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622F Challenges and future directions for causal
inference from multiple omics datasets using
structural equation modeling.
S.-Y. Shin, A.-K. Petersen,
K. Small, E. Grundberg, P. Deloukas, T. D. Spector, K.
Suhre, C. Giegar, N. Soranzo.
623F A comparison of seven statistical methods for
detecting rare variant association.
R. Weyant, C.
Fuchsberger, T. M. Teslovich, W. Chen, Y. Hu, M.
624F Characterization of the glaucoma phenotype in
patients carrying risk alleles at novel open angle
glaucoma genes,
K. P.
Burdon, R. Casson, A. Crawford, A. W. Hewitt, S.
Macgregor, D. A. Mackey, J. E. Craig.
625F A phenome-wide analysis of SNPs in the National
Human Genome Research Institute genome-wide
association catalog.
J. Denny, L. Bastarache, M. Ritchie,
M. Basford, J. Pulley, R. Zuvich, P. Peissig, D. Carrell, J.
Pathak, L. Rasmussen, J. Pacheco, A. Kho, N. Weston, S.
Pendergrass, H. Xu, R. Li, T. Manolio, I. Kullo, C. Chute,
R. Chisolm, E. Larson, C. McCarty, D. Masys, D. Roden,
D. Crawford.
626F Sub-clinical phenotypes used to dissect genetic
heterogeneity in cleft lip with/without cleft palate.
M. L.
Marazita, M. E. Cooper, M. Govil, R. S. DeSensi, T.
McHenry, S. Weinberg, J. C. Murray, K. Neiswanger, C.
Brandon, A. E. Czeizel, A. R. Vieira, E. E. Castilla, F.
Poletta, J. M. Resick, S. Daack-Hirsch.
627F Rare variant association methods and their
performance when confounded by population
T. D. O'Connor, G. Wang, E. Kenny, C. D.
Bustamante, S. M. Leal, M. J. Bamshad, J. M. Akey on
behalf of NHLBI Exome Sequencing Project.
628F Genome-wide scan in Italian isolated populations
identify loci for food preferences.
N. Pirastu, C. Lanzara,
A. Robino, G. Pistis, M. Traglia, C. Sala, D. Toniolo, B.
Tepper, Y. Koelliker, P. Gasparini.
629F DNA repair genotype-phenotype correlation and
interplay between different DNA repair pathways.
Voglino, A. Allione, A. Russo, F. Ricceri, S. Guarrera, S.
Polidoro, F. Rosa, C. Di Gaetano, V. Simonelli, P.
Porcedda, F. Mazzei, C. Giachino, E. Dogliotti, G. Matullo.
630F Rare and common SNPs in DRD5 have unique
and independent effects on risk for childhood ADHD.
Waldman, M. Nikolas, K. Jernigan, J. Nigg, K. Friderici.
631F HIV-associated nephropathy and focal segmental
glomerulosclerosis: APOL1 trypanolytic mutations
underpin a major health disparity.
C. Winkler, G. Nelson,
G. Genovese, M. Pollak, J. Kopp.
632F Association tests for rare variants based on
regularized regression methods.
C. Xu, M. Ladouceur, J.
B. Richards, A. Ciampi, C. Greenwood.
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633F Identifying rare variants with heterogeneous
effects from pooled sequencing data.
Q. Zhang, K.
Wang, M. A. Province, I. Borecki.
634F Next-generation haplotype phasing: combining
identity-by-descent with haplotype frequency model
B. L. Browning, S. R. Browning.
635F Validation of a method for classical HLA allele
C. S. Franklin, M. Hernandez-Fuentes, I.
Rebollo-Mesa, J. Mollon, F. Delaney, E. Perucha, P.
Conlon, M. E. Weale, N. Soranzo, G. Lord, United
Kingdom and Ireland Renal Transplant Consortium,
636F Association of PPARG gene polymorphisms wi
obesity and insulin resistance syndrome in North In
J. Prakash, N. Srivastava, S. Awasthi, C. G. Agarwal, B.
637F Fine-mapping of autoimmune susceptibility loc
using Immunochip identifies novel susceptibility loci
for psoriatic arthritis.
J. Bowes, P. Ho, E. Korendowyc
N. McHugh, H. Marzo-Ortega, J. Packham, I. N. Bruce,
638F Evidence for a role of the familial cylindromato
tumor suppressor
in inflammatory bowel
I. Cleynen, E. Vazeille, M. Artieda, M.
Szczypiorska, M. Bringer, H. W. Verspaget, P. L. Lakato
F. Seibold, A. Tariq, R. K. Weersma, I. Arijs, S. Müller, A.
Tordai, D. W. Hommes, K. Parnell, C. Wijmenga, P.
Rutgeerts, D. Lottaz, K. Van Steen, A. Darfeuille-Michau
S. Vermeire, IBDase FP7 European Consortium.
639F Novel genes for Crohn’s disease using a geneti
localization approach: The way forward in genome-
wide association mapping.
H. Elding, W. Lau, D. M.
Swallow, N. Maniatis.
640F Combining family- and population-based genet
association from multiple rare variants.
D. Fardo, A.
Druen, I. Ionita-Laza.
641F Use of 1000 Genomes Project data to search f
functional variants in the GWAS catalog.
J. Farrell.
642F Dense mapping across a European population
shows association with Ikaros family member
S. G. Guerra, J. Bentham, D. L. Morris, V. Anand,
L. Pinder, A. M. Delago-Vega, P. R. Fortin, J. Wither, J.
Martin, M. E. Alarcón-Riquelme, J. D. Rioux, T. J. Vyse,
S. Cunninghame Graham, BIOLUPUS, CaNIOS-GenES.
643F Integrated pipeline for copy number variation,
linkage and homozygosity, aids interpretation of
variants identified through next-gen sequencing.
Schmitz, K. Markianos.