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600F Correlation between ATRA-induced and basal
expression: Clinical implications of basal
expression as a response indicator to treatment of
autism spectrum disorder with retinoids.
P. S. Lai, O. S.
Yim, S. Chhabra, H. Muralidharan, M. Monakhov, R. P.
601F Increased incidence of attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder in children with nail patella
I. McIntosh, C. López-Arvizu, A. Diaz-Stansky,
E. P. Sparrow, M. J. Strube, C. Slavin, J. E. Hoover-Fong,
E. Tierney.
602F Generation and characterization of a WNK1/
HSN2-/- mouse model of hereditary sensory
autonomous neuropathy type II.
V. Lavastre, S.
Ramalingan, G. Houle, J. Laganiere, S. Laurent, R.
Gaudet, P. Hince, D. Rochefort, G. Castonguay, K. Huot,
P. A. Dion, G. A. Rouleau.
603F A novel transgenic mouse model of Machado-
Joseph disease: Genetic, phenotypic and pathologic
similarities with the human disease.
S. D. Silva, A. S.
Fernandes, A. N. Carvalho, A. T. Castro, C. S. Cunha, P.
604F Somatic mutations mediated by Alu in
M. Ueno, A. Akahane, T. Hata, S. Nanko.
605F The effect of TOMM40 poly-T length and APOE
genotype on age of onset of neurodegenerative
diseases: A pilot study of frontotemporal lobe
I. Grossman, A. M. Saunders, M. W. Lutz, O.
Chiba-Falek, K. M. Hayden, D. G. Crenshaw, C. M.
Hulette, B. L. Plassman, K. A. Welsh-Bohmer, J. R. Burke,
A. D. Roses.
606F SCA7: Clinical and genetic analysis of an Italian
D. Italiano, P. Tarantino, C. Lombardo, E. V. De
Marco, C. Pastura, P. Bramanti, A. Quattrone, G. Annesi.
607F Two new Rett syndrome families: Expanding the
knowledge of
frameshift mutations.
K. Ravn, G.
Roende, M. Duno, K. Fuglsang, K. L. Eiklid, Z. Tümer, J.
B. Nielsen, O. H. Skjeldal.
608F Analysis of modulation of FXTAS rCGG-mediated
neurodegeneration by CUGBP1 in
Mus musculus
Z. A.
Zalewski, P. Jin, L. T. Timchenko, D. L. Nelson.
Statistical Genetics and Genetic
609F Bayesian SNP-set analysis for case-control
genome-wide association studies.
X. Wang, D. Qian.
610F Multivariate quality control improves genotyping
accuracy and call rate.
B. T. Webb, J. E. Dellava, L. M.
Hack, M. C. Neale, A. Corvin, M. Gill, F. A. O'Neill, D.
Walsh, K. S. Kendler, B. P. Riley.
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611F Characterization of genome-wide association
epistasis signals for serum uric acid in human
population isolates.
W. Wei, G. Hemani, A. Hicks, V.
Vitart, C. Cabrera-Cardenas, P. Navarro, J. Huffman, C.
Hayward, S. Knott, I. Rudan, P. Pramstaller, S. Wild, J.
Wilson, H. Campbell, N. Hastie, A. Wright, C. Haley.
612F Analyze X: A comparison of X chromosome an
autosomal results in GWAS.
A. Wise, L. Gyi, T. Manoli
613F Detecting pleiotropy via Bayesian latent variabl
L. Xu, R. Craiu, A. D. Paterson, L. Sun.
614F Quantitative trait prediction based on SNP-arr
data: A simulation study.
W. Yip, C. Lange.
615F Common variants near
are associated with advanced age-related macular
Y. Yu, T. R. Bhangale, J. Fagerness, S.
Ripke, G. Thorleifsson, P. L. Tan, E. H. Souied, A. J.
Richardson, J. E. Merriam, G. H. S. Buitendijk, S.
Raychaudhuri, L. Sobrin, E. Evangelou, A. Y. Lee, R. H.
Guymer, U. Chakravarthy, T. W. Behrens, K. Stefansson
C. M. van Duijn, J. R. Vingerling, C. C. W. Klaver, R.
Allikmets, M. A. Brantley Jr., P. N. Baird, N. Katsanis, U.
Thorsteinsdottir, J. P. A. Ioannidis, M. J. Daly, R. R.
Graham, J. M. Seddon.
616F The Kaiser Permanente/UCSF Genetic
Epidemiology Research Study on Adult Health and
Aging: Design of genotyping arrays using imputatio
and a hybrid SNP selection algorithm.
Y. Zhan, T.
Hoffmann, J. Gollub, M. Kvale, Y. Lu, G. Mei, M. Shen,
Webster, P. Kwok, C. Schaefer, N. Risch.
617F Imputation reference panel selection using
maximal phylogenetic diversity.
P. Zhang, N. A.
Rosenberg, S. Zöllner.
618F A high-performance computing package for
relatedness and principal component analysis in
X. Zheng, D. Levine, J. Shen, C. Laurie, B. Weir
619F The effect of genome-wide autozygosity on
cognitive ability.
D. P. Howrigan, G. Davies, B. M. Neal
A. F. McRae, S. E. Harris, N. G. Martin, M. J. Wright, N.
Pendleton, A. Payton, M. Horan, W. E. Ollier, A. Tenesa,
M. Starr, I. J. Deary, P. M. Visscher, M. C. Keller.
620F Loss of accuracy when imputing genotypes in
previously phased individuals.
P. H. Keung, B. L.
621F Next-generation imputation: Assessing the 100
Genomes Project reference panel and imputation int
multi-ethnic cohorts.
S. C. Nelson, C. C. Laurie, B. L.
Browning, S. M. Gogarten, J. Li, M. Sale, B. B. Worrall,
Doheny, E. Bookman, GARNET Collaborative Research