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1379T Preference for genetic testing among patients
offered participation in the Additional KIF6 Risk Offers
Better Adherence to Statins Trial.
S. L. Charland, B. C.
Agatep, V. Herrera, E. J. Stanek.
1380T Efficacy of knowledge of genetics in the field of
psychiatry and its impact in patient treatment plan and
H. Azimi.
1381T Developing a national competence framework in
the UK to support the delivery of non-invasive prenatal
M. Bishop, J. Haydon, D. Latham, P. Farndon.
1382T A comprehensive analysis of high school
genetics standards: Are states failing to keep pace
with modern genetics?
M. Dougherty, C. Pleasants, L.
Solow, A. Wong, H. Zhang.
1383T Usability testing in the CFTR2 Web site.
M. H.
Lewis, P. Sosnay, F. VanGoor, H. Yu, R. Dorfman, J.
Rommens, M. Corey, C. Castellani, C. M. Penland, R.
Karchin, G. Cutting.
Health Services Research
1384T Automated generation of diseases classification
supported by Orphanet Ontology of Rare Diseases.
Dhombres, S. Aymé, A. Rath, A. Olry, P. Y.
Vandenbussche, J. Charlet.
1385T Comparisons of disease risk assessment of
direct consumer genetic services for Japanese
T. Kido, M. Kawashima, S. Nishino, G.
Sherlock, A. Butte.
1386T Traditional bone setting and healing: Bane or
P. Singh, P. P. Singh.
1387T The influence of a positive family history of
prostate cancer on the initial screening age, screening
interval, and biopsy decisions in a population of PSA
screened males.
D. Cross, D. Reding, G. Aryal, K.
Sparks, C. McCarty.
1388T FGF8 mutation screening in patients with VCFS-
like phenotype.
I. C. Sgardioli, T. P. Vieira, M. Simioni, L.
C. Souza, V. L. Gil-da-Silva-Lopes.
1389T Quantitative and qualitative analysis of DNA
from human blood samples stored at different
temperature for different time intervals.
S. Goyal, I.
Bhadu, M. Rajpurohit, A. Raina, T. D. Dogra, A. Agarwal,
R. P. Agrawal, S. Jain, D. Goyal.
1390T Inauguration of a program for disorders of sex
development in Cameroon (sub-Saharan Africa).
Wonkam, W. Y. Joko, F. Mouafo, S. Dahoun, C.
Ngongang, C. Lecoultre, J. Birreaux, B. Paturel, P. Y.
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1391T Improving quality of clinical services for patie
with genetic susceptibility to breast cancer: An
evidence-based approach.
J. Jbilou, R. Landry, N.
Amara, J. Simard.
1392T A working model for developing countries
towards fulfilling the promise of molecular medicine
the rare lethal genetic disorder, Duchenne muscular
B. R. Lakshmi.
1393T The Philippine Birth Defects Surveillance
Project: A 3 year experience.
C. Padilla, E. de la Paz,
Cavan, C. Abarquez, R. Sales, A. Sur, J. Posecion, L.
Orbillo, J. Basilio for Philippine Birth Defects Surveillanc
Study Group.
1394T Microbial and genomic studies of
A. indica
(Neem) for medicinal purpose.
I. Bhadu, S. Goyal, P.
Ranga, D. Gupta, R. P. Agrawal, A. Agarwal, P. R. Jatkh
V. Agarwal, H. Bhadu.
1395T What genetic competencies are realistic and
achievable for U.S. primary care providers? Qualitati
study with key informants.
N. Qureshi, K. Szegda, J.
1396T The distribution of telomere length in buccal
cells of healthy volunteers.
Y. Shidoji, S. Yabuta, C.
Sakane, M. Masaki.
1397T Peculiarities of growth hormone and insulin-li
growth factor (IGF-1, IGFBP-3) secretion in genetical
determined types of short stature in Uzbek populati
N. Sh. Ibragimova, S. I. Ismailov.
1398T The NINDS Human Genetic Resource Center:
resource for the discovery of genetic risk factors for
neurological disorders.
C. Tarn, M. Self, E. Londin, E.
Janeczko, A. Scutti, K. Reeve, K. Gwinn, R. Corriveau,
1399T Family history systems in primary care: A pub
engagement study.
B. Wilson, S. M. Craigie, D. Castle,
H. Etchegary, J. Allanson, D. Avard, J. C. Carroll, T.
Caulfield, P. Chakraborty, L. Lemyre, J. Little, K. Morin,
A. Miller, B. K. Potter, G. A. Wells.
1400T The beta-thalassaemia carrier screening
process in Australia: Is it acceptable?
N. E. Cousens,
L. Gaff, S. A. Metcalfe, M. B. Delatycki.
1401T Establishing a theoretical financial framework
for biobanks for the purpose of returning individual
clinically significant genetic information to research
A. M. Peterson, M. E. Smith, S. Aufox, D.
1402T The MiSeq DNA sequencing platform and its
application to public health.
G. P. Smith, W. Meulema
J. Betley, J. Becq, O. Schultz-Trieglaff, L. Murray, M.
Bauer, F. Oaks, J. Yeager, MiSeq Program Team.