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487F Refining the genetic effects of obesity-,
dyslipidemia-, blood pressure-, hematology-associated
variants on abdominal anthropometric measurements
by constitution types.
S. Cha, H. Yu, S. Yu, J. Y. Kim.
488F Searching for adaptive introgression of favorable
alleles in Yemeni populations.
J. A. Hodgson, R. L.
Raaum, A. M. Al-Meeri, C. J. Mulligan.
489F Association of PCSK1 rs6235 with cardiovascular
disease risks in relation to neck circumference in
H. Yu, J. Y. Kim, S. Yu, S. Cha.
490F Association of TNF-
gene with neurological
manifestations of dengue in the Rondonia population.
D. Delani, A. Andrade-Casseb, L. Cantanhede, A. Krauze,
A. Simões, M. Guimarães, J. Farias.
491F The paternal and grand-paternal age effects on
blood telomere length in Cebu, Philippines.
D. T. A.
Eisenberg, J. B. Borja, C. W. Kuzawa, M. G. Hayes.
492F The mobilome of
Callithrix jacchus
(the common
M. K. Konkel, J. A. Walker, B. Ullmer, Q.
Wang, R. Hubley, A. F. A. Smit, M. A. Batzer, Marmoset
Genome Sequencing and Analysis Consortium.
is a high myopia susceptibility gene likely
by downregulating collagen synthesis in sclera.
Chen, X. Zhou, C. Li, J. Qu, C. Zeng.
Psychiatric Genetics, Neurogenetics
and Neurodegeneration
494F Mutation analysis of Parkin, PINK1 and DJ-1 and
LRRK2 G2019S in European and North African families
with parkinsonism.
S. Lesage, A. Honoré, C. Condroyer,
M. Anheim, S. Klebe, E. Lohmann, C. Cazeneuve, A. Dürr,
A. Brice, French Parkinson’s Disease Genetics Study
495F Prioritizing novel variants through whole-exome
sequencing and pathway discovery in Alzheimer’s
M. W. Logue, M. Schu, B. N. Vardarajan, J.
Farrell, C. T. Baldwin, L. A. Farrer.
496F Lipid droplets and the pathogenesis of
axonopathies caused by dominant mutations in
G. Mancuso, T. Rizo, E. I. Rugarli.
497F Genetic interactions in diversified biological
pathways predict hippocampal and entorhinal atrophy
in Alzheimer disease.
S. A. Meda, M. E. Koran, N. A.
Restrepo, T. A. Thornton-Wells.
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498F The genetic contribution of dementia and
Parkinson genes to dementia with Lewy bodies and
Parkinson disease with dementia.
B. Meeus, A.
Verstraeten, D. Crosiers, S. Engelborghs, M. Van den
Broeck, M. Mattheijssens, K. Peeters, E. Corsmit, E.
Elinck, B. Pickut, R. Vandenberghe, P. Cras, P. P. De
Deyn, C. Van Broeckhoven, J. Theuns.
499F Identification of the causative gene for SPG27
exome capture.
A. Noreau, S. L. Girard, A. Szuto, I. A.
Meijer, P. Cossette, P. A. Dion, G. A. Rouleau.
500F Identification and confirmation of an exonic
splicing enhancer variation in exon 5 of the Alzheim
disease associated PICALM gene.
N. C. Schnetz-
Boutaud, J. Hoffman, D. G. Murdock, M. A. Pericak-
Vance, J. L. Haines.
501F Whole-exome sequencing confirms locus
heterogeneity underlying Parkinson disease in an
extended Amish family.
W. K. Scott, K. Nuytemans, G.
Bademci, Y. J. K. Edwards, G. W. Beecham, M. F. Davi
A. C. Cummings, C. A. Jauregui, S. L. Lee, M. A. Perica
Vance, J. L. Haines, J. M. Vance.
502F Duchenne/Becher-like phenotype and L276I
mutation in FKRP gene.
P. Spadafora, V. Andreoli, R.
Cittadella, F. Trecroci, L. Maria.
503F Alzheimer’s disease: Novel mutations in genes
comprising the gamma secretase complex.
P. St. Je
L. Li, J. Shen, M. Nelson, M. Ehm, J. Whittaker, A. Yeo,
Mooser, J. Rubio.
504F Role of the PPCS, PPCDC, PPAT, and DPCK
genes in the pathogenesis of the pantothenate kina
associated neurodegeneration.
P. Tarantino, E. V. De
Marco, D. Civitelli, F. Annesi, F. Cavalcanti, M. Gagliardi
A. Quattrone, A. Gambardella, G. Annesi.
association with Alzheimer
disease risk and CSF tau levels in a Flanders-Belgia
C. Van Cauwenberghe, N. Brouwers, K. Betten
S. Engelborghs, N. Le Bastard, R. Vandenberghe, P. P.
Deyn, C. Van Broeckhoven, K. Sleegers.
506F Pursuit of the biological variant underlying the
association of TMEM106B with frontotemporal lobar
J. van der Zee, S. Engelborghs, R.
Vandenberghe, P. P. De Deyn, M. Cruts, C. Van
507F Association of IGF-1 promoter polymorphism (
383C>T) with the susceptibility to multiple sclerosis.
Abdolmohammadi, H. Ebadi, M. Mansoori, S.
Bakhshandeh, A. Tahmasebifar, M. Shahbazi.
508F Expression profile of microRNAs in focal cortic
dysplasia: Possible clues into etiology.
S. H. Avansini
R. Torres, F. Rogério, D. B. Dogini, A. C. Coan, R. Secol
C. S. Rocha, A. F. Costa, A. L. F. Costa, L. S. Queiroz,
Cendes, I. Lopes-Cendes.