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1352T A qualitative analysis of European clinical
geneticists’ views of direct-to-consumer genetic
H. C. Howard, P. Borry.
1353T Ethical issues related to high-throughput
technologies for translation into clinical genetic
S. Julia, A. Soulier, E. Rial-Sebbag, A. Cambon-
Thomsen, TECHGENE Consortium.
1354T Public views of study design features for
biobanks and large-scale genetic cohorts: results of a
nationally representative conjoint analysis.
D. Kaufman,
J. Bollinger, J. Bridges, C. Buttorff, R. Dvoskin, J. Scott.
1355T Public views of sample collection methods for
J. L'Heureux, J. C. Murray, C. M. Simon.
1356T Diverse maternal perspectives of the return of
results in pediatric genetic research: Results from
formative research for the National Children’s Study.
D. Lakes, E. Vaughan, A. Lemke, M. Jones, D. Baker, J.
1357T Returning research results: A deliberative
engagement in South Side Chicago.
A. Lemke, C.
Halverson, L. Friedman Ross.
1358T Exploring the ethics of incidental findings from
whole genome studies: Understanding what research
participants, genomic researchers and genetics
professionals want.
A. Middleton, M. Parker, H. Firth, N.
1359T Informing the return of individual research
results in biobanks and large-scale genetic studies:
Results from a public survey.
J. Murphy Bollinger, J.
Bridges, G. Gallego, R. Dvoskin, J. Scott, D. Kaufman.
1360T Consumer genetics in East Asia: Public
attitudes and policy analysis.
K. Muto, Y. Inoue, T.
Arauchi, H. Hong, C. Chang, M. Sato.
1361T Translational pathways for prenatal aneuploidy
testing using cell-free fetal DNA.
L. Sayres, M. Allyse, J.
King, S. Kelly, M. Nunes, M. Cho.
1362T Parental reflections on choice and decisions to
accept newborn bloodspot screening.
S. G. Nicholls.
1363T How does the genetic test report format change
physician decision making for at-risk relatives of
cancer patients?
S. Plon, B. Parks, H. P. Cooper, T.
Wang, S. U. Dhar, S. Staggs, A. D. Weinberg, S. G.
Genetics Education
1364T, a new and improved website for
online Mendelian inheritance in man.
J. S. Amberger, F.
J.-M. Schiettecatte, C. A. Bocchini, A. F. Scott, A.
Thursday Poster Authors are reminded to remove posters from the boards at 4:00 pm.
1365T The Human Variome Project — Collection of
variation worldwide.
R. G. H. Cotton, Collaborators of
Human Variome Project.
1366T Human resource training in medical genetics
P. Lantigua-Cruz, N. Gonzalez-Lucas.
1367T Impact of web-based case conferencing on
cancer genetics training for community-based
K. Blazer, C. Christie, G. Uman, J. Weitzel.
1368T Development and dissemination of a knowled
support service in genetics for primary care provide
J. C. Carroll, R. Grad, P. Pluye, N. Pimlott, J. Allanson,
Permaul, B. Wilson.
1369T Genetics Awareness Project promotes geneti
education and genomic research participation in
under-represented racial-ethnic groups in South
K. Czape, C. Jean, M. Gavier, J. Lee, R. Martin
L. D. Adams, D. Caldwell, K. Murphy, S. Hahn, K. Walz,
M. L. Cuccaro, M. A. Pericak-Vance.
1370T Biotech 101: An educational outreach progra
in genetics and biotechnology.
K. M. East, A. M. Hott
N. P. Callanan, N. E. Lamb.
1371T From genetics to genomics: The impact on
national genetics education strategies for healthcar
professionals in the UK.
P. Farndon, D. Latham.
1372T Teaching medical genetics in Nepal: Cultural
implications and teaching strategies.
J. Gair.
1373T Testing the efficacy of conceptual change tex
in undergraduate students’ understanding of geneti
M. Glassford, B. Bowling, S. Barnes, S.
Borgman, T. Beery, E. Reilly, C. Huether.
1374T DNA: Key to diversity in animals and people
M. Godfrey, E. Mulkerrin.
1375T Assessment of online health information
seeking behavior to inform the development of the
National Newborn Screening Clearinghouse.
K. M.
McWalter, A. K. Yu, L. E. Hasegawa, S. Scollon, S. M.
1376T Why students don't understand meiosis: An
analysis of undergraduate textbooks.
D. L. Newman,
Catavero, L. K. Wright.
1377T Cyanide and phenylthiocarbamide: Correlatio
with mid-phalangeal hair and color blindness in Sai
Xavier community.
T. Tatum Parker, D. Cramarosso, E.
1378T The latent class analysis to clarify the factors
associated with the structure of the public attitude
toward the genome research.
Z. Yamagata, T. Maeda,
Muto, A. Nagai, A. Tamakoshi, I. Ishiyama.