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391F Familial autoimmune disease among children
with MS in the Canadian Pediatric Demyelinating
Disease Study.
L. Zahavich, M. McGowan, C. Guimond, I.
Yee, D. L. Arnold, A. Bar-Or, R. A. Marrie, B. Banwell, A.
D. Sadovnick.
392F The AcB61 and AcB60 recombinant congenic
strains of inbred mice: Susceptibility and resistance to
a murine model of human typhoid fever.
S. C. Beatty,
M. Roy, J. C. Loredo-Osti, D. Malo.
393F Deep sequencing and pooled association testing
of 259 candidate genes reveals a role for rare variants
associated with durable control of HIV-1 replication.
J. McLaren, E. A. Stahl, M. Rivas, F. Pereyra, N. Gupta, B.
D. Walker, P. I. W. de Bakker, International HIV Controllers
394F Polymorphisms in
promoter and
3`UTR are associated with tuberculosis susceptibility.
M. Möller, L. A. Adams, A. Nebel, S. Schreiber, L. van der
Merwe, P. D. van Helden, E. G. Hoal.
395F Investigating single nucleotide polymorphisms
and interactions of candidate genes involved in
susceptibility to tuberculosis in a South African
C. Wagman, M. Möller, E. G. Hoal.
396F QTL analysis, pathway analysis and consomic
mapping show genetic variants of Tnni3k, Fpgt or H28
control susceptibility to viral myocarditis.
S. Wiltshire,
G. A. Leiva-Torres, S. M. Vidal.
397F Genetic analysis of a rat model of aerobic
capacity and aging.
Y. Ren, L. G. Koch, S. L. Britton, N.
Qi, C. F. Burant, M. K. Treutelaar, J. Li.
398F Conditioning on associated alleles increases
power to detect linkage and gene-gene interaction.
Corso, R. L. Subaran, D. A. Greenberg.
399F Genome-wide meta-analysis of autosomal SNP
differences between men and women.
V. Boraska,
Autosomal Sex Differences Meta-analysis Group.
400F Additive genetic variation in risk to schizophrenia
tagged by common SNPs in an admixed African
American population.
T. de Candia, S. H. Lee, J. Yang, P.
M. Visscher, N. R. Wray, M. C. Keller, P. V. Gejman, D. F.
401F Multi-ethnic studies in complex disease: Towards
better insight in disease mechanisms.
E. Festen, J. Y.
Fu, C. Wijmenga.
402F Common variants show predicted polygenic
effects on height in the 1% tails of the distribution,
except in extremely short individuals.
O. L. Holmen, Y.
Chan, A. Dauber, L. Vatten, A. S. Havulinna, F. Skorpen, K.
Kvaløy, K. Silander, T. Nguyen, C. Willer, M. Boehnke, M.
Perola, A. Palotie, V. Salomaa, K. Hveem, T. M. Frayling, J.
N. Hirschhorn, M. N. Weedon.
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403F A comprehensive assessment of the power to
detect low-frequency risk alleles through imputation
genome-wide association studies of Northern
European populations.
B. Howie, C. Fuchsberger, H.
Kang, A. Mahajan, A. Morris, M. Stephens on behalf of
1000 Genomes Project and Genetics of Type 2 Diabete
404F Dissecting the genetic and disease heterogene
in complex traits: Crohn’s disease as an example.
Maniatis, H. Elding, W. Lau, T. Andrew, D. Swallow.
405F Genome-wide methylation profiling of chronic
L. Mfuna Endam, A. Filali-Mouhim, C.
Divoy, V. Tardif, M. Desrosiers.
406F Finding all statistically significant genetic
interactions in case-control datasets without using
S. Prabhu, I. Pe'er.
407F Screening for pathogenic sequence variants in
early-onset and familial Crohn’s disease.
N. J. Presc
B. Lehne, K. Harrison, J. Knight, M. A. Simpson, P. Gre
J. Sanderson, J. C. Mansfield, C. M. Lewis, M. E. Weal
T. Schlitt, C. G. Mathew.
408F Joint ancestry and association testing in admi
D. Shriner, A. Adeyemo, C. Rotimi.
409F Unveiling and detecting the hidden heritability
complex disease genes.
G. Thomson.
410F An assessment of the individual and collective
effects of variants on height using twins and a
developmentally-informative study design.
S. I. Vriez
M. McGue, M. B. Miller, L. N. Legrand, N. J. Schork, W.
G. Iacono.
411F Whole exome sequencing of 42 Crohn’s diseas
patients and identification of rare variants associate
with Crohn’s disease.
D. Ellinghaus, T. Jiang, B. Stade
A. Keller, E. Ellinghaus, C. Sina, Y. Bromberg, X. Liu, Q.
Liu, F. Jiang, P. Rosenstiel, S. Schreiber, A. Franke.
412F Is CADPS2 involved in autism and intellectual
G. Tortora, P. Magini, S. Miccoli, E. Bacchelli
F. Minopoli, A. Battaglia, L. Mazzone, G. Romeo, E.
Maestrini, E. Bonora, C. Graziano.
413F Meta-analysis of genome-wide association
studies yields new loci and insight into the genetic
architecture of the extremes of anthropometric trait
S. I. Berndt, S. Gustafsson, R. Mägi, E. Wheeler, A.
Ganna, A. Scherag, E. K. Speliotes, M. F. Feitosa, D.
Meyre, K. Monda, C. M. Lindgren, K. E. North, M. I.
McCarthy, R. J. F. Loos, E. Ingelsson for GIANT
414F Integrating linkage and association data throu
a weighted test statistic increases power to detect
A. L. Peljto, T. E. Fingerlin.