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1476T ALK rearrangements in non-small cell lung
J. J. D. Morrissette, V. Aikawa, J. P. Segal, C.
1477T An unusual myeloid case involving
C. Murray, L. Hendry, H. Roddie, R. Bauld,
G. Bakirtzis, J. Fleming, J. Iremonger, E. Maher.
1478T Gene expression profile of AURKA and AURKB
in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: Correlation with
classical cytogenetic and hematological parameters.
Oliveira, A. R. Lucena de Araújo, F. Saldanha-Araújo, E.
Magalhães Rego, R. Passetto Falcão.
1479T Frequent cytogenetic alterations in a series of
myelodysplastic syndrome cases.
S. P. Perdomo, L. C.
Pardo, Y. Guevara, C. Fajardo, T. I. Roncancio.
1480T Evaluation of AURKB gene amplification status
in breast cancer samples.
R. M. Rodrigues-Peres, J. K.
Heinrich, R. G. Paleari, J. Vassallo, L. O. Sarian.
1481T Strategy using SNP array and interphase FISH
for the detection of genetic prognosis factors in
M. Roy-Tourangeau, M.-P. Arsenault, C.
Nyalendo, S. Cournoyer, P. Teira, M. Duval, H. Sartelet, R.
1482T Chromosomal alterations detected by
conventional cytogenetic and FISH in leukemias.
F. J.
Sheth, M. J. Desai, A. P. Patel, S. B. Mehta, J. J. Sheth.
1483T Acute promyelocytic leukemia with a novel
variant (15;17) rearrangement.
A. Zaslav, M. Bellone, B.
Kiner-Strachan, M. Golightly, T. Mercado, Y. Hu.
1484T Increased molecular cytogenetic (FISH)
abnormality detection rate using plasma cell enriched
cell sorting for plasma cell disorders.
S. Zneimer, M.
1485T Gene expression and SNP array analyses of
spindle cell lipomas and conventional lipomas with
13q14 deletion.
H. Bartuma.
1486T Aberrant translocations t(3;17)(q22;p13) and
t(5;21) (q13;q22) in a case of Ph-positive chronic
myeloid leukemia during blastic transformation.
Bennour, M. Zaier, I. Azzouz, I. Ouahchi, Y. Ben Youssef,
A. Khelif, A. Saad, H. Sennana.
1487T The first case of Philadelphia-negative acute
promyelocytic leukemia following imatinib for chronic
myeloid leukemia.
J. J. W. Wakim, C. A. T. Tirado, W. C.
1488T Detection of exonic copy-number changes by
high resolution array-CGH of human cancer genes.
Chong, A. Elliott, A. Kammesheidt.
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1489T Automating the dropping process to generate
quality metaphase spreads in preparation for
fluorescence in situ hybridization.
B. Kirk, A. Avila, T.
Tisone, K. Sundin, D. Buller, C. Glotzbach, C. Kashork.
1490T Comprehensive genetic diagnosis of B-cell
chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Y. Y. Wen, X. F. Hu, M.
M. Li.
1491T Retrospective microarray analysis in diagnost
acute myeloid leukemia.
C. M. Higgins, D. L. Pickerin
J. M. Stevens, W. G. Sanger, B. J. Dave.
1492T Cytogenetic monitoring by use the
micronucleus assay and the chromosomal aberratio
test among Tunisian hospital staff exposed to low
dose of ionizing radiation.
S. Bouraoui, A. Drira, H. Be
Khelifa, M. Gribaa, N. Bouali, R. Berguiga, I. Ben Abdall
S. Brahem, A. Bennour, O. Mamai, N. Mrizek, F. Tabka,
Elghezal, A. Saad.