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366F Genetic analysis of lipidomic profiles in Mexican
American families.
C. Bellis, J. E. Curran, J. M. Weir, M.
A. Carless, J. B. Jowett, M. C. Mahaney, T. D. Dyer, H. H.
H. Göring, A. G. Comuzzie, L. Almasy, P. J. Meikle, J.
367F Genetic modifiers of the vasculopathy caused by
elastin haploinsufficiency act by extrinsic
B. A. Kozel, R. H. Knutsen, L. Ye,
C. H. Ciliberto, T. J. Broekelmann, R. P. Mecham.
368F Investigation of genome-wide associated regions
for triglycerides in the Mexican population.
Weissglas, J. S. Sinsheimer, L. Riba, B. Bernal-Barroeta,
D. Gomez, W. Zamudio, M. Ordoñez-Sánchez, M. L.
Rodríguez-Torres, I. Cruz-Bautista, R. M. Cantor, C. A.
Aguilar-Salinas, T. Tusie-Luna, P. Pajukanta.
369F Genetic basis of familial hypercholesterolaemia.
A. C. Alves, M. Bourbon.
370F Serum microRNA-21 and microRNA-221 as
potential biomarkers for stroke.
M. Lu, P. Tsai, Y. Wang,
Y. Liao, H. Lin, R. Lin, S. Juo.
371F The upregulation of mir-221 in adipose tissue is
associated with the development of phenotype of
Y. Wang, W. Chou, X. Su, S. Juo.
372F Genetic polymorphisms associated with
hypertension in a sample population of Calabar and
Uyo, Nigeria.
C. I. Anumudu, M. E. Kooffreh, L. Kumar.
373F Identification of polymorphisms in NPBWR2 gene
associated with hypertension.
J. Klovins, R. Petrovska,
G. Latkovskis, V. Pirags, H. B. Schioth, I. Kalnina.
375F Genome-wide association study of cardiac
structure and systolic function in African Americans:
The Candidate Gene Association Resource Study.
Fox, S. Musani, M. Barbalic, H. Lin, K. Ogunyankin, N.
Smith, A. Kutlar, W. Post, D. Dries, C. Duarte, S. Kardia,
D. Arnett, D. Paltoo, D. Farlow, R. Vasan, Candidate Gene
Association Resource Study Working Group.
376F Enriched population from Lebanon improves the
understanding of genetic and environmental effect on
cardiovascular disease in the Levant and beyond.
Cazier, J. L. Davies, S. Youhanna, D. E. Platt, C. Holmes,
D. Gauguier, P. A. Zalloua.
377F Whole-exome DNA re-sequencing in French
Canadians with dilated cadiomyopathy using pre-exon
capture barcoding.
M. Beaudoin, K. S. Lo, M. Schlogel,
L. Robb, N. Laplante, J.-C. Tardif, M. Talajic, G. Lettre.
378F Impact of
LIMK1, MMP2 and TNF-
variations for
intracranial aneurysm in Japanese population.
Low, H. Zembutsu, A. Takahashi, N. Kamatani, P.-C. Cha,
N. Hosono, M. Kubo, K. Matsuda, Y. Nakamura.
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379F Genetic susceptibility to ischemic stroke in
E. Mocan, O. Odainic, V. Nacu, S. Protop
L. Lysiy, N. Barbacar.
380F ATP2B1 gene polymorphisms are associated w
susceptibility to hypertension.
Y. Tabara, K. Kohara, T
Complex Traits: Theory and Method
381F The use of alternative regulatory elements and
the problem of missing heritability.
E. A. Ruiz-Narvae
382F A variant in the promoter of MUC5B is a geneti
predictor for survival in patients with idiopathic
pulmonary fibrosis.
Y. Zhang, T. Richards, K. Gibson,
Lindell, N. Kaminski.
383F The human caveolin 1 gene upstream purine
complex and multiple sclerosis: A replicated link.
Heidari, M. Ohadi, H. Darvish, R. Pazhoomand, M.
Behmanesh, R. Meshkani.
384F Multipoint linkage analysis using dense SNPs i
large pedigrees.
C. Sun, G. Gao.
385F A holistic approach to studying complex disea
S. Ballouz, J. Y. Liu, M. Oti, B. Gaeta
D. Fatkin, M. Bahlo, M. A. Wouters.
386F Genetic association studies with fetal
hemoglobin levels and eight clinical complications i
African American sickle cell disease patients.
Galarneau, S. Coady, M. Pandey, B. Moore, N. Jeffries,
Paltoo, A. Guasch, A. Kutlar, G. Lettre, G. Papanicolaou
The CARe Project.
387F GWAS follow-up mutation screen and expressi
analysis implicate
as a novel candidate
gene for nonsyndromic cleft lip/palate.
E. J. Leslie,
A. Mansilla, L. C. Biggs, K. Schuette, S. Bullard, T. X.
Zhang, M. Cooper, M. Dunnwald, A. C. Lidral, D.
FitzPatrick, M. L. Marazita, T. H. Beaty, J. C. Murray.
388F Whole-genome sequencing and haplotype
characterization of an extended multiplex kindred w
inflammatory bowel disease.
A. P. Levine, L. Jostins,
W. Sewell, P. J. Smith, L. B. Lovat, A. P. Walker, J. C.
Barrett, A. W. Segal.
389F Exome sequencing in two families of Dutch
origin segregating for celiac disease.
A. M. Szperl, I.
Ricaño-Ponce, J. K. Li, P. Deelen, A. Kanterakis, V.
Plagnol, F. van Dijk, H. J. Westra, G. Trynka, C. J. Muld
M. Swertz, H. C. Zheng, C. Wijmenga.
390F Genetic association analysis of CIITA
polymorphisms with nasal polyps pathogenesis in
Korean asthma patients.
J. S. Bae, C. F. A. Pasaje, C.
Park, H. D. Shin.