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variants are related to human episodic
memory performance.
C. Vogler, A. Papassotiropoulos,
D. J.-F. de Quervain.
553F Mosaic deletion of both Filamin A and Emerin in
a female with periventricular nodular heterotopia.
J. P.
Warman, S. Aradhya, K. Boycott.
554F The expanding role of the methyl-CpG-binding
domain family in autism etiology.
P. Whitehead, H.
Cukier, B. Butler, V. Mayo, H. Wright, R. Abramson, J.
Haines, M. Cuccaro, J. Gilbert, M. A. Pericak-Vance.
555F GRIN2B genetic variants associated with
comorbid anxiety disorders in women with bulimia
Z. Yilmaz, A. S. Kaplan, C. C. Zai, R. D. Levitan,
J. L. Kennedy.
556F Autosomal recessive hereditary spastic
paraplegia: Clinical and genetic characteristics.
Yoon, B. Baskin, M. Tarnopolsky, K. M. Boycott, S.
Goobie, B. Banwell, P. N. Ray.
557F Modeling functional significance of
neurodevelopment using human embryonic stem cells
and induced pluripotent stem cells.
L. Zeng, P. Zhang,
W. Lu, K. Wang.
558F Sleep deprivation affects adult hippocampal NG2
cells and induces depression-like and anxiogenic-like
behaviors in Balb/c male mice.
R. Gonzalez Castaneda,
C. Martinez-Quezada, A. Galvez Contreras, O. Gonzalez-
Perez, F. Jauregui-Huerta, S. Luquin de Anda, J. Garcia-
Estrada, R. Ramos-Zuñiga.
559F Deficits in eye movement control in children
diagnosed with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.
S. M.
Nikkel, S. A. Kalwarowsky, S. C. Kimmett, J. N. Reynolds.
560F GWAS analysis across five psychiatric illnesses:
Results of a combined dataset power of 56,867
S. Ripke, Psychiatric GWAS Consortium —
Cross Disorder Group.
561F Three mutations in two causal genes (EGR2
p.Glu412Gly and MPZ p.Asp246Asn + p.Ala15Ala) in a
family with dominant type of hereditary motor and
sensory neuropathy type I.
P. Seeman, D. Brožková, R.
Mazanec, S. Nevšímalová, B. Rautenstrauss.
562F Functional NPY gene polymorphisms —
Association with antipsychotic-induced weight gain.
J. Brandl, A. K. Tiwari, O. Likhodi, H. Y. Meltzer, J. L.
Kennedy, D. J. Müller.
563F Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor
variations in Parkinson’s disease.
D. Tegay, J. Gemmill,
E. Hatchwell.
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564F Co-occurrence of behavioral, psychiatric, and
medical issues in families ascertained for autism an
language learning impairment.
Z. Fermano, J. Flax, A.
Hare, B. Zimmerman-Bier, L. Hou, S. Yeon, C. Bartlett,
Buyske, L. Brzustowicz.
565F Profiles of language and reading impairment in
family study of autism spectrum disorders and spec
language impairment.
A. Hare, J. Flax, Z. Fermano, S.
Buyske, L. Hou, S. Y. Cheong, B. Zimmerman, C. Bartl
L. Brzustowicz.
566F The use of mixed effects modeling to identify
heritable autism endophenotypes for linkage and
association studies.
M. Woodbury-Smith, P. Szatmari.
567F Influence of the normal allele CAG expansion a
age of onset in Peruvian population with Huntington
M. Cornejo, R. Badillo, N. Mori, R. Chacon, S.
Lindo, V. Marca, O. Ortega, C. Cosentino, L. Torres, P.
568F Parkinsonism in Machado-Joseph disease/ SC
3: Possible role of the GBA gene.
L. B. Jardim, M.
Siebert, K. C. Donis, M. Socal, C. R. M. Rieder, V. E.
Emmel, F. Vairo, K. Michelin-Tirelli, J. A. M. Saute, M.
França Junior, A. D'Abreu, C. Bettencourt, M. Lima, I.
Lopes-Cendes, M. L. Saraiva-Pereira.
569F A polyglutamine expansion in
1A calcium
channel C-terminal exerts toxicity in the cytoplasm
with CREB transcriptional activation.
M. Takahashi,
Obayashi, T. Ishigurop, N. Sato, Y. Niimi, K. Mogushi, Y.
Mahmut, H. Tanaka, K. Ishikawa, H. Mizusawa.
570F Modifier genes of age of onset in SCA disease
S. Tezenas du Montcel, A. Durr, G. Stevanin, S. Forlani,
Bauer, O. Riess, C. Cazeneuve, A. Camuzat, A. Brice fo
571F Complete genome sequence based genetic
analysis of monozygotic twins discordant for
C. Castellani, S. Maiti, R. O'Reilly, S.
572F Association between the
gene and
autism symptoms in a community-based twin cohor
L. Jonsson, H. Larsson, L. Westberg, H. Anckarsäter, P.
Lichtenstein, J. Melke.
573F Genetic exploration of genome-wide variation i
monozygotic twins discordant for schizophrenia.
Maiti, K. H. B. G. Kumar, C. Castellani, R. O'Reilly, S.
574F Adenosine deaminase G22A polymorphism an
sleep electroencephalogram spectral power in a lar
population sample from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
D. R.
Mazzotti, A. A. L. Souza, C. Guindalini, R. Santos-Silva,
R. A. Bittencourt, S. Tufik.