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1453T Ofd1 controls dorso-ventral patterning in the
brain and plays a developmental stage dependent role
in ciliogenesis.
B. Franco, A. D'Angelo, A. De Angelis, B.
Avallone, I. Piscopo, M. Studer, R. Tammaro.
Cancer Cytogenetics
1454T Novel intergenic trans-splicing generating
double fusion transcripts in a case of chronic myeloid
leukemia in blast phase with the t(7;17) translocation.
S. Hazourli, J. Hébert.
1455T Treatment outcome with sequential radiotherapy
and chemotherapy based on loss of heterozygosity in
both chromosomes 1p and 19q in anaplastic
H. O. Shah, A. Yuil, A. Pigal, M.-L.
Desormeaux, W. Gebre, L. Freedman.
1456T Identification of genetics alterations in
colorectal cancer patients in Tamil Nadu population,
V. Balachandar, M. Arun, P. Manikantan, K.
Sasikala, P. Varsha, S. N. Dharwadkar, P. Singaravelu.
1457T CGH+SNP microarrays for copy-neutral
aberration detection in cancer research.
P. Costa, B.
Curry, B. Peter, P. Anderson, N. Sampas, S. Giles, A.
Ashutosh, A. Vadapalli, A. Ijpma, J. Ghosh, S. Fulmer-
Smentek, A. De Witte.
1458T Analysis of cytogenetic aberration in children
with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in relation to other
prognostic factors.
E. Maly, M. Przyborska, K. Derwich,
O. Spychaka, D. Januszkiewicz.
1459T Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm
caused by loss of genomic DNA copy numbers in the
p18, p16, p27 and RB loci.
N. Oiso, Y. Tatsumi, T. Arao,
S. Rai, M. Kimura, S. Nakamura, K. Nishio, I. Matsumura,
A. Kawada.
1460T Detection of chromosome alteration and RB1
gene polymorphisms in retinoblastoma patients, India.
P. Varsha, V. Balachandar, S. Mohana Devi, K. Sasikala.
1461T Abnormal signal patterns involved in t(12;21)
TEL-AML1 in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
O. Altiok Clark, C. F. Sargin Özkaya, S. Yakut, Z.
Cetin, A. Kupesiz, G. Tezcan, V. Hazar, G. Luleci, S. Berker
1462T Ten years experience of ctogenetic investigation
in Tunisian leukemic patients.
W. Ayed, O. Kilani, N. Ben
Romdhane, S. Ladab, L. Torjmane, A. Lakhal, H.
Guermani, N. Abidli, F. Talmoudi, T. Ben Othmen, S.
Abdelhak, A. Amouri.
1463T High-resolution confirmation of balanced
gene rearrangements in acute promyelocytic leukemia
by using array CGH.
B. C. Ballif, A. Gruver, R. R. Tubbs,
J. R. Cook, J. H. Rogers, J. R. Batanian, A. Furrow, L. G.
Shaffer, R. A. Schultz.
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1464T Evaluation of chromosomal instability in
patients with Langerhans cell histiocytosis.
Bobadilla-Morales, E. Franco-Perez, R. Silva-Cruz, J. L.
De León-Rendón, C. Barba-Barba, V. Soto-Chavez, F.
Sánchez-Zubieta, A. Corona-Rivera.
1465T A simple technique significantly improves the
success rate of chromosome analysis from solid
H. Chaker, D. Turmel, R. Fetni.
1466T Cytogenetic studies in 84 pediatric
neuroepithelial central nervous system tumors in a
single institution in Argentina.
M. C. Coccé, F.
Lubieniecki, D. Alderete, M. S. Gallego.
1467T t(X;1) and 5q- from a mediastinal teratoma in
Klinefelter syndrome patient.
A. Corona-Rivera, C.
Barba-Barba, M. D. Martinez-Albarran, E. Corona-
Bobadilla, H. J. Pimentel-Gutierrez, C. Ortega-de-la-Tor
F. Sanchez-Zubieta, L. Bobadilla-Morales.
1468T Evaluation of MLPA and SISH as two alternati
methods for assessing ERBB2 gene amplification
status in breast cancer patients.
C. Durajczyk, L.
Carson, S. Tennant, P. Batstone, D. Stevenson.
1469T Detection of telomerase genes (hTERC and
hTERT) amplification by FISH in patients with acute
myeloid leukemia.
M. M. Eid, N. A. Helmy, I. M. Omar,
A. Mohamed, D. El Sewefy, I. M. Fadel, R. Helal.
1470T Detection of cytogenetics abnormalities in
chronic lymphocytic leukemia using FISH technique
and their prognostic impact.
O. M. Eid, M. M. Eid, H.
Kayed, W. M. Ahmed.
1471T Coexistence of t(12;21)(p13;q22)/ETV6-RUNX1
and MLL rearrangement in a pediatric patient with
lymphoblastic leukemia.
M. Hiemenz, W. Chen, N.
Winick, C. Tirado.
1472T Juvenile xanthogranuloma with clonal
proliferation in the bone marrow.
D. Januszkiewicz, E
Maly, M. Przyborska, A. Rybczynska, B. Konatkowska,
fusion and amplification in a
solid variant of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.
J. Liu,
Guzman, D. Pezanowski, D. Patel, J. Hauptman, M.
Keisling, J. Hou, P. Papenhausen, J. Pascasio, H. Punn
G. Halligan, J.-P. de Chadarévian.
1474T Recurrent cytogenetic aberrations predict MY
breakpoints in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and he
define Burkitt lymphoma versus diffuse large B-cell
lymphoma with MYC rearrangement.
D. Martinez, R.
Garcia, P. Koduru, C. A. Tirado.
1475T Proposed FISH panel with diagnostic and
prognostic significance for prostate cancer.
N. Mitter
Belanger, J. Blackson, A. Singh, A. Lindia, J. Amberson