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463F Novel coding variation at TYRP1 explains a large
proportion of variance in the hair colour of Solomon
N. J. Timpson, E. Kenny, M. Sikora, A. M.
Estrada, C. Eng, S. Huntsman, E. G. Burchard, M.
Stoneking, C. D. Bustamante, S. Myles, Solomon Islands
Pigmentation Collection.
464F Estimation of population histories incorporating
admixture using genome-wide variation data.
M. Tsai,
G. Belloch, R. Ravi, R. Schwartz.
465F An automated method for deriving mitochondrial
DNA haplogroups based on changes within the
hypervariable regions.
V. L. Vance, J. J. Bryan, M. R.
Szczepanski, A. B. Carter, C. L. Mouritsen.
466F Height-associated loci contribute to genetic
differences between African Pygmies and their non-
Pygmy neighbors.
P. Verdu, T. J. Pemberton, N. S. A.
Becker, A. Froment, B. S. Hewlett, S. LeBomin, C. Willer,
N. A. Rosenberg, E. Heyer.
467F Methods for demographic inference using the
transition matrix of allelic types from diploid genomic
Y. Wang, K. Lohmueller, R. Nielsen.
468F Validation of ancestry informative markers in
Brazilian Amerindians and ancestry estimates in
quilombo remnant communities.
C. E. V. Wiezel, M. R.
Luizon, S. M. B. Sousa, K. Abe-Sandes, I. R. Souza, Y. C.
N. Muniz, C. T. Mendes-Junior, A. L. Simões.
469F Remarkably little homozygosity in first generation
mixed race individuals.
J. Wilson, C. O'Dushlaine, R.
Fraser, R. McQuillan.
470F Genetic relationship among ethnic minority
groups in South America from the viewpoint of
autosomal and Y chromosomal STRs.
T. Yamamoto, T.
Ito, T. Gomyoda, K. Saijo, I. Danjoh, Y. Nakamura.
471F Evaluation of
in primary open
angle glaucoma.
M. Zhang, J. H. Chen, D. Wang, Y.
Zheng, H. Chen, L. Chen, C. P. Pang.
472F A computationally fast Bayesian semi-parametric
algorithm for inferring population structure and
adjusting for case-control association tests.
S. Ghosh,
A. Majumdar, S. Bhattacharya, A. Basu.
473F Population structure and genetic diversity
revealed by DNA microsatellites of Han population
through a comparison with populations worldwide.
Guan, S. Li, S. Wei, H. Zhang, J. Feng, X. Gong, R. Su.
474F Population substructure in the Sea Island Gullah
African Americans.
Y. Huang, W. M. Chen, X. Hou, U.
Nayak, J. C. Mychaleckyj, F. Chen, K. L. Keene, K. H. Lok,
D. L. Kamen, K. J. Hunt, I. J. Spruill, J. K. Fernandes, W.
T. Garvey, M. M. Sale.
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475F People of the British Isles: An analysis of fine-
scale population structure in a U.K. control populati
S. Leslie, B. Winney, G. Hellenthal, S. Myers, A. Boume
T. Day, K. Hutnik, E. Royrvik, D. Lawson, D. Falush, P.
Donnelly, W. Bodmer.
476F Nine forensic STRs are sufficient to determine
genetic ancestries of Chinese populations.
S. Li, F.
Guan, F. Gao, H. Gui, J. Wang, T. Doetschman, P.
477F Genome-wide patterns of admixture among U.
Hispanic/Latino populations of Caribbean descent.
Moreno Estrada, P. Ortiz Tello, M. L. Cuccaro, S. Gravel
R. J. Martinez, J. L. McCauley, D. J. Hedges, R. W.
Morris, J. K. Byrnes, F. Zakharia, S. Acevedo, P. J.
Norman, Z. Layrisse, P. Parham, C. D. Bustamante, E.
478F Population structure of native Hawaiians in the
multiethnic cohort study.
R. Saxena, S. K. Kim, C. R.
Gignoux, A. Lum-Jones, H. Wang, C. A. Haiman, B. E.
Henderson, L. N. Kolonel, L. Le Marchand, D. O. Stram
479F A major Semitic genetic contribution to the
Brazilian population.
D. Schlesinger, L. Kimura, M.
Naslavsky, L. Grinberg, R. Mingroni-Netto, M. Zatz,
Brazilian Aging Brain Study Group.
480F Improved inference of relationships and
consanguinity in CEPH pedigrees using identity-by-
state combined with identity-by-descent.
E. Stevens,
Heckenberg, J. Baugher, T. Downey, J. Pevsner.
481F Barriers to neutral introgression generated by
local adaptation and sex-specific incompatibility.
Uyenoyama, D. Fusco.
482F A quantitative comparison of the similarity
between genes and geography in worldwide human
C. Wang, N. A. Rosenberg.
483F Epistatic selection between coding and
regulatory variation in human evolution and disease.
Lappalainen, S. B. Montgomery, A. C. Nica, E. T.
484F Genotype-based test in mapping cis-regulator
variants from allele-specific expression data.
Lefebvre, E. Vello, B. Ge, S. B. Montgomery, E. T.
Dermitzakis, T. Pastinen, D. Labuda.
485F Genome-wide identification of neuronal target
for PTBP2 using RIP-seq.
P. Cormican, E. M. Quinn, E
M. Kenny, A. P. Corvin, M. Gill, D. W. Morris.
486F Comparative study of the Y chromosome
diversity in some ethnic groups living in Iran and
populations of the Middle East.
L. Andonian, S. Rezai
A. Margaryan, D. D. Farhud, K. Mohammad, K. Holako
Naieni, M. R. Khorramizadeh, K. Nourijelyani, M. H. San
M. Jamali, A. Berahmeh, N. Aalizadeh, L. Yepiskoposya