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Cardiovascular Genetics
325F eQTL analysis to identify candidate loci
influencing cellular response to simvastatin exposure.
L. M. Mangravite, B. E. Engelhardt, M. W. Medina, J. D.
Smith, M. J. Rieder, D. A. Nickerson, M. Stephens, R. M.
326F CRP predicting locus at 6q22 modulates risk of
ventricular fibrillation in acute myocardial infarction.
Pazoki, M. W. T. Tanck, D. Dalal, J. S. S. G. de Jong, A. A.
M. Wilde, C. R. Bezzina.
327F A prescription for personalized wellness:
Identification of genomic signatures of VO2max
responsiveness among individuals undergoing
combined aerobic and resistance training.
Rampersaud, L. Nathanson, T. Musto, A. Mendez, R. L.
Belton, K. Meshbane, A. Dressen, N. Hudson, M.
Cuccaro, J. M. Vance, D. Seo, M. A. Pericak-Vance, P. J.
328F Genotyping of heat shock protein-70
polymorphisms in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Rangaraju, M. L. Satyanarayana, N. Calambur, P. Nallari.
329F Genetic heterozygosity in cardiomyopathy.
M. L.
Satyanarayana, R. Advithi, S. Deepa, C. Narsimhan, N.
330F A novel haplotype within CRP gene augments the
risk of coronary heart disease in Indian Asians.
P. P.
Singh, M. Singh, H. S. Nagpal, T. P. Kaur, M. D. Napoli.
331F Association of sequence variants in the USF1,
ROS1 and ABCA genes with glycohemoglobin levels in
the ClinSeq Study.
H. Sung, M. Krishnan, D. Ng, S.
Gonsalves, P. Cruz, J. Mullikin, L. Biesecker, A. Wilson,
NISC Comparative Sequencing Program.
332F Analysis of gene-by-smoking interactions in
families with early-onset coronary artery disease in the
C. K. Ward-Caviness, C. Blach, C.
Haynes, E. Dowdy, S. H. Shah, S. G. Gregory, W. E.
Kraus, E. R. Hauser.
333F Mouse models provide insights into the
mechanisms underling abnormal cardiac development
associated with recurrent 8p23.1 deletions.
M. Wat, M.
Garcia, Y. Chen, Z. Yu, A. Hernandez, R. J. Schwartz, B.
Lee, M. Dickinson, D. Scott.
334F Fine-mapping of lipid loci in multi-ethnic
populations detects known functional variants.
Y. Wu,
S. Buyske, T. Assimes, L. S. Adair, C. Ballantyne, C. Carty,
I. Cheng, D. Duggan, L. Dumitrescu, C. B. Eaton, A. B.
Feranil, L. A. Hindorff, T. C. Matise, S. Mitchell, Y. Lin, T.
A. Manolio, U. Peters, J. G. Robinson, F. Schumacher, A.
Young, C. Kooperberg, D. Crawford, K. L. Mohlke, K. E.
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335F Common and rare variants contribute to extre
LDL levels: Findings from the NHLBI Exome
Sequencing Project.
C. Xue, Y. Hu, C. Bizon, E. Lange
C. Willer, L. Lange on behalf of NHLBI Exome Sequenci
336F Implication of the Pro12Ala , G972R
polymorphisms of the PPAR-
2 and IRS1 gene in ty
2 diabetes and coronary artery disease.
S. Vats, K.
Matharoo, V. Sambyal, A. J. S. Bhanwer.
337F Pulmonary thromboembolism and the role of
genetic thrombophilic mutations in Iranian patients.
Ansarin, E. Sakhinia, A. Poursadegh Zonouzi, A. Firoozi,
N. Karimi Ansari, Y. Heshmat, A. Asghari Haghie, M.
338F Integration of genome-wide linkage and
metabolomics identifies metabolic quantitative trait
S. Shah, X. Qin, C. Haynes, Z. Dowdy, J. Bain, J.
Johnson, R. Stevens, C. Newgard, S. Gregory, V. Kraus
Hauser, W. Kraus.
339F Smoking modifies the effect of lipoprotein lipa
gene polymorphism on serum HDL-C concentration
Japanese general population.
H. Kitajima, K. Kurotani
K. Ohnaka, R. Takayanagi, K. Yamamoto.
340F Vitamin D dependent effects of APOA5
polymorphisms on HDL cholesterol and triglyceride
B. H. Shirts, M. T. Howard, S. J. Hassedt, M. N. Nanjee
S. Knight, J. F. Carlquist, J. L. Anderson, P. N. Hopkins,
C. Hunt.
341F Replication and discovery of lipid-related loci
exhibiting heterogeneity by sex in the population
architecture using genomics and epidemiology (PAG
K. Taylor, K. North, C. Carty, L. Dumitrescu, L.
Hindorff, F. Schumacher, M. Quibrera, S. Cole, S. Buys
P. Buzkova, K. Brown-Gentry, N. Franceschini, L. Wilke
D. Duggan, C. Eaton, B. Cochran, C. Haiman, L. Le
Marchand, C. Kooperberg, D. Crawford, M. Fornage,
PAGE Study.
342F Investigation of heterogeneity by sex in central
adiposity-related phenotypes in a meta-analysis of
42820 individuals of European descent.
S. Yoneyama
K. C. Taylor, C. S. Fox, B. J. Keating, L. A. Lange, K. L.
Monda, Y. Gong, A. P. Reiner, H. Shen, E. Smith, M.
Lanktree, S. Padmanabhan, S. Rafelt, T. Johnson, T.
Gaunt, Y. Guo, S. Grant, L. Speilotes, S. Redline, G.
Burke, H. Taylor, G. Papanicolaou, J. Liu, J. Ordovas, C
Jaquish, N. Heard-Costa, I. Heid, M. Gorski, K. North,
W. Demerath, Candidate Gene Association Resource
343F Autoimmune myocarditis induced by coxsacki
virus, suggesting novel loci on chromosome 17.
T. Issa.