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575F De novo CNVs affecting multiple genes/pathways
may explain discordance of monozygotic twins for
R. O'Reilly, C. Castellani, S. Maiti, S.
576F Gene environment interactions with a novel
polymorphic monoamine oxidase A transcriptional
enhancer element.
J. M. Plume, P. Wernett, H. Packer, S.
Beach, C. Cutrona, G. Brody, R. Philibert.
577F Serotonin transporter gene in bulimia nervosa: A
multiple model meta-analysis.
G. N. Polsinelli, V. De
578F An association study of the serotonin 1B
receptor gene with suicidal behavior in a population
isolate from Colombia.
M. Cuartas, C. Palacio, J. Garcia,
M. Duque, G. Montoya, G. Bedoya, C. Lopez.
579F Gene regulation by drugs used to treat mood
X. Y. Deng, K. Doudney, P. C. McHugh, P. R.
Joyce, M. A. Kennedy.
580F Evolution of cognition in humans is linked with
downregulation of the calreticulin gene.
Esmaeilzadeh Gharehdaghi, M. Ohadi, A. Heidari.
581F Examination of serotonin transporter sequence
variation and gene expression in African Americans.
M. Vijayendran, C. Cutrona, S. R. H. Beach, G. H. Brody,
D. Russell, R. A. Philibert.
582F Brain transcriptome analysis by RNA-Seq reveals
novel genes differentially expressed in bipolar disorder.
N. Akula, J. R. Wendland, G. Laje, K. Choi, S. K. Sen, H.
C. Bravo, S. D. D. Wadleigh, F. J. McMahon.
583F Gene RNA expression study and eQTL analysis
for genes located at 13q13-q14 that showed
reproductible linkage with schizophrenia and bipolar
disorder in multigenerational families from Eastern
Y. C. Chagnon, A. Bureau, J. Croteau, C.
Mérette, M.-A. Roy, M. Maziade.
584F Comparative co-expression network analysis of
RNA-sequencing data from post-mortem brain tissue
of patients of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and
healthy controls.
S. Hong, J. Chen, J. Xu, F. Xu, Y.
Zhang, Z. Peng, M. Xiong, X. Chen.
585F The analysis of two SNPs of the reelin gene in a
South African autistic and control population.
Z. Arieff,
J. Rajan Sharma, F. October, M. Davids, M. Kaur, L. van
der Merwe.
586F Brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene in Thai
major depressive patients.
D. Buntup, S. Nuengkeaw, N.
Sitdhiraksa, V. Praphanphoj, P. Govitrapong.
587F Neurexin 3 is associated with nicotine
E. Docampo, M. Ribases, M. Gratacos, R.
Rabionet, C. Sanchez-Mora, C. Arribas, S. Moran, M.
Montfort, G. Nieva, E. Bruguera, M. Casas, X. Estivill.
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588F Characterization of three intronic functional
polymorphisms conferring risk of schizophrenia.
Dulencin, N. S. Wratten, P. G. Matteson, E. DiCicco-
Bloom, L. M. Brzustowicz, J. H. Millonig.
589F Genetic analysis of GABRB3 in autism,
schizophrenia, and heroin addiction.
C.-C. Huang, S.
S.-F. Gau, D.-L. Liao, Y.-Y. Wu, H.-M. Tsai, C.-H. Chen.
590F Genetic examination in a subset of autism
spectrum disorders with aggression.
J. Lee Robinson
D. Ma, A. Griswold, P. Whitehead, L. Nations, J. Haines
M. Cuccaro, M. Pericak-Vance.
genes interaction may have
effect upon pathogenesis and treatment response in
V. C. Mrad, A. F. S. Filho, A. Gadelha, V
K. Ota, M. L. Santoro, F. T. S. Bellucco, L. M. N. Spínd
D. M. L. V. Rocha, D. M. Christofolini, J. J. Mari, M. I.
Melaragno, M. A. C. Smith, R. A. Bressan, S. I. N.
592F Results from dense SNP genotyping and CNV
analysis of the 9q22-q31 CRI in ASP from the NIMH
and NCRAD cohorts.
R. T. Perry, H. Wiener, R. C. P. G
593F Paraxial mesoderm developmental genes in
Chiari type I malformation: A genetic case-control
association study in the Spanish population.
A. Urbiz
Serrano, M. A. Poca, C. Toma, A. Berlanga, J. Sahuquill
B. Cormand, A. Macaya.
594F Association analysis of Casein kinase2 with
schizophrenia in the Japanese population.
Yoshikawa, F. Nishimura, M. Tochigi, Y. Kawamura, T.
Umekage, T. Sasaki, K. Kasai, C. Kakiuchi.
595F Rare and common CLU variants and
susceptibility to Alzheimer disease.
K. Bettens, N.
Brouwers, S. Engelborghs, J.-C. Lambert, R.
Vandenberghe, F. Pasquier, E. Rogaeva, P. St. George-
Hyslop, P. P. De Deyn, P. Amouyel, C. Van Broeckhove
K. Sleegers.
596F Genetic association of antidepressant respons
and meta-analysis of the brain-derived neurotrophic
factor Val-66-Met polymorphism in obsessive-
compulsive disorder.
G. Zai, C. Zai, E. Burroughs, J. L
Kennedy, M. A. Richter.
597F A metallothionein gene family co-expression
module is differentially expressed in multiple studies
schizophrenia postmortem brains.
C. Chen, L. Cheng
Pibiri, C. Zhang, J. Badner, E. Gershon, C. Liu.
598F Translational profiling of serotonergic neurons
identifies BRUNOL6 as a candidate gene for autism.
D. Dougherty, L. Sonnenblick, G. Coppola, A. G. Ercan-
Sencicek, B. S. Abrahams, D. H. Geschwind, N. Heintz.
599F Investigation into the cause of myoclonus
A. Smith, D. A. Grimes, D. E. Bulman.