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415F A new whole-genome genotyping array of almost
4.5 million SNPs based on data from the 1000
Genomes Project.
M. A. Eberle, J. Stone, L. Galver, M.
Hansen, C. Tsan, D. Segale.
416F The first genetic animal model for idiopathic
K. Gorman, J. Parent, R. Amahadi, K. Pohl, F.
Ali, K. Bandwait, R. Wallis, E. Jin, G. Handrigan, J.
Christians, F. Breden, A. Moreau.
417F Disruption of imprinted regions in a mouse model
of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
B. Laufer, E. Diehl,
M. Kleiber, K. Janus, E. Wright, S. Singh.
418F Substance abuse and addiction measures in the
PhenX Toolkit for use in genomic and epidemiologic
K. Conway, D. B. Hancock, M. Scott, A. Agrawal,
A. Hussong, W. Bickel, J. Bjork, P. Wakim, E. Augustson,
T. Hendershot, D. Nettles, M. Phillips, J. Pratt, W. Huggins,
T. Grant, D. Maiese, H. A. Junkins, L. Farrer, E. M. Ramos,
L. C. Strader, C. M. Hamilton, K. J. Sher.
419F Mapping phenotype variables to support cross-
study data integration among genomic studies.
Hsu, C.-J. Kuo, C. Cai, S. A. Pendergrass, T. C. Matise,
M. D. Ritchie, J. L. Ambite.
420F Tackling the challenges of phenotyping behavior
for genetic epidemiological studies.
R. Plaetke, V.
421F Genome-wide association studies in allergic
disease: Re-definition of endotypes helps identify true
genetic associations.
A. Simpson, J. A. Curtin, J. Winn,
C. M. Bishop, A. Custovic.
422F Association of polymorphisms in the ITPKC gene
with susceptibility to Kawasaki disease in Taiwanese
H. Chi, L. Y. Chang, F. Y. Huang, M. R. Chen, N.
C. Chiu, H. C. Lee, S. P. Lin, W. F. Chen, C. L. Lin, H. W.
Chan, H. F. Liu, L. M. Huang, Y. J. Lee.
423F Common variant of the
influences central
K. Nakayama, A. Ogawa, Y. Ishizuka, Y.
Yanagisawa, H. Miyashita, Y. Kagawa, S. Iwamoto.
424F CYP1A1(Ile462Val) genetic polymorphisms and
uterine leiomyoma risk in a cohort of Iranian women: A
case- control study.
F. Taghizade Mortazaee, S. Miraj, E.
Farrokhi, N. Shahinfard, M. Hashemzadeh, S. Ashori, K.
Ghatre Samani.
425F Allele-specific transcriptional activity at type 2
diabetes-associated SNPs in regions of pancreatic
islet open chromatin.
M. P. Fogarty, T. M. Panhuis, S.
Vadlamudi, M. L. Buchkovich, K. J. Gaulton, K. L. Mohlke.
426F Exome sequencing in severe COPD cases and
resistant smoking controls from COPDGene.
M. H.
Cho, M. Emond, R. A. Mathias, J. Hokanson, T. H. Beaty,
N. Laird, C. Lange, K. C. Barnes, M. Bamshad, J. D.
Crapo, E. K. Silverman on behalf of NHLBI Exome
Sequencing Project.
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The Exhibit Hall will close at 4:30 pm.
427F Admixture mapping in Puerto Rican and Mexic
Latinos: Dense SNP genotype data identifies novel
genetic risk factors for asthma.
L. A. Roth, D. G.
Torgerson, C. R. Gignoux, J. M. Galanter, K. Drake, C.
Eng, S. Huntsman, P. Avila, R. Chapela, J. G. Ford, J.
Rodriguez-Santana, W. Rodriguez-Cintron, S. Sen, E. G
428F Risk prediction for hypertension using gene-
environment risk scores and a decision tree in a
Korean genome-wide association study.
J. W. Park, I
Kim, S. Uhmn, J. Hwang, C. Shin, N. H. Cho, J. Y. Lee.
429F Variants of C-C motif chemokine 22 (
) ar
associated with susceptibility to atopic dermatitis.
Hirota, H. Saeki, K. Tomita, K. Ebe, S. Doi, T. Enomoto,
Hizawa, S. Takashi, T. Ebihara, M. Amagai, S. Takeuchi,
M. Furue, N. Kamatani, M. Kubo, M. Tamari.
430F Exome data analysis for a complex disease usi
a novel filtering tool reveals a candidate mutation.
S. Petersen, B. Stade, B. D. Juran, J. K. Laerdahl, J. R.
Hov, A. ElSharawy, K. N. Lazaridis, T. H. Karlsen, A.
431F Syntropy and personalized medicine.
V. P.
432F Genome-wide analysis of imputed genotypes
identifies chemokine receptor-1 (
) as a novel
susceptibility locus in Behçet's disease.
E. F. Remme
G. Bertsias, Y. Kirino, M. J. Ombrello, D. Ustek, C.
Satorius, J. Le, A. Gül, D. L. Kastner.
Evolutionary and Population Genetic
433F Experimental validation and search for
polymorphism of insertions and deletions from
comparisons of primates genomes.
D. Ferrer, A. Maz
Vargas, C. T. Ruiz-Rodriguez, J.C. Martínez-Cruzado, R
M. Stephens, C. A. Winkler, N. Volfovsky, T. K. Oleksyk,
434F Recent accumulation of deleterious mutations
human populations.
E. Gazave, A. G. Clark, A. Keinan.
435F Natural selection and the allele frequency
spectrum for the APOL1 gene.
G. Genovese, D. J.
Friedman, M. R. Pollak.
436F Allele-level HLA A~B~DRB1 global haplotype
frequency maps.
L. Gragert, E. Williams, M. Maiers.
437F Admixed human genomes reveal ancient and
recent migration patterns.
S. Gravel, J. M. Kidd, J. K.
Byrnes, A. Moreno-Estrada, S. Musharoff, F. M. De La
Vega, C. D. Bustamante.