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438F Divergences among 21 Native American
populations suggesting a rapid prehistorical dispersion
in Central and South Americas.
Y. He, R. W. Wang, R.
Li, S. Wang, L. Jin.
439F A coalescent model for genotype imputation.
Huang, E. O. Buzbas, N. A. Rosenberg.
440F Out of Africa migrations determine the
distribution of deleterious alleles in diverse human
J. Kidd, B. Henn, S. Musharoff, M. C. Yee, G.
Euskirchen, H. M. Cann, M. Snyder, C. D. Bustamante.
441F Validating the authenticity of the pedigrees of
Chinese Emperor CAO Cao of 1,800 years ago.
H. Li.
442F Using ancestry information and tests of natural
selection to prioritize craniofacial candidate genes for
admixture mapping.
D. K. Liberton, A. W. Bigham, X.
Mao, B. P. McEvoy, M. D. Shriver.
443F Signature of negative natural selection in the
human genome on sites that are not conserved across
K. Lohmueller, R. Nielsen.
444F A SNP array for human population genetics
Y. Lu, T. Genschoreck, S. Mallick, A. Ollmann, N.
Patterson, Y. Zhan, T. Webster, D. Reich.
445F Assigning intra-European ancestry to identical-
by-descent segments using a large database of self-
reported ancestry.
J. M. Macpherson, B. T. Naughton, C.
B. Do, J. Y. Tung, J. L. Mountain.
446F Comparative population structure among three
ethnic groups (Indian, Chinese, and Malay) from
Malaysia and Singapore.
J. E. Molineros, K. H. Chua, A.
J. Adler, K. M. Kaufman, S. K. Nath.
447F Comparison of the X chromosome to autosomes
of diverse human genomes and the analysis of sex-
specific processes.
S. Musharoff, S. Ramachandran, J.
M. Kidd, B. M. Henn, M. C. Yee, H. M. Cann, G.
Euskirchen, M. Snyder, C. D. Bustamante.
448F PRDM9 binding targets occur within most human
recombination hotspots.
N. Noor, J. Knight, A. Aricescu,
G. McVean, S. Myers.
449F Length distributions of identity by descent reveal
fine-scale demographic history.
P. Palamara, I. Pe'er.
450F A combined approach to identifying preterm birth
risk genes: Admixture mapping and signatures of
L. N. Pearson, A. W. Bigham, X. Mao, J. P.
Kusanovic, R. Romero, J. F. Strauss III, M. D. Shriver.
451F Increased genetic diversity observed among
Inupiat populations from the North Alaskan Slope.
J. A.
Raff, M. Rzhetskaya, L. Armstrong, M. G. Hayes.
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452F Population genetics of Finland revisited: Looki
K. Rehnström, K. Palin, T. Esko, E. Salmela
O. Kallioniemi, J. Kere, S. Limborska, B. Melegh, J.
Klovins, A. Metspalu, V. Salomaa, A. Palotie, P. Laherm
R. Durbin, S. Ripatti.
453F Coal: A coalescent simulator capable of
modeling faster than exponential population growth.
M. Reppell, S. Zoellner.
454F Exome sequencing in a diverse set of individua
identifies potentially deleterious alleles at unexpecte
frequency in Qatar, the migration crossroads of Ara
J. L. Rodriguez-Flores, J. Fuller, N. Hackett, J. Salit, J.
Malek, M. A. Ziki, G. Hoffman, L. Omberg, A. Jayoussi,
Zirie, R. G. Crystal, J. G. Mezey.
455F Survey of 20,000 human Y chromosomes show
that the population genetic characteristics of deletio
involving AZFc and the rates at which they arise by
new mutations are surprisingly diverse.
S. Rozen, J.
Marszalek, K. Irenze, L. Brown, H. Skaletsky, K. Ardlie,
C. Page.
456F Ancient exome sequencing of human remains
from Teopancazco, a neighborhood of the Teotihuac
Mesoamerican city.
K. Sandoval, B. A. Álvarez-Sando
A. Moreno-Estrada, F. M. De La Vega, L. R. Manzanilla,
Harkings, C. D. Bustamante, R. Montiel.
457F A simple test for historical gene flow between
populations based on shared genotype data for two
A. Scally, B. Yngvadottir, Y. Xue, Q. Ayub,
Tyler-Smith, R. M. Durbin.
458F Variants in SNAP25 are targets of natural
selection and influence verbal performances in
M. Sironi, R. Cagliani, S. Riva, C. Marino, M.
Fumagalli, M. G. D'Angelo, V. Riva, G. P. Comi, U. Pozz
D. Forni, M. Caceres, N. Bresolin, M. Clerici.
459F Phylogeography of R1a1 Y-chromosomal
haplogroup and genetic history of Indo-Europeans.
A. Stepanov, V. N. Kharkov.
460F A genetic simulation approach to prehistoric
population events in Finland.
T. Sundell, J. Kammone
M. Heger, J. Palo, P. Onkamo.
461F Molecular analysis of an ancient Thule populati
at Point Barrow, Alaska.
J. C. Tackney, J. A. Raff, J. B
Coltrain, A. M. Jensen, D. H. O'Rourke.
462F Synthesis of autosomal and gender-specific
genetic structures of the Uralic-speaking population
K. Tambets, S. Rootsi, M. Metspalu, B. Yunusbayev, E.
Metspalu, A. M. Ilumäe, M. Reidla, K. Dibirova, O.
Balanovsky, I. Evseeva, L. Osipova, E. Khusnutdinova,