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344F Association of adiponectin plasma levels in
African Americans with SNPs from two arrays.
S. G.
Buxbaum, S. Musani, M. Allison, J. Kizer, S. Redline, J. G.
Wilson, A. Bidulescu.
345F Family based association analysis of variants in
activating FCgR with Kawasaki Disease susceptibility,
IVIG refractoriness, and coronary artery disease.
Shrestha, H. W. Wiener, A. Shendre, J. C. Edberg, M. A.
346F Synergistic effect of ANRIL and BRAP
polymorphisms on ankle-brachial index in a Taiwanese
P. C. Tsai, Y. C. Liao, T. H. Lin, E. Hsi, Y. H.
Yang, S. H. Juo.
347F Genetic and molecular characterization of
variants associated with circulating interleukin-18
levels and cardiovascular disease.
T. Zeller, R. B.
Schnabel, J. Dupuis, P. S. Wild, R. Castagne, J. Baumert,
J. Kruppa, A. Schillert, B. Thorand, T. Munzel, K. J.
Lackner, A. Ziegler, W. Koenig, E. J. Benjamin, L. Tiret, S.
348F Mutations in
in a British cohort of TAAD
G. Arno, J. A. Aragon-Martin, S. Harris, A.
Saggar, M. Jahangiri, A. H. Child.
349F Identification of rare variants in familial
hypoalphalipoproteinemia using exome sequencing.
Gonzaludo, P. L. F. Tang, C. Pullinger, M. Malloy, J. Kane,
P. Y. Kwok.
350F Mutation spectrum of aortic hypoplasia-vascular
calcification syndrome by whole exome sequencing.
J. Kullo, K. Ding, K. Shameer.
351F A genome-wide association scan of lipids and
lipoprotein subclasses in African Americans including
the Sea Island Gullah.
W. M. Chen, Y. Huang, F. Chen, K.
L. Keene, J. Divers, J. C. Mychaleckyj, U. Nayak, X. Hou,
D. L. Kamen, K. J. Hunt, I. J. Spruill, J. K. Fernandes, M.
Cushman, W. T. Garvey, M. M. Sale.
352F Genome-wide association analyses in up to
181,171 individuals reveal 14 new loci associated with
heart rate.
M. den Hoed, T. Esko, M. Eijgelsheim, D. M.
Evans, I. M. Nolte, A. V. Segre, Y. S. Cho, H. J. Westra, R.
E. Handsaker, D. P. Strachan, T. Johnson, K. Stefansson,
M. C. Cornelis, P. F. O'Reilly, C. Ladenvall, N. R. Poulter,
D. Cusi, P. van der Harst, W. Zhang, D. Albanes, Z.
Kutalik, O. T. Njajou, T. Tanaka, A. U. Jackson, P. Salo, R.
J. F. Loos, HRgen Consortium, RRgen Consortium, Global
BPgen Consortium and CARDIoGRAM Consortium.
353F Functional analysis of the TRIB1 locus in
coronary artery disease .
A. Douvris, P. Lau, O. Jarinova,
T. Naing, R. McPherson.
354F A genome-wide association study of essential
hypertension in an Australian population using a DNA
pooling approach.
J. Y. Fowdar, Y. Lu, S. Macgregor, L.
R. Griffiths.
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355F Evidence for several genetic variants affecting
lipoprotein (a) level on chromosome 6q25-26 in the
Order Amish.
M. Fu, W. Lu, Q. Gibson, X. Shi, J.
O’Connell, B. Mitchell, A. Shuldiner.
356F A GWAS from the Vitamin Intervention for Stro
Prevention clinical trial identifies variants that
influence measures of one carbon metabolism.
Keene, F. Chen, W. M. Chen, F. C. Hsu, J. Mychaleckyj,
Doheny, E. Pugh, H. Ling, C. Laurie, S. Gogarten, E.
Bookman, B. Worrall, M. Sale, GARNET.
357F Genome-wide association study, meta-analysis
and linkage study of von Willebrand factor and
gamma-prime fibrinogen plasma levels in a healthy
young cohort.
A. Ozel, K. Desch, D. Siemieniak, D.
Ginsburg, J. Li.
358F Genome-wide association analysis identifies
TYW3/CRYZ and NDST4 loci associated with
circulating resistin levels.
Q. Qi, C. Menzaghi, S. Smit
L. Liang, J. Ding, T. Harris, V. Trischitta, F. Hu, Y. Liu, L.
359F Genome-wide association studies identify 15 l
with novel associations with plasma fibrinogen level
M. Sabater-Lleal, J. Huang, FibrinoGEN Consortium.
360F Genome-wide association study of vascular
inflammatory markers suggests novel candidate gen
associated with atherosclerosis and coronary artery
B. Suktitipat, D. Vaidya, L. R. Yanek, T. F. Moy
R. A. Mathias, J. H. Young, L. C. Becker, D. M. Becker,
F. Wilson, M. D. Fallin.
361F Cytokine (IFN-
, IL-6, TNF-
, TGF-
1 and IL-10
genotyping in Turkish children with acute rheumatic
N. Col Araz, S. Pehlivan, O. Baspinar, S. Oguzka
Balci, T. Sever, A. Balat.
362F Genetic risk scores related to leukocyte telom
length predict incident cardiovascular disease, the
Framingham Heart Study.
S.-J. Hwang, J. M. Murabit
S. L. Neuhausen, S. C. Hunt, E. N. Smith, M. Mangino,
Spector, A. L. Fitzpatrick, G. Berenson, N. J. Schock, J.
Bis, B. M. Psaty, A. Aviv, D. Levy.
363F A deep-sequencing approach to identify new
genes involved in hereditary hemorrhagic
M. Eyries, J. Roume, F. Coulet, C. Lonj
M. Germain, P. Lacombe, T. Chinet, J. H. Blondel, I.
Bourgault, G. Lesur, A. Ozanne, B. Raffestin, D. A.
Tregouet, F. Soubrier.
364F Multigenic etiology of CHD with heterotaxy
involving PCD and cilia genes.
Y. Li, H. Yagi, E. Onuo
M. Barmada, M. Tsang, C. W. Lo.
365F Variants in the inflammatory
modulate stroke susceptibility through main effects
and gene-gene interactions.
A. M. Vicente, H. Manso,
Krug, J. Sobral, G. Gaspar, S. Oliveira, J. M. Ferro.