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509F Identifying rare variants in Parkinson disease via
whole exome sequencing.
G. Bademci, K. Nuytemans,
A. Mehta, C. Jauregui, A. G. Martinez, G. Beecham, Y.
Edwards, C. Singer, F. Nahab, S. Rhodes, B. Ritz, S.
Zuchner, W. K. Scott, J. M. Vance.
510F Identification of coding variants and gene
interactions associated with neural tube defects using
microdroplet-based targeted sequencing.
R. Blekhman,
R. H. Finnell, G. M. Shaw, J. M. Musser, A. G. Clark, M. E.
511F Two Filipino families with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher
B. V. Cavan, M. S. Modequillo, J. R. de la
512F Candidate gene analysis for rare variants in the
serotonin system in autism.
E. Crawford, A. McGrew, E.
H. Cook, J. S. Sutcliffe.
513F Functional assessment of a promoter
polymorphism in S100B, a putative risk variant for
bipolar disorder.
E. Dagdan, D. W. Morris, M. Campbell,
M. Hill, M. Rothermundt, F. Kästner, C. Hohoff, C. von Eiff,
P. Krakowitzky, M. Gill, P. McKeon, S. Roche.
514F A genome-wide association study identifies loci
associated with aging-related decline in episodic
P. De Jager, J. Shulman, L. Chibnik, J.
Corneveaux, A. Myer, M. Huentelman, J. Hardy, R. Wilson,
E. Reiman, D. Evans, D. Bennett.
515F LINGO1 gene and Parkinson's disease: An
association study in the Italian population.
E. V. De
Marco, F. Annesi, F. E. Rocca, A. Nicoletti, P. Pugliese, G.
Nicoletti, G. Arabia, P. Tarantino, M. De Mari, P. Lamberti,
S. Gallerini, R. Marconi, A. Epifanio, L. Morgante, A.
Cozzolino, P. Barone, G. Torchia, M. Zappia, G. Annesi, A.
516F Next-generation sequencing coupled to
functional genomics implicates FOXP pathways in
autism and language impairment.
P. Derizioti, B. J.
O'Roak, L. Vives, J. Shendure, E. E. Eichler, S. E. Fisher.
517F Analysis of transcriptional profiles in
J. Duan, H. H. H. Göring, E. I. Drigalenko,
J. Shi, W. Moy, J. Freda, J. Jacobi, D. He, . MGS, A. R.
Sanders, P. V. Gejman.
518F Metal content and oxidative stress in autistic
Egyptian children.
H. T. El-Bassyouni, S. I. Ismail, G. S.
M. El-Saeed, E. A. Alghroury.
519F From missing heritability to missing specificity:
Genomic convergence and pleiotropy in
neurodevelopmental disorders.
B. Franke, G. Poelmans,
D. Pauls, J. Glennon, J. K. Buitelaar.
520F Early onset Huntington disease presenting as a
M. T. Gabbett, C. S. Manning, J. C.
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521F A rare genomic duplication creates novel
transcripts from DNA of a patient with schizophreni
M. Gasperini, C. Rippey, T. Walsh, A. Nord, C. Spurrell,
K. Lee, M. C. King.
522F Role of ANKK1 and DRD2 gene polymorphism
in genetic susceptibility to migraine in Northern Indi
J. Ghosh, S. Pradhan, B. Mittal.
523F Genetic variation influencing memory ability in
population-based sample.
L. Gomez, J. B. Rich, M. L.
Smith, C. Barr.
524F Improving molecular diagnosis of Dravet
syndrome by using multiple prediction algorithms.
C. Gonsales, P. M. Preto, M. A. Montenegro, M. M.
Guerreiro, I. Lopes-Cendes.
525F Evidence for association between L-type volta
gated calcium channel (CACNA1C) gene haplotypes
and bipolar disorder in Latinos: A family-based
association study.
S. Gonzalez, C. Xu, M. Ramirez, J.
Zavala, R. Armas, S. A. Contreras, J. Contreras-Rojas,
Dassori, R. J. Leach, D. Flores, A. Jerez, H. Raventós,
Ontiveros, H. Nicolini, M. Escamilla.
526F Intracranial tumors in a family with CADASIL
case report.
B. D. Henderson, E. Janse van Rensburg.
527F Evidence for more than one Parkinson disease
associated variant within the HLA region.
E. M. Hill-
Burns, S. A. Factor, C. P. Zabetian, G. Thomson, H.
528F Mapping diagnostic heterogeneity in an animal
model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
K. Janus,
Kleiber, A. Chokroborty-Hoque, E. Wright, B. Laufer, S.
529F A variant in the 3’UTR of
) mRNA is associated with panic disorder
diagnosis and cognitive flexibility.
K. P. Jensen, H. R.
Kranzler, B. Z. Yang, L. A. Farrer, J. Gelernter.
530F Knockdown of PBRM1, a putative risk gene fo
mood disorder and schizophrenia, induces widespre
alterations in gene expression,cellular morphology,
and proliferation.
X. Jiang, S. Detera-Wadleigh, F.
531F Acute and long-term changes to transcriptome
profiles in a mouse model of fetal alcohol spectrum
disorder: Evidence for the ethanol sensitivity of
neurodevelopmental genetic pathways and permane
consequences of exposure.
M. L. Kleiber, K. Janus, B
Laufer, E. Wright, S. M. Singh.
532F Molecular epidemiological study of
mutations in familial and sporadic amyotrophic later
sclerosis in the Japanese population.
F. Kusunoki, Y.
Takahashi, T. Matsukawa, J. Goto, S. Tsuji.