day of
4:15 PM - 43.
Plenary Debate Session:
Convention Center
6:15 PM
Current and Emerging
Room 210, Level 2
Sequencing Technologies: Changing
the Practice of Medical Genetics
6:15 PM - Association of Chinese Geneticists in America Convention Center
7:15 PM Annual Meeting and Banquet
Room 519, Level 5
6:15 PM -
UCSC Genome Browser - Intermediate Convention Center
8:00 PM
Room 524, Level 5
For further information, e-mail
6:15 PM - University of Michigan Department of Human Le Centre Sheraton Hotel
8:00 PM Genetics Alumni Gathering
Salon 6, Level 3
6:30 PM -
ICHG Trainee Development
Convention Center
8:30 PM Program and Networking: Working
Room 710A, Level 7
Across Borders: Finding the Perfect
Postdoc or Faculty Position in Another Country
(separate advance registration required)
6:30 PM - Optimization of Illumina mRNA-Seq
Convention Center
7:30 PM Experimental Results and Conversion to a Room 512GH, Level 5
User-Friendly Analysis Solution
6:30 PM - Cornelia de Lange Syndrome: Exemplifying Le Centre Sheraton Hotel
8:00 PM
the Facilitation of Clinical and Basic Science Salon AB, Level B
Research for Rare Disorders
6:30 PM - New Host, New Home for P
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
8:00 PM
Hochelaga 5, Convention
6:30 PM - Johns Hopkins Institute of Genetic Medicine Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
9:00 PM Reception
Hochelaga 4, Convention
6:30 PM - ACMG Lab QA Committee Meeting
Convention Center
9:30 PM
Room 513B, Level 5
6:30 PM - Emory University Department of Human
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
9:30 PM Genetics Reception
St. Laurent, Convention
7:00 PM - Private Concert at the Notre-Dame Basilica of Notre-Dame Basilica
8:45 PM Montreal (admittance by advance ticket
1101 Notre-Dame Street,
purchase only)