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1426T Exploiting the Mid1 null mouse line to
understand cerebellar development.
G. Meroni, F.
Petrera, D. Licastro, A. Lancioni, R. Ferrentino, C. Migliore,
M. Zanchetta.
1427T Analysis of time-series embryonic diaphragm
transcriptomes identifies
as a candidate gene for
diaphragmatic defects.
M. Russell, M. Longoni, J. Wells,
F. Maalouf, A. Tracey, K. Ackerman, B. Pober, K. Lage, C.
Bult, P. Donahoe.
1428T Deletion of
entire gene in a patient with
E. S. S. França, M. S. Guaragna, A. T. Maciel-
Guerra, G. Guerra-Júnior, M. P. de Mello.
1429T Knock-down of Zic2 in embryonic stem cells
blocks neural differentiation through its effects on
miRNA expression.
L. Brown, S. Brown.
1430T Asymmetric expression of Claudin-10 is
required for correct patterning of the left-right axis.
M. Collins, A. Simard, A. K. Ryan.
1431T NOTCH signaling pathway and
holoprosencephaly: A transcriptomic approach using
chick model.
V. David, L. Ratié, I. Gicquel, S. Mercier, C.
Dubourg, S. Odent, V. Dupé.
1432T Assisting research into human embryonic and
fetal development.
D. Gerrelli, S. Suren, V. Morrison, Y.
Cheng, L. Overman, M. Crosier, S. Lisgo, S. Lindsay, A. J.
1433T Is TMED2 essential in the chorion for normal
interaction between the allantois and the chorion in
W. Hou, D. Sarikaya, L. Jerome-Majewska.
1434T Genome-wide screening of mesenchymal
signaling molecules involved in epithelial
differentiation during mice palatogenesis.
K. Kwon, W.
Sohn, H. Kim, M. Choi, Z. Ryoo, S. Lee, J. Kim.
1435T Epithelial splicing regulatory proteins 1 and 2
regulate alternative splicing events during mouse
T. Revil, L. A. Jerome-Majewska.
1436T Signaling modulations of Rgs19 in palatal EMT
W. Sohn, Y. Ji, H. Kim, K. Kwon, C. An, H. Park,
H. Jung, Z. Ryoo, S. Lee, J. Kim.
1437T Reprogramming senescent fibroblasts from
Werner syndrome for studying premature aging.
Cheung, X. Liu, O. M. Rennert.
1438T Molecular genetic studies of planar polarity
gene SCRIBBLE1 in neural tube defects.
F. Kharfallah,
A. Radouane, P. De Marco, E. Merello, V. Capra, Z. Kibar.
1439T Dysregulation of DNA damage repair and cell
cycle checkpoint control pathways as a mechanism
for cleft lip/palate.
G. S. Kobayashi, L. A. Cruz, D. Y.
Sunaga, D. F. Bueno, S. G. Ferreira, M. Aguena, L. A.
Andrade-Lima, C. F. Menck, M. R. Passos-Bueno.
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1440T Allele specific expression single cell RNA-Seq
K. Lao, F. Tang, C. Barbacioru, E. Nordman,
Bao, C. Lee, X. Wang, B. Tuch, E. Heard, M. Surani.
1441T Genomic and genetic analyses define causati
elements of two developmental defects in an avian
biomedical model.
E. A. Robb, M. E. Delany.
1442T Craniofacial abnormalities result from knock
down of nonsyndromic clefting gene, crispld2, in
Q. Yuan, B. T. Chiquet, L. Devault, M. L.
Warman, Y. Nakamura, E. C. Swindell, J. T. Hecht.
1443T Identification of the Danforth’s short tail mou
mutation using next-generation sequencing.
C. N.
Vlangos, A. N. Siuniak, D. Robinson, A. M. Chinnaiyan,
D. Cavalcoli, R. H. Lyons, C. E. Keegan.
1444T Direct or indirect stimulation of an epigenetic
change in bladder urothelial cells in response to
E. coli
A. Kapila, C. Tolg, B.
Weber, N. Sabha, R. Cortese, T. Panchal, A. Petronis, K
J. Aitken, D. J. Bägli.
1445T Evidence of
as a dosage-sensitive gene
involved in central nervous system development an
neurobehavioral functioning.
K. Hovanes, M. N.
Strecker, M. Dasouki, E. Youngs, D. Superneau, S.
Hunkapillar, P. Miner, C. Munn, G. Hoganson, S. Gunn.
1446T Small RNA deep sequencing reveals co-ordin
expression of microRNAs and argonaute-2 during
mammalian embryogenesis.
P. N. Valdmanis, H. Kim,
Roy-Chaudhuri, Y. Pouliot, M. A. Kay.
1447T Identification and characterization of
endogenous LXR ligands in ventral midbrain
S. Theofilopoulos, K. Karu, S. Kitambi, P.
Sacchetti, K. Sousa, J. Sjovall, W. Griffiths, E. Arenas.
1448T Spga-lncRNA3, a novel lncRNA that regulates
developmental programs of spermatogonial stem ce
T. Lee, W. Chan, O. Rennert.
1449T Notch signaling during chondrogenesis.
Chen, J. Tao, M. Jiang, T. Bertin, B. Lee.
1450T WT1 suppresses EZH2 during early
M. M. Akpa, L. L. Chu, D. M. Iglesias,
R. Goodyer.
1451T EnSpm-N6_DR DNA transposons shape the
repertoire of p53 target genes in zebrafish.
M. Lovigli
L. Micale, C. Fusco, A. Calcagnì, B. Augello, G. Cotugn
E. V. D'Addetta, G. Merla.
1452T Modeling developmental eye defects using
L. A. Schimmenti, J. Hatler, E. Speltz, A.
Spahn, S. Lerach.