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644F Genetic variation that predicts white blood cell
count differential leukocyte types in the eMERGE
D. Crosslin, A. McDavid, N. Weston, S. Nelson,
X. Zheng, E. Hart, M. de Andrade, I. Kullo, C. McCarty, K.
Doheny, E. Pugh, A. Kho, M. Hayes, S. Pretel, A. Saip, M.
Ritchie, D. Crawford, P. Crane, K. Newton, D. Mirel, A.
Crenshaw, E. Larson, C. Carlson, G. Jarvik, electronic
Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Network.
645F A genome-wide meta-analysis of serum total IgE
among racially and ethnically diverse populations.
M. Levin, R. A. Mathias, L. Huang, L. K. Williams, K. C.
Barnes, EVE Consortium.
646F Immunochip-based GWAS follow-up study
identifies novel primary biliary cirrhosis risk loci and
better defines allelic architecture at known loci.
J. Z.
Liu, M. A. Almarri, G. F. Mells, H. J. Cordell, M. A.
Heneghan, J. M. Neuberger, P. T. Donaldson, D. E. Jones,
G. J. Alexander, R. N. Sandford, C. A. Anderson, UK PBC
Consortium and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium
647F Genome-wide genetic investigation into variation
of food allergen antibodies in participants of the San
Antonio Family Heart Study.
R. Rubicz, R. Yolken, E.
Drigalenko, T. D. Dyer, J. Kent Jr., M. Carless, J. Curran,
M. Johnson, S. A. Cole, L. Almasy, E. K. Moses, J.
Blangero, H. H. H. Göring.
648F Heritability and genetic mapping of hundreds of
immune-related quantitative traits measured in a large
Sardinian cohort.
S. Sanna, G. Sole, M. Steri, M. Dei, S.
Lai, F. Virdis, D. Schlessinger, M. Congia, S. Naitza, V.
Orrú, E. Fiorillo, F. Cucca.
649F Parent-of-origin effect of a T2D-associated
polymorphism on glucose homeostasis.
J. Liu,
C. M. Damcott, J. R. O'Connell, B. D. Mitchell, A. R.
Shuldiner, Y. Cheng.
650F A new statistical model for family-based case-
control studies of genetic imprinting.
Z. Wang, R. Wu.
651F Genetic variations and interactions in anti-
inflammatory cytokine pathway genes in the outcome
of leprosy.
S. Aggarwal, S. Ali, R. Chopra, A. Srivastava,
K. Arasan, D. Malhotra, S. Gochhait, V. K. Garg, S. N.
Bhattacharya, R. N. K. Bamezai.
652F Estimating heritability of human papilloma virus
vaginal infection in Korean women.
M. Han, D. Lee, H.
Lee, J. Lee, K. Go, Y. Song, K. Lee, J. Sung.
653F Detection of genotyping errors in dense markers
on large pedigrees.
C. Y. K. Cheung, E. A. Thompson, E.
M. Wijsman.
654F Polygenic modeling of disease risk.
J. He, G.
Chen, B. Henderson, C. Haiman, D. Stram.
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655F Two-layer clustering model for linkage
disequilibrium with applications in population
structure, local ancestry inference, and haplotype-
phenotype association mapping.
Y. Guan.
656F The effect of missing data on type I error rate
and power of family-based association tests.
Hiekkalinna, M. Perola, J. D. Terwilliger.
657F Detection of phenotype-modifier genes using
two-locus linkage analysis.
A. Bureau, J. Croteau, C.
Mérette, A. Fournier, Y. C. Chagnon, M.-A. Roy, M.
658F A robust method for identifying the genes that
influence an entire spectrum of disease-related
A. RoyChoudhury, W. C. L. Stewart, S. E.
Hodge, D. A. Greenberg.
659F Practical issues for designing efficient sequen
based genetic studies of quantitative traits.
R. C.
Banuelos, D. J. Liu, S. M. Leal.
660F Statistical power of population-based linkage
S. R. Browning, E. A. Thompson.
661F Identification of the PTPRD gene involved in
genetic susceptibility to keratoconus by combining
evidence of genome-wide association and genetic
Y. Bykhovskaya, X. Li, K. Taylor, D. Siscovick,
Aldave, L. Szczotka-Flynn, S. Iyengar, J. I. Rotter, Y. S.
662F Genome-wide association meta-analysis of
pubertal growth in males and females.
D. L. Cousmi
N. J. Timpson, D. Berry, J. T. Leinonen, W. Ang, N. M.
Warrington, E. Thiering, J. P. Bradfield, E. M. Byrne, C.
Holst, J. Kaprio, C. E. Pennell, O. Raitakari, M.-R. Järve
E. Widén on behalf of the EGG Consortium.
663F New developments in the genetic fine mappin
a non-Mendelian trait through the coalescent proce
with recombination.
M. Dupont, G. Boucher, M. H.
Descary, F. Larribe.
665F Trans-ethnic fine-mapping of type 2 diabetes
susceptibility loci using a cosmopolitan reference
panel for imputation.
M. Horikoshi, S. Wiltshire, N. Kat
J. Asimit, N. Rayner, N. Robertson, F. Takeuchi, A.
Mahajan, T. Yik Ying, E. Zeggini, A. Morris, M. McCarth
666F A genome-wide association study for loci
influencing stunting in children from Bangladesh.
Mychaleckyj, S. S. Rich, P. Concannon, R. Haque, T.
Ahmed, X. Hou, Z. Li, W. A. Petri.
667F Gene-gene interaction analysis accounting for
multiple level of genetic relatedness.
J. Namkung, R.